Monday, July 30, 2007

FEDS Tamper With My Post On Xiando Website

Yesterday afternoon one of the pieces of government filth or their operatives chose to hack into the article that I had posted on the Xiando Website entitled "An Open Letter To The FBI," and placed a comment that was so disgusting that I will not even mention it here. The post was removed, but was back again this morning. If the miscreant who posts it continues to do so I will simply continue to remove it. I am well acquainted with the evil machinations of the FBI, NSA and DHS as well as their criminal operatives. And I've learned that one must always remain vigilant when being on the lookout for their covert attacks.

Yesterday's attack is typical of the deviant garbage that we have operating within the US Intelligence community and the equally degenerate trash that they employ to do their dirty deeds for them. Somehow they believe that they can do anything that they want to us without having to suffer the consequences. They are wrong.

After all we are talking about the type of human refuse that spies on people within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms. This is what we have working (and I use this term loosely) for the US Intelligence community. Mind raping Nazi garbage passing themselves off as good Americans. People who torture others are not good anything. They are scum.

Of course my article on the FBI (which can be accessed at the link below) is less than complimentary and discusses many Americans whose lives were destroyed by this fascist agency's use of COINTELPRO Sting Operations.

And I was surprised that they had not attacked the article on Xiando earlier. However over the past week I signed a petition in regard to the torture that I have been experinencing at the hands of the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security, which was sent to the United Nations. So the FEDS are quite obviously not at all happy about it and looking for retribution. Hitler was the same way. He could torture people, however if they spoke out against him they were murdered. We're approaching a very similar situation here in the United States in the present day, where this time it's fascism (otherwise known as corporatism) which has reared its ugly head.

I have created a new slogan for the FBI which I believe is far more appropriate than their present one of fidelity, bravery and integrity -- an absolute joke since most of these agents are not only cowards but also sociopaths and pathological liars.

The FBI: It's not just a job
It's a career in organized crime.

There is also no longer any doubt in my mind that the FBI and DHS are perpetrating scandalous rumors in regard to myself in efforts to discredit my efforts to expose them -- again typical of COINTELPRO operations.

There is also no doubt that over the past decade the FEDS have regularly hacked into my AOL account and surfed the Internet when I was not online. And I have proof of this since several years ago, I was blocked from entering my Website by a virus that was placed on my computer which stole my password and allowed these miscreants to access my account ever since. Other members of AOL whom I knew at the time had also stated that they had seen my screen name online when I know for a fact that I was not using my account at the time.

A few years back I even contacted the ACLU and Amnesty International with my article Tortured By The FBI, volunteering to take a polygraph in regard to the crimes that the FEDS were perpetrating against me. However they never offered. The same can be said of the myriad other TI's who are being routinely attacked by these FEDS.

These civil rights organizations are afraid of them and simply fear being attacked themselves if they intercede on our behalf.

Of course this means that we can't defend ourselves through these organizations or the US Media when the FEDS propagate vicious and slanderous lies about us. We must instead create Websites like this one in order to do so. Another sign of the fascist police state that America has now become -- where for many of us due process of law is a thing of the past.

As for the FEDS, they are what they are -- an affront to every American citizen and complete joke as legitimate law enforcement, considering they break the laws of this land as standard operating procedure.


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