Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Bush Interview That Was Banned On American TV Because He Could Not Intimidate The Interviewer

The following video contains an interview which the US Media was banned from airing because the interviewer asked some tough questions that Bush did not want to answer. This is how US Journalists used to be able to interview a President before the CIA took control of the US Media back in 1948 through Operation Mockingbird -- which turned the average journalist in this country into a parrot of disinformation for the US Federal Government. And this has allowed for the dumbing down of the American people for the past sixty years, which is why so few understand how dire the situation in this country is in the present day.

Today, journalists are afraid to challenge the President for fear of retaliation. And as Dan Rather learned the hard way after doing a documentary on George W. Bush's record in the National Guard -- one in which he was absent with out leave AWOL for quite some time -- journalists who do take the President to task on tough issues risk losing their jobs. Rather lost his job as a TV anchor, as did the entire staff who worked on the Bush piece with him. Even Matt Lauer was stonewalled by Bush when he attempted to get straight answers in regard to the torture that Bush had authorized (which Bush refused to comment on) on Guantanamo Bay prisoners. Lauer tried to be persistent, but Bush simply steamrolled him through intimidation.

However the following interviewer turns the tables on Bush, refusing to back down even when it is clear that he is attempting to bully her into refraining from asking tough questions. Everytime she brings up the deaths of soldiers Bush immediately attempts to squirm out of answering. However, while being respectful of him, she refuses to capitulate to his intimidation tactics and for this reason the interview was banned from American TV.

See the interview at the following Website:


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