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Good Riddance -- I Retract My Former Support For Barbara Hartwell Learning First Hand Why One Person Refers To Her As The Merchant Of Venom

*** The following has become the saga of Barbara Hartwell's libel campaign against James F. Marino. The Merchant Of Venom has now targeted me in her cross hairs; as she has so many others. As I have recently stated, I believe that Barbara Hartwell and her Website are a complete waste of time; and I do believe that she is circulating disinformation.

As I continue to post "meaningful" information Barbara will undoubtedly continue on her diatribe whining about all the people who are picking on her -- information which in one way or another comprises much of her Website. She is also not above becoming quite vulgar when she feels threatened as she has shown by her most recent post. What I find most interesting is that she can willfully attack someone else, yet if they defend themselves, accuse them of being the mean spirited ones.

Have you ever read some her posts? Nasty. And on a far more important issue, I'd still like to know why Barbara has not discussed John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA (or at least listed the link to his information), given its relevance to the illegal use of satellites to spy on Americans? This is perhaps the most important aspect of the US Federal Government's abuse of the privacy of Americans, yet I have never seen mention of it on her Website.

While it was never part of her original diatribe, this information is still so important, how could someone who claims to be a defender of as she puts it God Given rights, not have such important information on her Website? John Akwei's lawsuit contains the most compelling information that I have ever seen in regard to the most precedent setting attack on the privacy of the American people ever documented.

There has never been a worse attack on the privacy of the American people than the NSA's illegal spying of Americans by way of its audio visual satellites and remote neural monitoring technology. Not ever.

These NSA agents should hold their heads in shame at the abject and treasonous betrayal of the American people. FOR SHAME!

Ms. Hartwell also never bothers to answer to my accusation that she edited my article "Tortured By The FBI" and posted it on the Revolutionary Coalition Forum's Website without my permission. She plainly deleted part of the article which she clearly had no right to do. This was not a situation where she simply quoted certain passages. She left out important content which as the author of the article I did not authorize or appreciate. It has always been my intention to have that article seen in its complete form as opposed to having it missing pertinent information. There were numerous examples of others whom the FBI has setup for COINTELPRO mentioned in this article which gave it far more impact -- and should have been left in the article.

As for Ms. Hartwell's comment that I am full of hot air, I say that she is the one who is full of hot air as well as something more organic. Hartwell is a slick operator brandishing religious indoctrination as her weapon of choice. According to her, all who oppose her are EVIL doers who must see things her way or risk going to hell. If ever there were a case to be made for a person using and abusing the concept of God for their own reasons one can be made here. Perhaps Ms. Hartwell in her complete arrogance also believes that she is assured a place in her God's kingdom. In reality she is proof positive of how dangerous some people are in regard to being religiously indoctrinated. I once bought her story hook, line and sinker.

However I now see her as nothing more then a very cunning former Intelligence agent who has not forgotten how to pull people's strings and to spin a situation to her own advantage, even when she knows that she is helping to perpetrate disinformation. By her own admission she comes from a long line of CIA (and formerly OSS) agents who no doubt got her into the business. And she can say that she was forced into the business, however if she has been participating in criminality during much of her career and wants to be accepted in society there is little question that she would attempt to change sides and surface as a whistleblower in efforts to give her some credibility.

And let's not forget that she was a professional disinformation artist while employed by the CIA so she knows how to lie better than most people, and moreover, how to get away with it.

She also appears to be an everything or nothing person; totally unrealistic of how the real world operates.

This is also personified in the case of Ken Adachi, a man whom Hartwell has personally vilified, as she would have us believe that nothing that Adachi has said is worth listening to. However, if you look at Adachi's Website it is clear that he has much to say which is worth listening to in regard to the New World Order and myriad other topics. Because Hartwell does not agree with some of the information that he is circulating she is quick to discount "everything" that he says, which at the very least lacks objectivity.

The cesspool of an organization that she hails from speaks volumes in regard the training that its agents undergo. I think it went something like to the CIA the truth is a lie and a lie is the truth. Which can be applied to the entire US Intelligence Community since these people are paid to lie for a living, and that's about the kindest thing that you can say about them.

The fact that these degenerate predators would use satellites to spy on Americans within the privacy of their own homes speaks volumes as to how disgusting they really are. Only filthy pigs would spy on people within the privacy of their own bathrooms; something that the NSA (at the direction of the FBI) has been doing to me for years. There is no legitimate excuse for doing so. It is done in efforts to use information as blackmail. What possible reason do the FEDS have for watching people shower and relieve themselves? These agents are predators of the worst kind. Filthy parasites. As for the US Intelligence Community, Americans would be better off if it did not exist at all. It has always been a cancer on the human race and something that the Illuminati have used to cause American society serious harm.

