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A New Twist On The Organized Stalking Attack -- It Is Amazing How Quickly The Average Citizen Will Become A Criminal If Cops Allow Them To

Given the complete failure that the FEDS use of organized stalking has been in their attack on me, they are forever coming up with new spins on this depraved criminal behavior.

The latest is having their criminal provocateurs driving their cars through my home's driveway. They simply make certain that no one is outside and then quickly drive around our large circular driveway as yet one more attempt at provocation -- obviously one which will fail as have all others. However I list this particular stalking crime here simply to illustrate for the readers how emboldened the average person becomes when they think there is no danger to them when perpetrating a crime against someone else.

These people are the consummate cowards. Low life yellow bellies whose idea of being brave is to get involved in a situation only when so many others are that they stand no chance of being held accountable for their actions.

It has also become extremely obvious that the FEDS in their abject frustration at not being able to entrap or otherwise snare me in one of their depraved STING operations, have now taken to using these useful idiots to commit covert yet obvious enough crimes of menace.

Driving one's car through my driveway for the express purpose of menacing is a felony. So is spying on people within the privacy of their own bathrooms and bedrooms. Yet, that hasn't stopped the FEDS (putrid and disgusting filth that they are) from perpetrating these crimes in what has become perhaps the most pathetic and depraved attempt at denying an American citizen their civil rights ever recorded.

FBI agent Ray Migliore, this is all your fault. And all of the pain and suffering that you have caused a great number of people is going to come back to haunt you.

I must hazard a guess here as to the money that the FEDS have quite literally pissed away in their harassment of my Family and me over the past four years alone. And while this number may seem staggering, it is probably fairly close to the mark -- One hundred million dollars. How much does it cost to keep the three to four jets that they have constantly flying over my home full of fuel each day?

Granted they don't appear to all be here for the entire time, yet they show up quickly the second that I step outside my home, and that means that they are always close by. Three to four jets flying overhead 24 hours a day for years on end. And I am far from the only TI who has reported this insanity.

Why should any single person cause so much interest to the FEDS?

Ordinarily they would not. However in the case where this person happens to be a long-term target of US Government non consensual cover research and human experimentation, the situation becomes clear. Especially when this person has through their own research, learned that they have been subjected to some of the most outrageous crimes perpetrated by the US Federal Government in the history of this country, and moreover, learned about the technology (patent numbers etc.) which has been illegally deployed against them. And that these crimes apply to a very large part of the world, not to mention to the entire US population, only makes the situation far more incendiary.

A person who has been illegally spied upon for decades and both physically and psychologically tortured by way of satellite based directed energy weapons' technology, while having their mind electronically raped and manipulated, is most certainly someone whom the FEDS would like to silence before the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology becomes mainstream news.

Because if it does these treasonous government rat bastards are finished.


These are the real reasons why the US Federal Government would go to such great lengths to make certain that an American citizen with no criminal history was made into a pariah and constantly stalked.

The FEDS are looking to cover up their crimes against the person whom they are attacking. Why else blackmail the person's Family into lying about the situation, and forcing them to take part in the psychotic psywarfare that the FEDS are illegally deploying against the targeted person?

Such cruelty makes no sense at all unless you consider the following:

If this person were allowed to move freely within American society and recount their experiences to myriad Americans, while documenting those of other TI's who have been subjected to the same crimes against humanity, in no time at all it would be the US Federal Intelligence Community and Congress who would find themselves under a magnifying glass, while attempting to hide some of the most outrageous crimes ever documented.

And this would most certainly cause the fall of this shadow government, which masquerades as a democratic republic, when in reality it is fascist through and through.

So the FEDS want those of us who can document these crimes silenced -- imprisoned, institutionalized in a psychiatric facility, or committing suicide. At this point in their harassment of myself the FEDS are not too choosy -- and they'll take any of the above as long I can't go public on a large scale with what I have experienced. Why else use psywarfare to drive me insane when it is quite obvious that I am sane and a very real threat to the FEDS and their criminal ways of doing things, given my own first hand experiences with these bastards and their sick protocols.

I know how evil they are and the myriad crimes that they have committed against myself and many others. However the FEDS can't afford to have the general public finding out about it given that this is supposed to be a free country, and Americans will collectively be looking to attack any government which they learned had betrayed them in the way that the US Federal Government has -- something that will eventually happen in this country as my information and that of many other TI's continues to find its way into the public domain.

There is no longer any way of stopping this from happening since most TI's understand how dire this situation in this country is and will like myself, fight to the death to expose it.

The United States is a fascist country. Keep saying this until it sinks in, because the United States Of America has become a fascist police state where our US Constitution has been gutted by the treasonous filth that we call a president -- and those Illuminst masters whose collective ass he routinely puckers up to. There is no question about this.

It is for these reasons and numerous others that I created this Website. I do so in efforts to tell the American people and those abroad what it is like to have your mind remotely and electronically accessed, by what are the most deplorable and heartless scoundrels on this planet in the present day. What it is like to be illegally tracked by way of spy satellites and super computers for more than half your life, as you experience the most outrageous violations of the US Constitution ever documented.

I have seen much documentary footage on the Holocaust and what Hitler and the Third Reich did to the Jews, and it is beginning to happen all over again here in the United States.

Such outrageous violations of privacy that you cannot even have a thought without the NSA electronically recording it; that you cannot even use your own bathroom without being spied upon and videotaped. This has been happening in this country since 1980! Americans are being subjected by way of computer driven satellites which utilize directed energy weapons technology, to torture within our own homes! And this is a more common occurrence than you might realize.

See the Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance Website as well as the Mind Control Forum's Website to learn more:

Mind Control Forum Website - Victims Accounts Of Mind Control Harassment

Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance Anti- Organized Stalking Group

This is America? The HELL IT IS!

Think Adolph Hitler here -- but smarter, more evil and with technology that he would have drooled over, and you will have a general idea of what this country is about in the present day, and what the rest of this planet is going to be facing over the next few years, when confronted by those cursed criminals who masquerade as US Federal Intelligence.


They are a cancer on the American people and the entire human race. And their history of the most unconscionable crimes will absolutely shock you.

And for these reasons and many others , I, James F. Marino, will continue until my untimely death, to document what these fascistic animals continue to perpetrate against myself and so many others.

We are about to witness a Hitlerian event in the modern day which will be far worse than the Holocaust. And given the horror that the Holocaust was, I don't make this statement lightly.

With the exception of the Illuminist hierarchy, the rest of us are all soon to be in jeopardy.

Think electronic mind enslavement of the human race by way of super computer driven satellites and you will have a good idea of where we are presently headed.

It's a truly wretched situation which is only going to get worse in the future.


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