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Suspicious Collapse Of Minneapolis, MN Bridge -- FBI Brought In To Investigate Or Muddy The Waters?

Yesterday, as the evening rush hour was under way in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the "eight-lane Interstate 35W bridge, a major Minneapolis artery, was in the midst of repairs when the bridge buckled." Was it simply a coincidence that this bridge suddenly collapsed in four different places or was there more to it?

Given the fact that the FBI has now been called in to investigate, I am wondering if their presence may not serve to misdirect us rather than to illuminate the situation. Those who recall the 1996 missile attack on TWA Flight 800 will remember how the FBI invited itself in on that investigation while usurping the authority of the FAA, only to completely fabricate a story (at the American taxpayer's expense) in regard to how an improperly designed fuel tank was responsible for the explosion on TWA Flight 800.

This was done, even though it was obvious from more than 270 eyewitness accounts, that the Jetliner was destroyed by a ground to air missile of some kind. To learn more about the specifics of the FBI's deception see the following Web page which has access to many sites covering what really occurred in regard to the FBI's investigation of TWA Flight 800.

To date one of the first people who went against the public story was vilified by the US Media for doing so. James Sanders ( who was arrested by the FBI for doing his own investigation into the attack on Flight 800) even wrote a book in regard to the FBI's cover up of the facts behind TWA Flight 800, which speaks loudly pertaining to how the FBI has been aiding and abetting the terrorists in this country, instead of doing its job and protecting Americans from them.

One must wonder if there is not more to the destruction of the 35W Bridge than meets the eye, and if the FBI will quite possibly be looking to deter any legitimate investigation into this disaster. After all, it's not as if the FBI hasn't done it before: The 1993 attack on the World Trade Center; The 1995 attack on the Murrah Federal Building; The 1996 missile take down of TWA Flight 800; and of course 9-11 which the FBI is simply refusing to answer any questions about -- including why they wont show us the more than 80 tapes that they confiscated from the Pentagon and surrounding areas on 9-11.

The FBI can no longer be taken seriously as a legitimate police agency since isn't one. And what's more is that it probably never has been. Violating people civil liberties while getting around the US Constitution is why the FBI was created in the first place. Something your average state, county or local police would have had an extremely difficult time doing without subjecting themselves to countless lawsuits. However this is something that is gradually beginning to change since the creation of the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts, where even the local cops are becoming militarized.

And you can forget about Congress interceding on your behalf against the FBI in any meaningful way since it has a history of looking the other way when Americans are being targeted for COINTELPRO operations.

The truth is that these people live for this kind of power and have a history of routinely abusing it; something that is only getting worse in recent years. Even when the FBI's director, Robert Swan Mueller was called before the US Congress and threatened with a a loss of the sweeping authority that the FBI has been granted since the attacks on 9-11, it was nothing but a piece of theater for the benefit of the American public leading us to believe that Congress was really in control of the FBI.

Mueller humbly apologized about the FBI's abuse and promised not to let it happen again. However, the only thing he was sorry about was that the FBI once again got caught abusing the civil rights of the American people.

Moreover, to learn of the worst abuses of privacy ever documented you will have to turn to Web sites like this one and myriad others, which describe for their readers, satellite spying into the privacy of American homes, while their occupants have their minds electronically scanned by way of these satellites, in what is the most outrageous violation of privacy ever recorded within the annuls of human history.

Even Hitler could not invade the privacy of the general public the way that the NSA can, given its stealth satellite spy technology.

And don't expect to ever read about this in your local paper because it would bring this government crashing down around its legislators' heads if you ever did. This is why former NSA agents like John St. Clair Akwei and Russ Tice have been censured and prevented from speaking about what they know regarding the NSA's non consensual cover research and human experimentation "mind control" program.

It is also why you have to hear about it from those like myself, who have been directly targeted for this abuse. After all, we didn't sign any clearances which prevent from us talking about this high-tech Nazi spy system.

Akwei and Tice did. And even though they did not actually go mainstream with the specific details, I am certain that both men are being quietly punished for what the NSA deems as a breach of its faith. That is what happens to well intentioned men and women who attempt to correct the crimes being perpetrated by this government. They get hung out to dry, when in fact it is their superiors who should be.

And even those of us who don't work for the government did not sign up to be human lab rats either -- yet that is exactly what the NSA has made each of us by illegally placing us into this tracking system of theirs. And if you think that the US Congress doesn't know about this, then think again. You'd be amazed at what most of the US Congress is aware of regarding what goes on behind the scenes in this government; yet that they claim to have no knowledge of.

As for the FBI, it's clear that its only legitimate function is to aid and abet those who have perpetrated such crimes against us, by confusing the facts. That is exactly what they have done in many situations regarding terrorist attacks on US soil in the past twenty years. The best examples of which remain the 1996 downing of TWA Flight 800 and the attacks on 9-11.

And please keep the following in mind.

When FBI whistle blowers tell the American people that they are being kept from doing their jobs by the hierarchy within the FBI, it's clear that this agency is washed up as a legitimate investigative organization, and that Americans must now see it as such.

Permanently tainted from its own despicable actions and flagrant lies, the only job that the FBI should have on the street in the present day is sweeping it.


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