Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Russian Grandmother Attempts To Sell Grandchild For His Organs -- Was She Mind Controlled Into This Heinous Act?

In a world that appears to be getting more mentally unstable by the day, I continue to wonder how much of a role remote forms of electronic mind control are playing in this. The recent school shooting at Virginia Tech by a lone gunman who was most assuredly affected in some way by mind control, is only further evidence of this. And given the barbarous nature of many of the crimes being committed in the present day, one must now seriously contemplate how much of the violence that we are seeing around this planet can find its genesis in some form of electronic mind control manipulation.

The following is the account of a Grandmother who wanted to sell her grandchild for his organs. To make matters worse is that there is a substantial black market for the trafficking of human organs, which only further complicates this disturbing situation.


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