Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The NSA's Electronic Attack On My Family's Automobiles -- Nothing With Electricity Running Through It's Safe From The NSA -- Not Even Your Own Body

For electronic warfare victims looking for those who are perpetrating such terrible crimes against them, the NSA and the DOD are the Holy Grail of electronic warfare. None of the local stalkers who harass TI's are going to have access to technology that even approachs what the NSA and DOD have access to. The NSA in particular is the best place to do your fishing.

As for the FEDS, stop harassing the TI community on my account and come talk to me directly. You've got more perp's posting bogus accounts all over the Web than I have ever seen before. You've been slithering around behind my back for nearly 30 years doing your dirty work. Do you honestly believe that I am going to allow you to get away with what you have done by rumour mongering in order to cover up your crimes?

You have to answer for a lot of criminal activity. So stop hiding behind other TI's and my local community. They are just a cover because you can't abide by the law, so you resort to demonizing me in efforts to obfuscate the situation. What you miscreants have not yet figured out is that it does not matter if I am the only one left documenting this information. I know that these attacks are happening to myself and many others, and that you are the ones causing them.

You can't run from me no matter how hard you try. So stop conning the public and let's talk about the facts:

27 years of illegal satellite spying
27 years of illegal non consensual cover research and human experimentation
Electronic sexual assaults & other forms of torture
Open ended illegal taping of phone coversations without a warrant
Illegal surveillance into my Family's home for nearly three decades including bathrooms and bedrooms -- YOU LYING PIGS!

And this is just for starters

You're hiding your crimes, and demonizing me is not going to cut it for you much longer.

I have the US Constitution on my side as so do all other TI's -- you don't.

So is it any wonder that you have taken to the slander and demonization route? That is what FEDS do when they can't arrest people whom they've perpetrated criminal conspiracies against. It's not about the law with you people; it's about what you think you can get away with.

That is why you can't answer any of the above questions truthfully. So once again you become the snakeoil salesmen that you naturally are and attempt to sell your story to the public.

And playing the religion card when everything else fails for you -- you people have no shame.

You are, however the red flag which every American should be made aware of that illustrates the emergence of fascism within the United States, given your complete disregard for the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. You tell your story and prevent those whom you attack of telling of our accounts. You are HIDING your crimes from the public and demonizing anyone who can document them.

COINTELPRO is COINTELPRO regardless of which agencies are perpetrating it. It was illegal when you started doing it decades ago and it still is. The only people you're fooling are yourselves. And the way that you are able to manipulate religious groups is even more disturbing. People who believe in God being led by
the devil's minions -- yourselves.

Your wicked attacks on my Family and me have been for more than 4 consecutive years and will continue to go on because you have nothing substantive to arrest me for. Let's face it, you have nothing at all. And moreover, you are well aware that this situation is not going to go away and that the longer it goes on the more YOU have to lose. You have gotten away with murder far too many times in the past and this time around you may end up killing me, but not before the entire planet knows exactly what you are and how you really operate under the cover of National Security. You are truly the most twisted and EVIL minds I have ever encountered.

The NSA's Electronic Attack On My Family's Automobiles

Why should this come as a surprise since they have been illegally electronically attacking my mind for the past several decades. So why not attack my Family's automobiles? It is the perfect adjunct to the rest of the psychological operations that these things masquerading as humans continue to subject us to.

And when they damage property personal or otherwise they are able to drain your finances.

What the FEDS are perpetrating against my Family, self and a great number of other Americans who are reporting these crimes is a criminal conspiracy. And we get to learn first hand while they claim to be upholders of the US Constitution, that Congress covertly supports everything these FEDS are doing to us.

Did you hear that Marcellino, Clinton, Balboni and others? I am still waiting to hear from you nearly three years after I contacted you regarding my complaint about the FBI. I guess like the rest of Congress you're scared to death of them too!

A favorite of the NSA's things to target is my Father's old Isuzu Trooper which used to be a very reliable truck. However, in 2003 when the FBI, NSA and DHS decided to make their surveillance of me switch from covert to overt, we have been having trouble with this truck ever since.

A rebuilt engine and nearly $9000 worth of repairs over a four year period and the engine simply does not idle properly -- this makes the truck almost undriveable until it really warms up well, and even then it runs poorly. Why? Well probably for the same reason that other electrical problems have happened to some of our components over the same time period and continue to plague us. These NSA operatives at Fort Meade, Maryland like to use their fancy hi-tech gear and satellites to interfere with anything that has electricity running through it. I should know since they have been doing it to my brain for years and have gone so far as manipulating my heart rate and breathing.

You think that you are behaving strangely? Try having your mind electronically screwed with.

For example, a few years ago my Linn Classik stereo system suddenly stopped functioning when the Mother board was damaged by some anomalous electrical burst that caused it to catch fire -- the strange thing about it is that this happened while the piece of equipment was turned off! That has to be a first.

