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More Thoughts On The US Government's Rampant Crimes Including The FBI's Covert Murder Of Agent John O'Neill & The Treasonous 9-11 Cover-up

A Few Disturbing Thoughts For All Of You To Ponder Regarding The US Federal Government And Its Evil Machinations:

It has become clear through overwhelming evidence, that the 9-11 attacks were perpetrated by the US Federal Government under the auspices of the Bush Administration. Bush and his cronies killed nearly 3000 of our Brothers and Sisters on 9-11 by destroying the World Trade Center and mounting an attack on the Pentagon. And then he had the gaul to show up in Manhattan to plant a wreath at the WTC reflecting pond on the Anniversary of this government orchestrated crime against humanity.

Bush also waged an illegal attack on both Afghanistan and Iraq by failing to get Congresses full approval to attack these countries. Even FBI Director Robert Mueller has said that there was no conclusive evidence to link Afghanistan to the attacks on 9-11. Yet Afghanistan was attacked regardless of this.

There is also irrefutable proof that George W. Bush has routinely blocked investigations into his administration's criminal activity including voter fraud in the elections of 2000 and 2004, as well as complaints by certain FBI agents that Bush himself shut down investigations which could have prevented the 9-11 attacks.

Former FBI agent John O'Neill was one of the agents whose investigation was blocked by Bush. O'Neill was later murdered in the 9-11 attacks after being given a sweet heart job which paid him more than three times his salary at the FBI as head of security for the World Trade Center. And who did O'Neill replace? Noneotherthan the President's younger brother, Marvin Bush.

Common sense would indicate that Bush knew that the 9-11 attack was imminent and removed his brother from harm's way while placing John O'Neill in danger's path. This would turn out to be convenient since O'Neill would not be alive to tell the public how the Bush Administration blocked his investigation; one which could have prevented the attacks on 9-11.

The US Media must be seen as an aider and abettor to the Bush Administration given that it has only parroted what this government wants the American people to know and has refused to ask key questions which would uncover the facts showing that 9-11 was indeed an inside job. As such the US Media has become the Achilles' Heel of the American people -- the point which makes us vulnerable because of the massive disinfo campaign being waged against us.

George W. Bush keeps attacking the US Constitution through his signing statements and executive orders still telling us that what he is doing is legal. However Bush is a pathological liar who is working to destroy what little of the US Constitution is left.

If our founding Fathers were still alive they would surely hang George W. Bush themselves, given his treasonous betrayal of their people, their Constitution and their country.

9-11 Is The Mother Of All Black Operations

If You Believe That The United States Federal Government Is Lying To You About The Actual Events Which Transpired On September 11th, 2001, You Are Not Alone. Millions Of Americans Are Now Finding Huge Discrepancies In The Government's Accounts Of What Happened On That Tragic Day, And A Considerable Amount Of Factual Information Which Tells A Very Different Story Continues To Surface.

This Startling Information Implicates George W. Bush, His Cabinet, A Group Which Represents Itself As A Think Tank Known As "The Project For A New American Century (PNAC)," And The United States Federal Intelligence Community, In Both The Orchestration Of The Events Which Led Up To The Terrorist Attacks On 9/11, And Complicity In Fabricating A Disinformation Campaign Which Has Been Used To Deceive The American People In Regard To This Government's Culpability.

Americans Were Forced To Wait Decades Before Serious Questions In Regard To The CIA's Covert Assassination And Subsequent Disinformation Campaign, Relevant To The Murder Of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy Were Finally Brought To Light.

And It Took A Very Brave Film Maker Named Oliver Stone To Buck The Status Quo In This Country By Posing Some Very Serious Questions In Regard To The Warren Commission Report's Claims Of Lee Harvey Oswald As The Lone Assassin Of Kennedy.

Truth Be Told, Stone's Movie, JFK, Offers A Far More Plausible Explanation For What Happened To Our Beloved President, Then The LIES Put Forth By Judge Earl Warren And Those He Assembled For This Ersatz Investigation.

Are We To Conclude That Investigations In The United States In Regard To Crimes Committed By Our Own Intelligence Community And The Powerful Men Behind The Scene Who Control Them, Are So Badly Corrupted, That We Must Depend On A Movie Director/Producer To Get To The Truth?

It Sure Is Beginning To Look That Way.

And It Took More Than Thirty Years For Stone To Bring These Truths About The Kennedy Assassination To Light. According To Stone, He Had One Hell Of Difficult Time Getting JFK Made, Because Some Very Powerful People In This Country Did Not Want This Story Told.

Let's Not Wait Another Thirty Years, Before Those Responsible For 9/11, Are Either Dead Or No Longer Forced To Answer For Their Complicity In This Tragic And National Disgrace.

