Tuesday, July 31, 2007

World War II Certainly Was A Turning Point For The United States -- However Not The Way In Which Most Americans Think

Several months ago I watched the HBO special presentation Band Of Brothers, a chronological and powerful epic pertaining to the USA's participation in World War II. Since seeing it for the second time in five years I have come away with many observations that I did not have when viewing it the first time around -- observations which wouldn't have been possible, had I not personally experienced the complete violation of my Civil Rights over the past twenty seven years (the past four in which I was actually made aware of what was happening), at the hands of what I would now describe as a shell of what the United States Government once was.

In this docu-drama, there were some very powerful emotions conveyed during the recollections of some of the remaining soldiers who were brought in for commentary, nearly 60 years after WWII. Equally as compelling was their ability to soldier on in spite of the horrific carnage that they were witnessing, and the ever present threat that they too could find themselves in such dire circumstances at any moment. Given their achievements under such tremendous adversity makes them even more remarkable.

And if ever the word hero applied to human beings, it certainly applies to these brave men, whose courage at times seemed to far exceed that of mortal men. These men, the soldiers of Easy Company (the focus of the Band Of Brothers series), managed to survive on sheer guts and the confidence that their leaders were capable of making the right strategic military decisions for them in spite of the unfavorable odds against their survival.

Yet while a significant number of the soldiers of Easy Company did survive, far too many of their comrades died horribly. It is also ironic how their platoons, all of which experienced some of the most dangerous assignments and highest casualty figures during WWII, would be given such a benign name. There would be many ironies surrounding the soldiers of Easy Company throughout their battles, but perhaps the cruelest of all would be that their mission (one in which far too many of them were forced to pay the ultimate price) of destroying Nazism would be left unfinished.

Certainly, Hitler did commit suicide with girlfriend Eva Braun, before the American troops could capture him. And yes, Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal would help to identify some of the key combatants in Hitler's Third Reich, who would eventually be tried for their war crimes against the Jews and justly sentenced to death by the war crimes tribunal at Nuremburg.

Yet this is as much of the history of World War II as most Americans know. We've been told that the US Armed Forces destroyed Hitler and his Third Reich, and saved the world from Nazism. This is what we learned from American history books; it was what we were all taught in school. However what we were taught was wrong!

We'd be told that the USA was the good guy, and a bright shining light to the rest of the world, proving that democracy and freedom for all who belonged to a constitutional republic were superior to any other governments that had gone before it. It made perfect sense at the time. After all, the USA had just defeated Hitler's German war machine -- the most powerful army on the planet. So who were others to now doubt her claims of government and military superiority?

It was not until 1998, when I began to realize that this bright shining light was really more of a bright shining LIE. And the more I discovered about the lies being told to the American people, the more disillusioned I became. It was at that time I began to realize that while America had once been the land of the free and the home of the brave, she was no longer either.

I would also learn that this Nazi mindset was not unique to Germany, but also of predominance within a core group of United States capitalists which included industrialists like Henry Ford, Irenee Dupont, John D. Rockefeller, J.P Morgan and other important businessmen, as well as Prescott Bush (the President's Grandfather), Allen Dulles (former CIA head) and myriad other movers and shakers within American society, who secretly supported Hitler and his Third Reich, doing business with them before and during World War II. Only Prescott Bush would experience some major resistance to this as the Union Bank that he ran for financier W. Averell Harriman would be seized by the US Justice Department in 1942 under the Trading With The Enemy Act.

In reality, Union Bank was just a well concealed money laundering operation which Hitler was using to hide the money that he had stolen from the Jews he'd imprisoned and later murdered during the Holocaust. And this would be far from the only questionable move that the USA made in regard to Hitler and his Third Reich. As US troops were leaving their occupation of Germany, General Dwight D. Eisenhower contacted President Harry Truman to request that the billions of dollars the US Forces had seized from Germany, be returned to the USA and held so that it could be used for reparations for the Jews who survived. However, Truman would refuse to do so.

And to this day one must wonder why, since ironically enough, this fortune would eventually find its way back into the hands of many of the surviving Nazi's who stole it in the first place, and their supporters who had invested large sums of money with them, including the aforementioned industrialists -- those American Nazi supporters who had initially helped to fund Hitler and his Third Reich in the hope that he would help them to dominate the entire planet.

