Sunday, July 29, 2007

George W. Bush Creates His Own Gestapo

The followings been excerpted from Police State USA by Amy Worthington:

"Senate Minority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) calls this Congress the 'most corrupt' in history.(1) U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) often uses the term 'police state' to describe our national state of affairs. George Bush is making the most expansive claims to unbridled power since America's War for Independence, according to Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT).(2) Former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who proved Bush/Cheney lied to launch us into war with Iraq, says 'fascist forces have seized control of the levers of power.'(3)

Americans are being told that their Republic has become a fascist police state-they just need ears to hear. In a fascist police state, the dictator secures his power with support from private corporations which are given special privileges and thus benefit from doing business with dictators.

Continuously bribed by 28,000 corporate lobbyists (4) in D.C., Congress is doing its part to build a fascist system in America. During President Bush's recent State of the Union speech, these tainted legislators perpetually rose to their feet to applaud the spewing of what a New York Times editorial called 'misleading analogies, propaganda slogans and false choices.'(5) Their boot licking recalls a by-gone Soviet era when endless rows of robotic Central Party members applauded the likes of Stalin to ensure their next breath of oxygen.

In June, 2005, George Bush placed a portion of the FBI under his personal control, creating the National Security Service.
This secret police apparatus, to be operated by the White House, will have no congressional oversight.(18) In October, 2005, Bush created by executive order the National Clandestine Service, a new sticky arm of the CIA empowered to carry out covert operations and dirty tricks within the United States.(19) 'How many Gestapo units does a Fuhrer need?"

-- Amy Worthington -- Author Police State USA

With the following expose, Amy Worthington has done herself and her fellow Americans proud. This is a superb and timely article documenting the fall of the US Democratic Republic. She even manages to tie Congress into this conspiracy in which while it feigns to defend US civil liberties, it is clearly aiding and abetting the fascist takeover of this country. As Americans you really ought to read this profound article which is certain to infuriate anyone who loves this country.

Based on my own experiences with Homeland Security, the NSA and FBI, I can tell you without any doubt that the American people are in far more trouble than they realize, as these agencies (as well as myriad others within the US Intelligence Community) are out to destroy your freedoms. I've said in the past that Homeland Security is tantamount to the FBI on steroids and I meant it. If you only knew of the electronic spying power that this agency has, and the technology that it is presently deploying against you, you'd understand what I am talking about here, and the dire straights that the American people are now in, in the present day. Think Hitler's SS but on a larger scale and with technology that the former dictator/monster could have only dreamed about.

What these government rat bastards have planned for us is even far worse than the Nazi Holocaust was. And given the absolute horror that the Holocaust was, I don't make this statement lightly.

Homeland Security has become the biggest threat to your sovereignty that you will ever face in your lifetime. What I am talking about is the end to your freedom. And it will happen with the next "self inflicted" attack on this country, where George W. Bush will impose a state of martial (militarized) law. From then on, nothing in America will ever be the same again.

Police State USA - Part One
Big Brother's Most Cool Tool

By Amy Worthington

And after you're through reading this article please sign this petition to impeach George W. Bush -- A covert Nazi who stole two back to back US Presidential Elections in order to destroy your freedoms. Bush is a treasonous criminal who along with his cabinet (the most criminal in US History) should be tried for his crimes against humanity.


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