Film Maker Dylan Avery Has Created The Most Provocative And Best Organized Documentary On The US Government's 9/11 Hoax To Date. This Film, Has Become A Major Concern For The Bush Administration Simply Because It Backs Up The Conspiracy Theory That 9/11 Was An Inside Job, Citing Numerous Compelling Facts That Simply Cannot Be Ignored.

Those Of You Who Want To Know The TRUTH In Regard To 9/11 And Not This Administration's White Wash, Would Do Well To See Dylan's Documentary Entitled "9/11 Loose Change," And Circulate It To Every Person You Know.

In Time, 9/11 Will Prove To Be The Greatest Fraud Ever Perpetrated Against The American People. And President George Walker Bush And Those Who Conspired To Take Part In This Plot Will Be Seen For The Monsters That They Are.

**** Note Given My Own Terrible Experiences With The National Security Agency And Its Illegal Use Of Synthetic Telepathy And Electronic Remote Viewing By Way Of Satellite, I Have E-mailed Dylan Avery As I Have Done With The American Civil Liberties Union, That Because Of His Open Challenge To This Administration, He Is Now Being Tracked By The NSA.

I Have No Way Of Knowing If Dylan Received My E-mail Or Not, However I Have Given It My Best Effort To Alert Him To Something I Wish Someone Had Alerted Me To 25 Years Ago, When I Was First Illegally Placed Into This Fascist Tracking System By A Rogue FBI Agent Criminally Abusing The Authority Granted To Him By The Department Of Justice.

One Thing's For Certain, By Making The Bold Move To Expose This Administration, Dylan Has Made Himself A Target Of The Bush Clan And Their Associates Which Includes The Hierarchy In The Federal Intelligence Community.

Should Dylan Be Concerned? To Anyone Who Is Familiar With How The Bush Crime Family Operates And Their Potential For Waging Deadly Vendettas Against Those Who Look To Expose Their Criminality, The Answer Is A RESOUNDING YES!

Another Interesting Aspect Of Dylan's Documentary Is That He Covers The Put Options Placed Shortly Before 9/11 On Both American Airlines And Boeing. Dylan Found That On Three Separate Occasions, Just Days Before 9/11,There Was A Substantial Increase In The Numbers Of Put Options Placed For These Companies.

Records Show That On September 6th, 7th, And 10th, Put Options Placed On These Two Companies, Both Of Which Were Negatively Affected By The Attacks On 9/11, Were Dramatically Higher Than Usual, Clearly Indicating That Insider Trading Had Taken Place.

For Those Who Are Confused By This. A Put Option Is A Bet That A Stock's Share Price Will Fall By A Certain Date. Unlike A Call Option Which Assumes That A Share Price Will Rise By That Date.

What Is Clear Here, Is That A Number Of People Were Placing These Put Options Based On Insider Knowledge That These Companies Were Going To Experience A Large Decline In Share Price By 9/11/2001.

Simply Stated, The People Who Placed These Put Options Knew That Something Big Was Going To Happen On 9/11 To Damage Both Boeing And American Airlines Stock. And As The Attacks On 9/11 Have Shown Us, It Did.

Yet In Nearly Five Years Since The Attacks On 9-11, The Mainstream Media Has Never Even Once Looked Into These Facts Illustrating Exactly How They Are Used By The US Intelligence Community To Cover Up The Facts By Disinforming The Public. The US Media Has Become The Achilles Heel Of The American People.


The Film That Will Forever Alter How Americans See The US Federal Government -- Citing Incontrovertible Evidence, Dylan Avery's "911 Loose Change" Proves Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt That President George W. Bush; His Cabinet; The Think Tank Known As Project For A New American Century, Which Includes As Its Members Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, And His Brother Jeb Bush; And The Hierarchy Within The United States Federal Intelligence Community (FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD etc.)

See 9-11 Loose Change here:


Orchestrated The Events Leading Up To And During 9/11, And The Subsequent Black Propaganda Disinformation Campaign Post 911, To Keep The American People From Learning That 9/11 Was AN INSIDE JOB

America Has Become A Land Of The Lies -- Its Citizenry Are No Longer Free, Nor Is Its Judiciary About True Justice. When One Researches The History Of The Kennedy Assassination, One Finds That Several Of The Names Associated With It Also Resurface In Regard To The 9/11 Fraud -- Amongst Them The Rockefeller And Bush Dynasties.

JFK 2 -- Another Provocative Documentary On The Kennedy Assassination Which Ties George H.W Bush, E. Howard Hunt, Nelson Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, And Other Nazi Sympathizers To The Black Operation Used To Murder President John F. Kennedy


The FBI's Murder Of Special Agent John O'Neill

Unfortunately, It's Not Exactly Like We Can Call On The FBI For Its Help In The 9/11 Incident, Since This Organization Has Been Doing Its Best To Circulate The Disinformation Campaign Ostensibly Redirecting The Blame To Osama Bin Laden And The Alqaeda, Making Them The Scape Goat For The Bush Administration's Orchestration Of These Attacks.

