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How The FBI & Other Federal Agencies Interfere With The Medical Treatment Of Targets Set Up By COINTELPRO Operations

This post concerns the FBI's attempts to use the medical profession in the United States in which to covertly murder James F. Marino over the past two decades. Thus far they have failed to accomplish their objective, and I am taking advantage of the fact that I am still alive to document this aspect of the long-term FBI COINTELPRO which I have been subjected to since approximately 1980. A situation in which I have also been used by the National Security Agency for non consensual human experimentation, while experiencing the most abject violations of my Constitutional rights ever documented by an American citizen.

Including being subjected to the electronic trespass of my own bio electromagnetic field by the National Security Agency through their Signals Intelligence operations. A covert Nazi organization which masquerades as an American international spy organization.

I am well aware of the FBI's use of the medical profession to covertly attack a person targeted for a COINTELPRO operation. The FBI routinely uses the medical profession (especially psychiatrists given that they can recommend that the target be institutionalized) to entrap those being targeted by this fascist agency for its COINTELPRO operations.

In 2003 the FBI and DHS (Department Of Homeland Security) used two psychiatrists to set me up for the purpose of entrapment after attempting to bring to a head, an ILLEGAL FBI COINTELPRO Sting which began more than twenty years earlier.

These two psychiatrists -- a Dr. Allan Stempler practicing in Great Neck, NY, and a Dr. Steven Gardner practicing in East Hampton, Long Island -- were both used by the FBI & DHS in efforts to entrap me during office visits which resulted from the long-term psywarfare campaign that the FEDS' orchestrated against me.

These crimes were peripheral to the long-term federal crimes that the FEDS have been and continue to perpetrate against me.

Both Stempler and Gardner committed fraud when they agreed to see me under false pretenses. In the case of Stempler, he also committed grand larceny given that he took nearly ten thousand dollars over a period of more than a year seeing me fraudulently. Through its chicanery, the FBI & DHS took both of these law abiding physicians and turned them into criminals. This has happened more times that I can count over the past four years alone with people who were once decent and law abiding citizens of these United States of America being drawn into them.

Furthermore, on more than one occasion the FBI and DHS had CVS Pharmacy in Oyster Bay, New York replace the prescription medication Sinequan (twice ordered by Dr. Gardner) used as a muscle relaxant/anti-depressant), with a placebo. In the first instance this occurred with a generic medication which was ordered, while in the second it was the brand name drug Sinequan which was replaced. The bogus charges for the two amounted to roughly $100.

*** Note I had taken Sinequan in the past as an adjunct treatment for chronic Lyme Disease (it is said to improve T-cell count) and had responded well to one 25 milligram capsule. However, when I began taking what was sold to me as the generic brand of Sinequan I had no reaction. Suspecting foul play by the FEDS I took two capsules and still nothing happened. This went on until I had taken up to 10 capsules at a time without any affect. The same situation occurred with the brand name Sinequan tablets.

In yet another instance of foul play, the FBI coerced my former Lyme Disease physician Dr. Joseph Burrascano of Water Mill, NY, to see me under false pretenses (in which my own parents were also coerced by these FEDS to setup the appointment). In this case, Burrascano and Igenex Labs of Palo Alto, California were coerced into falsifying lab tests which were taken on the day in question -- another evil machination of the FBI and DHS. I received a copy of the test results and when I went to the IGenex Lab Website to check specific aspects of the tests in question, it was clear that they had been falsified.

Shortly after this the lab work which was left on my desk quickly disappeared. And of course this would happen given that it was conclusive proof of the FBI/DHS collusion with Burrascano and Igenex Labs to defraud me. I was also charged roughly $1000 by Igenex for doing lab work which they clearly falsified.

I also believe that the FEDS used this information against Burrascano in efforts to put him out of business -- which has since happened. He closed his practice in November of 2006 under very odd circumstances, after spending a considerable amount of time and money to defend it starting in the early part of the new Millennium, when the New York State Office Of Professional Conduct filed suit against him on behalf of an anonymous patient. The case was gruelling and took its toll on Dr. Burrascano, however he was eventually exonerated on all of the important charges and allowed to keep his medical license. Which makes his rapid exit from the medical profession and closing of a practice which under his advisement would have certainly been able to stay open and remain profitable under new ownership, all the more strange.

Most doctors with healthy practices go on to sell them and consult until the new owners are comfortable with them. These practices are oftentimes their retirement funds -- something that they work hard to make successful. Burrascano was turning patients away because he simply did not have enough time or staff to treat all of them.

So why did he choose to close a practice when it was clear that it could have remained profitable even under new ownership? What did the FEDS dig up on him? Did they give him an ultimatum? After all blackmail is the FBI's stock in trade.

Burrascano's explanation to his patients was that he just decided to retire, and that there would be rumours but to not pay any attention to them. While I am not certain what he meant by this, Dr. Burrascano is well aware that he did take part in the fraud which took place against me by aiding and abetting Igenex Labs in falsifying my lab reports. Perhaps he was concerned that I would go public with what he had taken part in doing -- something which I have since done as documentation of the extensive crimes that the FBI, NSA and DHS have perpetrated against me, the result of an FBI nearly three decades long COINTELPRO Sting operation.

The readers must also understand here, that I believe Burrascano was wrongly attacked, and that he only participated in the collusion against me when coerced to do so by the FBI and DHS. The American Medical Association and certain infectious disease specialists (some of whom have biological weapons' backgrounds) had long been attacking Burrascano and other Lyme literate physicians who were treating Lyme Disease more aggressively (and successfully) than the US Medical status quo called for. And these treatments were expensive and a bane to the US Health Insurance Industry, all of whom conspired to destroy Burrascano's career for the aforementioned and obvious reasons.

In my opinion, when their attempts to use the NY OPMC to destroy Burrascano failed, they latched onto the FBI's COINTELPRO attack on me in order to put Burrascano out of business. And they succeeded in getting rid of a good doctor, while inveterate medical hacks like themselves continue to perpetuate a very poor medical status quo in this country.


See the following links to learn more about the aforementioned crimes that the FBI (and over the past four years Department Of Homeland Security) have perpetrated against me during one the longest ILLEGAL COINTELPRO Stings in US History. And beneath that see my reports in regard to what the FEDS perpetrated against Dr. Joseph Burrascano -- in my opinion yet another victim of the FBI's COINTELPRO attack against me. There have been many such attacks by the FEDS on members of my own Family and former friends. Last, but certainly not least, see Geral W. Sosbee's report in regard to the ways in which the FBI and CIA have interfered with his medical treatment, at times trying to covertly murder him. I have read this report and it is extremely compelling and in many respects indicative of what I have been put through as the FBI, NSA and DHS continue the covert attempts to murder me.

These agencies use satellites to illegally track and spy on all Americans by homing in on the electromagnetic fields that surround our bodies, in what is the most outrageous violation of privacy ever documented. They are fascist and represent the "PITT BULLS" of the New World Order one world government -- secret police whose job is to collect the most comprehensive dossiers on all Americans ever documented -- and with the NSA's specialized spy satellites they are doing just that -- to the point where even our own thoughts are now being electronically stolen from right out of our own minds. And those around us (including in most cases our own Families) are simply refusing to fight back in regard to what has become a fascist dictatorship, and will eventually find themselves regretting every second that they spent cowering with their heads in the sand.

It is this collective cowardice which is equally abhorrent to the NWO's plans to enslave the people of this planet. For if the citizens of this planet refused to back down, it is the NWO that would be destroyed instead of our own sovereignty and free will.

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