Of course Hitler's promise of a genetically superior Aryan Race which would lead to the creation of the ultimate human being, was certainly at the forefront of their interests as well. Nazi's and Nazi wannabes alike have long had a fascination with eugenics, considering other races less superior to their own, and thus open to being used for genetic experimentation.

Learning about these truths would only serve to further distance me from a government that I had once trusted. A government that at one point in time I may not have always agreed with, but for the most part trusted implicitly, because back then I truly believed that this government would never take part in hurting its own people. After all, America was the greatest country in the world, so why would its government ever take part in hurting its own citizens?

This was a time before I knew about the FBI's illegal COINTELPRO Sting Operations conducted against innocent Americans who chose to exercize their civil rights, the CIA's sinister mind control experimenation dubbed MKULTRA, and a host of other terrible crimes against the American people. A time before I myself would become targeted by the FBI for an illegal COINTELPRO Sting operations and by the NSA for "mind control" research under a covert program known as non consensual cover research and human experimenation; a time before I would be infected with one of their own biological weapons: Lyme Disease.

The following serves as an example of the epiphany that I have experienced since that time.

For those who are believers in Jesus Christ, their chronology of time before Jesus' existence and after it, are critical to their Roman Catholic belief system. For most Romans, their world may have existed before the entrance of Jesus Christ, but it certainly did not have as much meaning for them until long after his arrival and passing into time, and Emperor Constantine's adoption of Christianity and creation of the Roman Catholic Church.

For the Roman Catholics, reality is not before Christ, but the legacy that he left after his death and resurrection. At least that is what Roman Catholic doctrine espouses. And it would be several hundred years after Christ's alleged miracle resurrection, until this new religion and church would be founded and eventually take hold on a global scale.

For myself, I can draw a bit of a parallel here in that life was comparatively simple before 1998, yet has become drastically more complex since that time. For it has been since then that I have learned some very painful and heart breaking truths about my own government and the rest of the world that I once considered myself to be a part of.

Before 1998, I knew nothing of biological, chemical or electronic warfare, nor the weapons which were created as the result of them. I also knew nothing of my government's wanton use of these weapons against my own people; Americans who were being illegally used as non consensual human experimentees, which went against every piece of human rights legislation in existence that prevented such horrific acts, including specific articles of the United States Constitution, the Geneva Convention and the Nuremberg Code.

As I sit here today typing this post, I am wondering how such an atrocity was allowed to occur in a country that has always purported to be a constitutional republic, where egalitarianism was once faithfully and openly practiced by its citizenry. What went so terribly wrong?

As I carefully review the disaster that has been and continues to be the Bush Administration, I cannot help but think that there is no way in this world in which George W. Bush and his White House colleagues could have gotten away with these crimes of high treason, without the support of the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs Of Staff and other high ranking officials deep within the core of the US Federal Intelligence Community.

I am not even referring to some private think-tank like the Project For A New American Century in this instance (even though this organization was certainly part of the 9-11 conspiracy) but instead, of US Federal Intelligence, and along with the FBI, federal law enforcement as well. It's clear that a number of well meaning federal agents within the intelligence community either had their investigations blocked or were completely redirected to prevent them from being able to locate the funding for attacks which would later come on 9-11.

One of these men, former FBI agent John O'Neill, would even be murdered when he was deliberately offered a "sweetheart" job by Kroll Security, as head of security for the World Trade Center. A Job in which O'Neill was promised $350,000 per annum, yet would never see a dime of, because he would be (along with thousands of others) murdered when the North Tower of the WTC was imploded, collapsing from remotely ignited explosives planted weeks before 9-11, which would bring much of the building's superstructure down on its own footprint.

**Notation -- It is of great interest to note that President George W. Bush's younger brother, Marvin Bush, would be replaced by John O'Neill shortly before the 9-11 attacks took place. Did the President have prior knowledge that there would be an attack on 9-11 and deliberately have his brother removed so that he would not be murdered on that tragic day?

It appears clear from this unfolding drama, that the Bush Administration, as well as these organizations and the individuals overseeing them, continue to be part of a very large and well planned criminal and treasonous conspiracy against the people of the United States.

And if this is indeed so, then the American populace can only arrive at one logical conclusion. The constitutional republic that our democratic society was founded on, has been eroded to the point where those who've orchestrated these crimes are now comfortable with flagrantly violating this document, and in parading their treasonous violations before us, rather than concealing them as they have done in the past.