And the people at Linn could not figure out what had happened either, and simply referred to it as an anomalous event.

However, a scalar wave beam of energy can burn plastic in the way that this Mother Board was damaged. It actually had a hole in it which prevented the speakers from playing (yet every other function on the Classik including the CD player and tuner worked fine). I just could not listen to it without the headphones.

And more recently a nearly new DVD/VHS Player that my Father purchased suddenly stopped operating when I went to use it.

Moreover, my Mom's station wagon also began to have a case of these electrical nasties when the alarm would suddenly go on by itself -- even when the car was running! She actually drove home one day with the alarm blasting the entire trip.

I have driven this car on myriad occasions and actually experienced a situation in which the door locks began opening and closing on their own. Then again, since 2003 I have witnessed the TV in the downstairs den turn on and off by itself and switch channels on its own so many times that I have lost count. Is it any wonder why I gave up watching TV two years ago? My Bose Wave Radio still does the same thing from time to time.

If I did not know about the NSA and its signals intelligence technology I would have simply concluded that we have a ghost in our home. However the only ghost we have here falls under the acronym of NSA (National Security Agency).

I have also had the catalyst sensor go on in my own car when the FEDS wanted me to take it in for a repair. Of course I knew better and the problem eventually worked itself out -- what a surprise. My car will get to a repair shop when I get to a psychiatrist -- not in this lifetime. Especially when the FEDS manipulate these shrinks to do whatever they like for them as I found out with more than one doctor.

Another problem which to this day I have not figured out is how the FEDS were able to keep me from putting more than $5 worth of gas into my car when the tank was all but empty. At first I thought that it might be the gas jockey (who routinely purposely keeps the gas pump on so that if I get careless I will put in more gas than I have paid for and have to go back in to pay the extra amount). However, this is not something that he could have done since the gas kept on flowing through the pump -- it just would not go into the gas tank and kept flowing out the side of the gas filler nozzle.

In early 2003 I noticed when I went to fill up another car that we have, that even though I gave the gas jockey enough money to fill the tank, it was clear that once I got back on the road, the tank was only about 2/3rds full. It was obvious that the jockey gave me far less gas than I had paid for. While this had nothing to do with the electronic attacks done by way of satellite, it had everything to do with the gas lighting tactics that I have been experiencing and myriad other psywarfare operations since 2003.

All at the hands of the toxic waste that operates under US Intelligence in this country. A group of people who are as counterfeit and corrupted as the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are.

I have also noticed that the trips with the Trooper coincide with how desperate the FEDS get to pull a psychological operation on me. They don't get nearly as many opportunities to do so as they did before I wised up to them. So tomorrow I will take my camcorder to record what may be some interesting street theater on the way out to waste more money attempting to get the Trooper repaired. Although maybe just to prove me wrong the FEDS will allow it to be properly repaired this time -- meaning they will stop messing with it. If they do maybe they will attack my camcorder next, since they do like to damage electronic gear.

Given past experiences with these electronic pirates I won't rule it out. So we shall see.

One thing's for certain. The FEDS are well aware that I am telling the truth in regard to what I have been subjected to pertaining to these mind raping bastards at the NSA, and its remote neural monitoring mind reading/influencing technology. If there is a devil these people work for him!

And while they are attempting to dupe the public, the fact is that I know what they have subjected my Family and me to and so do they. And no form of chicanery that they pull is ever going to change this.

This also portends a very bad situation for them somewhere down the road, as more and more people figure out that the NSA has been behind their harassment the entire time.

So for the time being I'll just keep biding my time, and writing here to expose what is turning out to be the worst time in human history -- a time when the human mind is gradually being subjected to the enslavement of subhuman minds, operating technology capable of tapping into our brains to influence them in any ways that the these fiends decide to.

I'll tell you just how bad the situation has become.

I have absolutely no fear of the FEDS or for that matter even dying, since they have cost me my Family, friends, reputation and health. Nearly every single day is misery. And on the few days where I manage to find even a ray of sunshine, these stinking federal rats manage to make up for it soon afterwards.

Every American citizen is entitled to their Constitutional Rights and it's clear that these so called federal agents are routinely violating these rights -- something which whether they like it or not isn't going to be tolerated.

Furthermore, I know that by creating this Website and documenting what are absolutely the most outrageous acts of cruelty that I have ever seen, I am helping to educate the rest of this planet in regard to just horrific this technology and the US Intelligence Community really are. If you don't think that they are a threat to you then you don't know enough about them.

And if you look at my Website which documents the truth in regard to what these monsters are doing to myself and numerous others by way of spy satellites, you needn't wonder why the FEDS are demonizing me. Most TI's don't know who is attacking them, so while they are frustrated there is no need to attack them as aggressively as those who have gone public with the names of the federal agencies that are attacking them. And you will notice that in every case their harassment is on an exponentially worse level than most of the TI's who have not been able to identify their attackers.

