Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Perp's Post As Someone From Xiando

I received a post in regard to the one which I listed yesterday pertaining to how my article about the FBI was hacked. This was obviously a bogus post from someone who writes much worse than the excellent writers at Xiando. It is also indicative of the warped ways in which the FEDS manipulate the situation and the absolutely disgusting post which they left not once but twice.

I will not waste a lot of time here with this lunatic (probably the degenerate piece of filth who left the aforementioned post yesterday), since it's clear that it's just another one of the FEDS' manipulations. My article about the FBI and its COINTELPRO's (and the countless lives that they have destroyed) speaks volumes in regard to the fascist agency that it is. I just feel sorry for the fools who get taken in by these agents; agents who must resort to calumny and deception to attack those whom they clearly have no legitimate cases against.

Sick behavior from even sicker minds.
FBI you disgrace the good name of America with your sadistic and depraved tactics. The mere fact that such incorrigible people exist is cause enough for all of us to cringe.


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