So why is it that the US Media has literally gone mute on this subject? Quite simply put, they have done so because they are no longer, nor have they been a source of legitimate information as it pertains to the US Federal Government and its dark operations, since former CIA agent Frank Weisner was called upon to develop the Central Intelligence Agency's Operation Mockingbird. Mockingbird would be used to infiltrate the US media in ways that most Americans to this day are unaware of. A subversion of our news gathering system so complete and diabolical, that it would forever change the landscape of the news industry, thus preventing most Americans from ever learning about the history of criminal and unconstitutional activity that US Intelligence has kept from us.

The media has become as much a tool for the CIA in entraining the human mind as most of the mindless drivel that we are force fed on television. As a people, we are being dumbed down as our intellects are gradually quashed into oblivion. Subtly, yet effectively, we are becoming a mind controlled culture. Most of us complain about very little as long as the pay checks keep coming and there's enough food on the table, clothes on our backs, and a few bucks left over for some of the niceties the advertising industry tells us that we must have. Yet we are a nation living in both perpetual ignorance as well as debt, with most Americans barely able to make ends meet.

A people who are contiunously raped by a draconion and illegal system of taxation which is used to enslave us. I speak here of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank as well as the IRS, both operating illegally in this country; both an outright fraud.

And given the extreme ramifications of a government that has been subverted from within, by contaminating our electoral process so that the world's powerful elite can control all the goings on within the United States, all the while furnishing Americans with the false sense that we are free, we must now also begin to admit that we as a people are closer to being psychologically enslaved than most of us could have possibly imagined. The mere thought of this is terrifying enough -- that it's so close to becoming a reality leaves one speechless at such a diabolical sabotage and betrayal of the American people.

A betrayal perpetrated not only by the progeny of many Nazi offspring whose fathers should have been executed for their war crimes during the Nuremberg Trials which ensued after World War II finally ended, but also of many American corporatists, who support a Nazi ideology. And it is clear that there are myriad corporations doing business in America in this day and age who cling to this type of government framework; an ideology which threatens not only our civil rights, but also our God given rights to be free from such outrageous abuses.

Americans are now living in a day and age where each of us is catalogued into the National Security Agency's computer database by way of the invisible electromagnetic bio field that surrounds each of our bodies; an EM field that our very own bodies emanate, which can be electronically homed in on by satellites to remotely track each of us through this technology.

The Big Brother of George Orwell's New World Order is now upon us. His fictional novel 1984 became a reality in 1980; only far worse than Orwell himself might have imagined.

Making circumstances even more dire is that this same technology can also be used to electronically scan our sub vocalized thoughts as well as manipulate them, by way of the NSA's artificial intelligence computers. In taking all of this technology into consideration and the extreme violations to privacy that it represents, one must seriously consider that any war that we were concerned about fighting against our enemies, occurred long ago -- quietly, and right under our very noses. A very important war, and one in which we lost. And worst of all, not to an enemy from outside our own borders, but rather, from deep within them.

As the Bush Administration continues to circulate its black propaganda -- LIES about a bogus war on terrorism -- that in reality have given it a plausible reason in which to drastically reduce the effectiveness of our own Constitution, we now have to seriously consider the possibility that many of our so called enemies in other countries have been telling us the truth about the Bush Administration all along, while our very own government has been pathologically lying to us.

With the United States continuing to spread its Imperialism since the second part of the twentieth century, is it any wonder why so many countries despise us? The US Federal Government has destroyed far more democratic republic based nations in the name of US Imperialism than it has ever created, installing its own puppet regimes within these countries to ensure that they were open to US corporate expansion within their borders.

Most of those who've researched this subject in any depth are well aware of just how terrible this situation has become, yet are for the most part either too frightened to speak out about it, or severely punished if they do. For those who are persistent and strong willed enough to circulate this information through the last remaining venue of truth -- the Internet -- they are rewarded by being ridiculed or made a downright joke of. And this is done by the FEDS themselves, or those shills whom they use their black propaganda to dupe into completing their dirty work for them.

The overall adversity that we face is perhaps unparalleled in the fight for truth and justice, in a land that is no longer about either of these ideals. Ideals that the men of Easy Company fought for until they dropped (many of whom never made it home). The final chapter has yet to be written in American History, but given the present situation, it is not likely to be a pleasant one. And for that matter, taking into consideration the horrific weapons available to so many different countries around the globe, and their ability to completely decimate this planet, one must seriously ponder the following thought.

If the global threat that we are presently experiencing continues to escalate as rapidly as it has in the present day, who will be left to write the human race's epitaph?


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