This is so because those who can't identify their attackers are no real threat to those perpetrating illegal mind control experimentation. However, those TI's who can identify their attackers -- agencies such as the NSA, FBI, DHS, CIA & DoD are able to expose them which causes them problems with the public -- as I have done and have several others. And for this reason we are vilified within society even though we have never been arrested, charged tried or convicted of any crimes. There is a parallel system of justice in the United States in which we are being singled out to have our civil rights violated.


However, as Ed and Elaine Brown have already proven, this can only happen if we allow those who perpetrate these crimes to get away with them. If we don't and are willing to fight to the death to defend our rights, those who perpetrate these crimes against us will eventually fall as they should.

If the FEDS have to lie in regard to their attacks on us, or fabricate crimes against us, then they should not be attacking us in the first place.

Some Further Thoughts On This Situation

I also admire those TI's who appear to remain extremely calm even though they are being viciously attacked. I honestly don't know how they are able to remain so composed when they are being attacked day after day without relief. I am enraged at the attacks on my Family and self and oftentimes find this reflected in my writings, as I continue to document what are in certain instances unprecedented attacks on US Civil Liberties.

At the present time my main focus concerns the extremely negative consequences of a technology which allows evil people to play God with the minds of an unwitting human race. And make no mistake about it, that is exactly what computer driven satellites with remote neural monitoring capabilities were created to do. And we were the targets for this abuse all along.

When was the last time that you ever heard of any government agency getting away with not only illegally spying on Americans within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms, but also sharing these videos with other people? Never. Yet this is commonly reported by other TI's who were targeted for becoming human lab rats by agencies that are quite literally run by rats.

They have tossed out our Constitutional rights because the crimes that they have perpetrated against us are so outrageous that they never want this information ever being made available to the general public. And as for getting this information into a court of law, former NSA agent John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA regarding its illegal use of its signals intelligence technology, is still being kicked around in the courts, and will continue to be, given what this government has to lose if this information ever makes it into the mainstream media.

Mind control for the masses is what it's really all about. And now you know it, even if nearly all of the American people still don't.

Those of us who are being targeted get tortured 24 hours a day while the real criminals get to do whatever they want. It's not right. And it's not going to be tolerated. At least not by me it's not. There's far too much at stake here to ever let the FEDS get away with these crimes against humanity; especially when each of you can be (and since 9-11 more than likely are) tracked by NSA spy satellites 24 hours a day, while having even your thoughts electronically scanned and recorded in the event that the NSA may want to eventually investigate you. This technology has no place in a country which purports to be a Democratic Republic.

Most people assume that the NSA does not have the capability to be able to track and spy on all Americans simultaneously. However, this is not true. The processing capabilities of the NSA's super computers are beyond the comprehension of most humans, and when used in conjunction with the vast array of spy satellites that the NSA has within its spying arsenal, can simultaneously spy on the entire population of the United States many times over. In fact, the technology of its advanced computers can watch and record the activities of every citizen on this planet six times over --that amounts to roughly 36 billion people.

While the only time an NSA cryptologist should begin reviewing the video's of individual people is if they take a particular interest in that person. However, it is the issue of privacy here which is key since these computer driven satellites can not only peer into the privacy of our homes, but also into our own minds.

Each of us is entitled to be safe within the privacy of our own homes. Yet these NSA audio visual satellites are violating this privacy and have been since the early 1980's, when the NSA began illegally tracking millions of us at a time. And in doing so, forever destroying our privacy in what can be seen as nothing less than warrantless long-term fishing expeditions being carried out by the NSA and FBI (as well as many other alphabet agencies).

These agencies believe that they have a right to violate the United States Constitution when they clearly don't. It is also clear that the NSA uses whatever information it finds helpful in regard to someone whom they are attempting to entrap, while leaving out exculpatory information which can be of benefit to those whom they are illegally spying on. Again, a remarkable violation of our civil rights.

Which is why regardless of how much these agencies attempt to muddy the waters, they are going to be exposed and eventually shut down as they should have been decades ago. It is obvious that they are now simply looking to extricate themselves from precedent setting violations of the US Constitution's 4th and 5th Amendments.

However, they've perpetrated far too many crimes for the American people to allow them to walk away this time around. Which is why when the truth in regard to the NSA's illegal satellite tracking of Americans becomes well known, and the actual numbers become promulgated, this agency (as well as the FBI & DHS) will find itself under fire like never before. And it should. As for being demonized, it's the price that those of us who've promulgated this information must pay for showing the public what the US Intelligence Community is really all about.

Stay tuned.


Blogger James F. Marino said...

To the poster who routinely feigns concern for TI's and who is quite obviously taking part in such harassment you have now shown your true colors and the fact that you are not only a hypocrit but also EVIL.

I have given you many chances to do the right thing and you failed everytime.

Get lost...

9:51 AM  

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