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How The Clinton Adminstration Helped To Murder Author Peter McWilliams

Author Peter Mcwilliams was a brilliant yet controversial writer who used his intellect and clever wit to examine many of the more socially unacceptable issues of his day. Tragically enough, he found himself a target for the Clinton Administration's war on drugs and later succumbed to AIDS and non Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2000.

I still find it ironic how so many of the recent presidential administrations so called wars on drugs have been completely ineffective regardless of the amount of taxpayer money that they've thrown at the situation. Still a greater irony is the CIA's long-term control of the illegal drug market within the United States and production of crack cocaine -- a synthetic derivative of cocaine which is much cheaper, more addictive and easier to obtain. This lucrative and illegal business is in large part what has funded the CIA's black operations for many decades.

The Reagan Administration's "Just Say No To Drugs" is perhaps the greatest hypocrisy in this situation, given the Iran Contra scandal's guns for drugs trade as well as George H.W. Bush's long-term association with CIA drug trafficking as early as the 1950's -- in which he used the offshore oil rigs of the Zapata Oil company that he co founded with seed money from his father Senator Prescott Bush, to aid and abet the CIA in smuggling illegal drugs into the United States.

So is it any wonder why Pappy Bush has always been the CIA's fair haired boy who can do no wrong?

Also noteworthy of the hypocrisy here is when actress Drew Barrymore was asked to speak in front of a youth conference on behalf of then First Lady Nancy Reagan, only to later admit that during her "Just Say No To Drugs Speech, Drew was stoned on marijuana.

Moreover, during Bill Clinton's tenure as Governor of Arkansas, neither he nor his wife Hillary ever satisfactorially answered questions in regard to their knowledge (and possible involvement through the Rose Law Firm) of the drug trafficking which was occurring in the State at the time, through Mena Airport.

That the Clintons would have denied terminally ill AIDS and cancer patients the little relief that they found by using medical marijuana illustrates their outright hypocrisy and cruelty.


"Another Casualty Of The War On Drugs On June 14.

Natalie Fisher went to Peter McWilliams' home, where she worked as housekeeper to the wheelchair-bound victim of AIDS and cancer. In the bathroom on the second floor, she found his life-less body. He had choked to death on his own vomit. As regular readers of Liberty know, Peter, a world famous author* and a regular contributor to these pages, was diagnosed with AIDS and non-Hodgkins lymphoma in early 1996.

Like many people stricken with AIDS or cancer, he had great difficulty keeping down the drugs that controlled or mitigated those afflictions. He began to smoke marijuana to control the drug-induced nausea. It saved his life: by early 1998, both his cancer and his AIDS were under control. In 1996, California voters enacted a law legalizing the use of marijuana by people, like Peter, who needed it for medical reasons.

Peter was an enthusiastic supporter of the new law, both because he believed in maximizing human liberty and because marijuana had saved his life and was, indeed, keeping him alive. But Peter was more than an advocate.

After the Clinton administration announced it would ignore the state law and continue to prosecute marijuana users who needed the drug to stay alive, it remained very difficult for others who needed medical marijuana to get the drug. So Peter helped finance the efforts of Todd McCormick to cultivate marijuana for distribution to those who needed it for medical reasons."

Medical marijuana has been of enormous benefit to terminally ill patients of many deadly forms of cancer and AIDS. Moreover, several states have already legalized it and the remaining US States should do the same.

It is quite simply a better alternative to the allopathic medications used to combat the nausea caused by the chemo therapy associated with these illnesses. It is inhumane to make people suffer when there are alternatives to ease such suffering. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton were aware of this yet chose to aggressively pursue and arrest those terminally ill patients who used medical marijuana to ease their suffering.

Read the rest of this article at the following Website:

In his time Peter was a prolific writer who won many awards for his work. His Website continues in his memory and contains his books -- which can be printed out for free.


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