Friday, August 03, 2007

Another Black Eye For The FBI

Court Sides With Congressman on FBI Raid

Associated Press Writer

- "The Justice Department trampled on congressional independence when raiding U.S. Rep. William Jefferson's office last year, a federal appeals court ruled Friday, siding with Congress in a constitutional showdown. "


The FBI cannot continue to routinely violate the civil rights of American citizens and expect that we are not going to hold it accountable. The US Constitution clearly states that this Government (including all federal agencies) must be subject to checks and balances to keep those operating under the color of law accountable for their actions.

However in modern day America, these checks and balances (especially when we consider the rampant criminality in the US Federal Intelligence Community) are largely absent, and have allowed for gross abuses of the Constitution and the American people. The FBI is, and always has been a primary offender here, from the early days of its Palmer Raids, through its modern day COINTELPRO operations. (Contrary to the FBI's claims that COINTELPRO only ran from 1956 -1971, it is clear that this agency is still perpetrating them under different covert programs.)

And while it is also obvious that Congressman William Jefferson was involved in criminal activity, he is still entitled to due process of law just as any US citizen should be. When the FBI violates due process of law, it is this agency and its agents who become the criminals in this country. And as long as they continue to do so, the FBI will find that the American people no longer have any respect for this agency.

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