Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mimicking Behavior & Organized Stalking

One of the most prevalent aspects of organized stalking groups is that they routinely mimic a Targeted Individual (TI) in efforts to damage them psychologically. It is a very effective means in which to do so.

And while I usually refrain from dealing with them directly, there are times where the opportunity to do so presents itself in such a way where they are not placed in any danger, yet given a small taste of their despicable behavior.

For the past four years, whenever I leave my neighborhood, within close proximity is an organized stalking vehicle with one of its signal flashers on. (There are other times where the four way flashers are on -- however in most cases it's simply just one -- it's usually the right signal that is deliberately left on.)

This evening on my return from mailing the insurance payment for my Honda motorcycle (I will update to see if it actually gets to the Insurer or if it's intercepted by the FEDS), I was again met with this situation on my way home. Now I usually simply ignore it. However, tonight, the vehicle was parked on the shoulder of the road with its right marker light flashing -- a warning to me.

So I pulled up in front of this car and proceeded to leave my right marker light flashing. Of course the driver (an organized stalker) did not like the fact that I was mimicking his behavior and quickly sped off -- however not before I got his plate number.

I am tired of these people getting away with this crap -- and I am not tolerating it anymore.

Organized stalkers are unindicted felons who through this fascist system of government that we now have in the USA are allowed to wantonly attack anyone of their choosing, so long as it's sanctioned by the FEDS and the local cops. This is just plain bullshit. Any criminal can make up the rules as they go, so what distinguishes these people from common criminals?

Nothing that I can see.

It's all unacceptable behavior regardless of who is doing it. These people have made themselves into criminals by taking part in these sadistic acts.

In most cases I am sure that they could very easily refuse to do so, however they enjoy the excitement of breaking the law with a free pass to hurt people who have never done a thing to them. Those who participate here are gutless cowards, who are simply looking to add some excitement to their boring lives by attacking others.

The hell with them!

And for this reason the person driving the late model Volvo with the New York York State plate CTB -2468 gets to have his bad behavior discussed here this evening.

I don't know what you hope to accomplish by taking part in the crime of organized stalking, but I can tell you that if you continue to do so, you're only going to cast a shadow over your entire family. Bad idea, so grow a spine and stop being led around by some of the vicious and soulless twits that organize these modern day witch hunts for their own depraved amusement.

Why don't you all take up shark fishing. Take turns jumping into the water and casting out a hook. Perhaps then you'll have a better understanding of what it is like to be targeted by yourselves.

Whether you realize it or not, by attacking others and operating outside the rule of law in this country, you are acting in a predatory fashion -- and that makes you people the predators.

Try rationalizing that one.

Organized Stalkers and those who sanction them deserve ZERO tolerance for their sick behavior. And that is exactly what they are going to get every time they attack me.


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