The following is a recent post from Geral Sosbee on his Website regarding my post below:

"The following statements by James Marino regarding my friend Barbara Hartwell are false, mean-spirited, and ill considered; the remarks should be retracted (along with an apology) now:"

"Hence it is all the more disturbing that Barbara Hartwell would attempt to undermine my work. And this is indicative of what I have been reading about her on myriad other Websites."

My response: Geral there will be no apology issued since it was clear that Barbara's comments had every intention of discrediting my own personal experiences. And moreover, that she left out much pertinent information which would serve to prove that I am telling the truth.

*** Not only has Barbara Hartwell failed to remove her erroneous information, she continues on her rant (her site is loaded with them) making libelous claims against myself and many others. Therefore this post stands. Barbara, rant all you want; I'll not waste another second referring to you or your viciousness. It's been a complete waste of time supporting you and your Website in the first place. The following are some comments from a few other people who've been attacked by Ms. Barbara Hartwell, in which she was referred to as the Merchant Of Venom. The Internet is loaded which such comments, but since Barbara has erroneously stated that I support Ken Adachi, let's see what Ken has to say about her.

"What also becomes obvious to anyone who takes the time to read enough of Barbara Hartwell's writing is to realize that this woman is living in a dream world in her mind. She sees herself as a Don Quixote-like warrior with a persecution complex that diffuses and bleeds through her rhetoric like fine oil on blotter paper. It's easy to miss this because Hartwell is a skilled writer and presents her expositions in a logical (although thoroughly untruthful) layout, yet the psychosis is there, once you begin to focus on it. Her insulting language is loud, harsh, and emotionally charged, so you are mostly overwhelmed by the coarseness of her invective, but if you can divest yourself of an emotional reaction to her jarring words and regain your sensitivity, you can then more plainly see the pathetic individual behind the Dragon Fire front."

-- Ken Adachi

More of what has been written regarding Barbara Hartwell:

*** For the record, as I have said in the past I have no opinion in regard to Ken Adachi other than I do enjoy many of the articles on his Website. And I will continue to access it whenever I decide to. Moreover, Ken does offer support in the way of showing that others have complained about being libeled by Barbara Hartwell. However, by simply illustrating what others have written about her, that does not automatically support them. It does, however, show that there are others out there who have stated that Barbara Hartwell has libeled them.

And it's proof that I am not the only person complaining about her. I have often said that no one wins a war of words and I am correct about this. And I have posted more than enough information here regarding Barbara Hartwell to show that she has had run ins with a number of others. Consequently, I have made my point and wasted enough space and time on a subject which has received more than ample coverage.

As for FEDS in general, they are trained to disinform the public and they do it quite well. However, they do so at the expense of their own credibility. The FBI's had the American people convinced for years that it is legitimate law enforcement when it never has been. And now that Americans are gradually learning about this it will forever darken the FBI and rightfully leave it a legacy of treason and cruelty. As for Ken Adachi, I recommend his Website for many of the excellent articles written in regard to the paranormal, the NWO and other interesting issues. Now these are topics which are worth researching and writing about -- which is why I plan to continue to. However, while I have no opinion in regard to Ken Adachi, I do not endorse Ted Gunderson who is mentioned on the Website --and I never have -- given his participation in COINTELPRO operations when employed by the FBI.

An earlier part of this post:


Geral, I also RETRACT my supportive comments in regard to Barbara Hartwell and would appreciate your removing said comments from the border of your Website.

*Geral has to date not removed my supportive comments in regard to Barbara Hartwell which he is now using to mislead his readers. Once again, I RETRACT these comments and DO NOT SUPPORT BARBARA HARTWELL or her Website. Geral has posted that he is not misleading the public in regard to my comments of support. So given that he is an attorney and understands the importance of words, I will make the following statement:

*Geral Sosbee is aware that I have retracted my support of Barbara Hartwell, and by leaving my statements of Ms. Hartwell on his Website he is deliberately misleading his readers into believing that I still support her when I have made it perfectly clear that I do not.

*Since I posted the above message, Geral has removed his comment that my statement in regard to his leaving my messages in support of Barbara Hartwell is done to mislead his readers. Yet he still leaves these messages even though he is aware that I no longer support Barbara Hartwell. I must therefore conclude that since I have only posted this information on my Website, that either Geral or Barbara (or perhaps both) are reading this particular post regularly to see if it is updated.