The FBI Has Proven Itself To Be Incapable Of Telling Americans The Truth About This Situation, Since Those In Charge Of This Organization Were Authorized To Stand Down On Any Information Which Could Have Prevented These Attacks From Taking Place.

And This Is The Exact Reason Why The FBI Orchestrated The Murder Of FBI Deputy Director John O'Neill, Shortly After O'Neill Alerted The FBI's Upper Brass Of An Imminent And Significant Terrorist Threat On US Soil.

Six Weeks Before The Attack On 9/11, O'Neill Had Information Stating That There Would Be A Terrorist Attack On Both The World Trade Center And Pentagon. He Had The Name Of At Least One Of The Terrorists Involved And Wanted FBI Authorization To Arrest Him.

However, When He Told His Superiors At The FBI About This, He Was Blocked By The Upper Brass From Arresting This Suspect. Other Agents Have Also Mentioned Being Stonewalled By The FBI Higher-ups In Regard To This Investigation, And That It Was At The Direction Of The Bush Administration.

According To At Least One Reliable Source, O'Neill Became Depressed Over The FBI's Attempts To Block His Investigation Into Bin Laden. As A Result, He Decided To Quit The FBI Just Two Weeks Before 9/11 And Take A "Sweet Heart Deal" High Paying Job As Head Of Security For The World Trade Center, Making $350,000 Per Year, More Than 3 Times His Salary As Deputy Director Of The FBI.

A Job That George Bush's Brother, Marvin, Had Vacated Just Prior To O'Neill's Arrival. Bush Was Not About To Watch His Own Brother Get Blown Up On 9/11, Hence His Move From The World Trade Center.

It Should Also Be Noted That Upon Finding Out About The Evidence In Regard To O'Neill's Information, The Bush Administration Filed W-199-I, A Motion To Have O'Neill And Any other FBI Agent Who Followed Up On His Information Arrested As A Threat To National Security.

John O'Neill Would Perish On 9/11; The First Day Of His New Job -- The Result Of The FBI's Orchestrated Attempt To Destroy Any Evidence Linking Them To O'Neill's Warning, And Any Prior Knowledge Of These Terrorist Attacks.

This Is Further Proof Of Just How Ineffective The FBI Is At Law Enforcement, As The Hierarchy At The FBI Knew That The Bush Administration Planned To Keep Its Threat To Prosecute Anyone Who Tried To Uncover O'Neill's Information, And Backed Down Upon Receiving This Threat.

You May Think That Bush Is A Moron Amongst Many Other Things, But Make No Mistake About Him. Bush Is A Cold Blooded Murder, And A Descendant Of Some Very Powerful People, All Influential To The Nazi Movement In The United States.

And As Difficult As It May Be For You To Believe, It Is These People Who Covertly Run The United States Of America; Not The American People.

You Did Not Misread The Last Sentence. Nazi's Are Covertly Running This Country -- Nazi's Who Represent Themselves As Right Wing Conservatives Of The Republican Party.

With Its Covert Murder Of O'Neill, The FBI Thought That It Had Covered Up Its Crime By Tying Up Any Loose Ends. However, There Was One Loose End That Even They Had Not Counted On. O'Neill Had An Informant By The Name Of Janet Parker, With Whom He Had Discussed This Terrorist Threat.

After O'Neill's Convenient Death, It Was Parker Who Would Immediately Come Forward With This Information, Making Public Something That The FBI Had Never Envisioned -- That The American People Would Find Out That The FBI's Top Brass Orchestrated The Murder Of O'Neill, To Prevent Him From Testifying Against Them, In Regard To Their Prior Knowledge Of What Would Transpire On 9/11.

The FBI Was Quick To Attack Janet Parker And Her Accounts, Calling Her Sanity In To Question. Of Course, This Is Typical Of Any Person Who Has Damaging Information Against The FBI, And Whom They Need To Neutralize.

The FBI Has To Date Been Successful In Keeping This Information Out Of The Mainstream Press, But It Is Only A Matter Of Time Before It Surfaces There.

The Truth About The FBI Is That Its COINTELPRO Tactics Have Made It Nothing But A Covert Terrorist, Since Its Inception Nearly 100 Years Ago As The Bureau Of Investigation.

First It Was The Palmer Raids And The Deportations That The FBI Used To Destroy The Lives Of Innocent People, Looking To Make Their Way In America. When Congress Ruled That The Smith Act Could No Long Be Used As An Excuse For The FBI To Legally Use Its Despicable Tactics, This Organization Took Its Criminal Activity Covert, And Began Committing The Same Crimes Under Its Newly Created counter-intelligence program dubbed COINTELPRO.


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