Sunday, July 29, 2007

The FEDS' Psychological Trigger Phrases Continue

I continue to document the abject misery caused by the psychological trigger words and phrases those around me use to do the FEDS' dirty work for them. This is key in proving the brainwashing of my parents, who are quite literally two people who have been so badly psychologically damaged, that I can hardly even recognize who they once were any longer.

This is the direct result of the NSA's use of brainwashing protocols which began during the Summer of 2003, in which our cable TV programming was completely usurped by this agency, in efforts to take c0ntrol of my parents. The FEDS criminal plan to do so succeeded, turning them into virtual slaves who are now forced to report to these agents whenever they are called to do so.

This has been and continues to be a living hell for all us.

As usual, the FEDS pull my parents' strings from the background while they get others to do their dirty work for them. They also take great enjoyment in playing my Family off against me at every opportunity. We were once a very close and loving Family, full of respect for one another. However, that is no longer the case. The FEDS have created a situation in which my Family hates me for what they are being put through. However it is the FEDS who are putting them through it, which is why I am documenting it here.

I have done everything realistically possible in efforts to extricate them from this hellish ordeal, however the FEDS continue to hold them as virtual "hostages" as a result of the long-term COINTELPRO Sting that they have illegally waged against me - one which has failed. And this does not even include the mind control aspects of what I have been subjected to by the NSA over the past three decades as a target for non consensual cover research and human experimentation.

There is no justification in this world for the outright violations of the US Constitution that we have been and continue to be subjected to. No crimes have been committed here, however these agents continue to demonize me in efforts to obfuscate their own extensive criminality.

It is rare to see people (especially those whom you love) who suffer from the psychological aspects of long-term brainwashing. " And I am not understating the situation here when I say that it is a terrifying spectacle. I have tried to be respectful of the situation in regard to my parents, however, given that they are brainwashed and do take part in the abhorrent psychological operations against me, I must depend on my unconditional love for them in order to hold back the hatred that they have now been consumed with -- a result of the FEDS' malicious intrusion into our lives -- something that I have not tolerated from the moment that I actually became aware of it, and will never tolerate in the future under any circumstances including the threat of death.

It is very painful to document these facts here for the rest of the world to see. However, it must be done so that the people on this planet learn of the absolute evil that these FEDS represent to all of us, and the sick enjoyment that they take in torturing others. They are a pathetic disgrace to the human race that actually look for reasons to justify their depraved behavior. It is abundantly clear that they enjoy torturing people.

And for their acts of inhumanity they are to be reviled globally.


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