Friday, July 27, 2007

Another Excellent Article On The Obsession With Controlling The Human Mind

As always, I am looking for further information to document the obsession that governments have regarding controlling the human mind -- and the technology that they invent to do so. As a long-term government mind control target I don't like these people at all -- or what they have done to me (my Family), or many others. And I might add that exposing this crime against humanity has become an obsession of mine which I plan to see through to the end -- or die trying.

The following's a 1978 article discussing mind control that is well worth the read. Given that in the year 1980 (this is an approximation) the NSA first widely deployed its use of remote neural monitoring technology by way of specialized satellites, I think that this article will serve as a useful illustration to describe what the mindset regarding this technology was just a few years prior to the NSA's treasonous act against the American people. The title is particularly appropriate since stealing your mind is exactly what the "controllers" of this technology are seeking to do.

The Mind Stealers
Psychosurgery and mind control
By Samuel Chavkin, 1978

"SAMUEL CHAVKIN was co-founder and for eighteen years editorial Director of the Science and Medicine Publishing Company, which published newspapers in different medical disciplines for the practising, physician. Knowing what was best about American medicine, he was also acutely aware of some dangerous trends. He is a member of the National Association of Science Writers. Brought up in New York and graduate of Brooklyn College, Mr. Chavkin has done postgraduate work at the University of Mexico, the New School for Social Research, and the Asia Institute."

An abstracted article of "The Mind Stealers" can be accessed at the following Website:


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