Thursday, August 02, 2007

As The NSA's Illegal Satellite Spying & Remote Neural Monitoring Of Americans Continues To Unravel Even More Serious Questions Will Be Asked

The National Security Agency's Illegal Spying Is Far Worse Than Americans Realize. It was for this reason that former NSA employees and government whistle blowers Russell Tice and John St. Clair Akwei were quickly silenced once they came forward with their information: testimony which no doubt concerns the NSA's illegal use of audio/visual satellites and remote neural monitoring technology, used to spy on Americans in the most outrageous ways ever documented.

The following is a statement by the Electronic Frontier Foundation's staff attorney, Kevin Bankston:

"The NSA program is apparently the biggest fishing expedition ever devised, scanning millions of ordinary Americans' phone calls and emails for 'suspicious' patterns, and it's the collaboration of US telecom companies like AT&T that makes it possible. When the government defends spying on Americans by saying, "If you're talking to terrorists we want to know about it," that's not even close to the whole story."

"We can rationalize our government's conduct all we want, but what it really comes down to is this:

When they eroded the 2ND Amendment,we were quiet, because we don't own guns.

When they chipped away at the 4Th Amendment,we were quiet, because we didn't deal drugs.

When they circumvented the 6Th Amendment,we were quiet, because we were innocent.

Now they are assaulting the 1st Amendment,and very soon, if we continue to be quiet, we will have no choice, but to continue to be quiet."

The American people are on the cusp of learning about the most outrageous crimes ever perpetrated by a government against its own people.

NSA Illegal Spying Is Much Worse Than Most Americans Realize, Where A Great Many Of Us Are Being Routinely Spied Upon Within The Privacy Of Our Own Homes, While Having Our Own Thoughts Electronically Accessed By Way Of Advanced Satellite Spy Networks; Networks Driven By Super Computers With Artificial Intelligence Capabilities, Which Have Destroyed Not Only Our Sense Of Physical Privacy, But Also The Privacy Of Our Own Thoughts.

As Americans begin to awaken to this unpleasant reality and the US Government (caught behind the 8 ball) is forced to admit to the outrageous mind control experimentation that they have illegally conducted on many of us, one may safely conclude that the people of this country and its government are going to be heading for a showdown of historic precedent -- one in which the FEDS will no longer be able to use National Security as a convenient excuse for covering up their crimes against us -- something they have been doing since the National Security Act was created in the late 1940's.


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