Saturday, July 28, 2007

The FBI's Longest COINTELPRO -- It's Attack On Activist Frank Wilkinson

The FBI spent more than 37 years and 7 million dollars spying on civil rights activist Frank Wilkinson, while routinely subjecting him to their COINTELPRO operations -- accumulating 132,000 pages of documentation on him only to reveal that Wilkinson was never a threat to the American people or National Security.

Remember that old Tootsie Roll commercial "how many licks does it take to get the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?" Here's a play on that theme -- how many FBI agents does it take to follow one person whom they have targeted, around? And how much will it cost the average American taxpayer out of pocket to do so?

When you have dozens and sometimes hundreds of agents following one person around for decades, exactly how efficient a use of the Bureau's man power is this? When you pay someone to blacktop your driveway do you have 10 people pushing the same squeegee at once? Because that is how the FBI operates. The Bureau has a history of misusing its operatives in this way, while abusing the public. In the modern day the FBI and its protocols are a textbook example of fascism and inefficiency, which reveals that it has never been used for legitimate law enforcement, but instead for harassing innocent people whom the FBI could not legally arrest.

A monograph on Frank Wilkinson's experiences with the FBI can be accessed at the following Website:


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