And once again, I must also conclude that Geral has left my posts on his Website in efforts to leave his readers with the impression that I support Ms. Hartwell when I have in fact made it quite clear that I do not. Given the harassment that I continue to experience at the hands of the FEDS, I would find it of great interest to know if they have contacted both Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell in efforts to demonize me and attempted to utilize these two in the psywarfare harassment campaign being waged against me.

I should, however, state that I have no way of knowing this for certain, and that in this regard both Sosbee and Hartwell may be completely innocent of such underhandedness.

As for Ms. Hartwell, I'm just glad that I never sent her a dime in donation fees; something I actually considered doing at one point. And she is clearly is disinforming the public when it comes to the FEDS' attacks on myself and my Family -- something which continues to happen in the present day. She has no idea what they have put us through so how dare she presume to know otherwise?! And Barbara has done all of us an enormous injustice by making, her crude and ignorant comments.

And yes Barbara, like you, I am entitled to my opinion. I expect this will bring on yet another rant, so go ahead and waste your time. I am through wasting my time where you are concerned. Perhaps there is more CIA left in you than you imagined. As for my comments in regard to the NSA's illegal spying on my person and myriad others, I stand by them. John Akwei's information in regard to satellite based remote neural monitoring is for real and this agency is illegally spying into the homes of a great number of Americans, as well as subjecting us to mind control experimentation. Your Website has never once mentioned any of this or even John's lawsuit against the NSA. I wonder why something of such importance to the American people is not mentioned on your site given that you CLAIM to be a government whistle blower?

As for people saying that you continue to be a disinformation agent (since your claim to having broken free of the CIA years ago), I have no idea if this is true of not. However, I will no longer rule it out.

And as far as writing responses to people's comments, at least Geral Sosbee has some class -- something you'll never have. Moreover, most of your rants are complete nonsense. As for your criticisms regarding libel, take a good look through your two recent posts in regard to your attacks on me and my Website, and you will find plenty of your own. Your stating that I must have known that you removed the links to my Website as I posted your comments. How do you arrive at this conclusion? Are you so important that people plan their entire days around what you do? Perhaps the CIA also trained you to be a clairvoyant when they were teaching you to be disinfo artist? It sounds to me like you are the one who's guilty of conjecture here.

**** An Earlier Part Of This Post

There are numerous Websites in which Barbara has attacked the characters of many people; I know this because I have seen these sites. And on certain occasions she may well have been right to do so. However, when she makes comments such as the one where she states that I support Ken Adachi, this is a deliberate attempt at misrepresenting the facts. How does Barbara know whether or not I support Ken? For the record, I have no opinion on him either way. However, I do find many of the articles listed on his Website to be of interest me -- especially those of a paranormal nature. Yet, once again, that does not mean that I support him.

Now while I cannot legally force Geral or Barbara to remove the links or posts to my site that they have listed (anymore than they can force me to keep their links on my Website) I am asking that they do so. I don't enjoy having to post anything defamatory on either Geral or Barbara and I would prefer to be able to just delete this post altogether -- which I will gladly do if you agree to do the same on your Websites.

*Barbara claimed that I had misrepresented her in *many posts in which she has been mentioned and her name has been removed from the offending posts -- and in a few instances the entire posts were removed -- in this case the posts on the sidebar which she complained about. I have done what she asked.

*There were only a few posts which mentioned her in any meaningful way.

My posts in regard to Barbara Hartwell were as kind to her as any person who's written about her (aside from Geral Sosbee's) have ever been. I now RETRACT all of them. However, from Barbara's comment one would think that I had written a great amount of work in regard to her when the truth is that for the most part she merely got a mention every now and then. She's simply not that important.

At one point she also decided to take some of my posts in regard to support for her and some other whistle blowers (without my permission) and post them on her own Website. This was not a post from the Revolutionary Coalition Forum like the first post that she saw entitled "Tortured By The FBI," which she also considerably edited (removing quite a bit of information) without my permission. I know for a fact that she did this. So much for her comment in regard to respecting other people's personal space (and in my case her lack of respect also concerns my written work). Was it a big deal that she did so? No. However, this does fly in the face of her own so called morality and consideration for others. Hypocrisy from Ms. Hartwell? Can this be possible?

I also wonder if there is not some other underlying factor in her removal of my posts that she is not talking about? Something that might give me better insight into how the FEDS routinely trash my reputation as part of their long-term COINTELPRO against me? However, only Barbara knows that.

As for her complaint about the post that I included on my Website recently, if she had just sent me an E-mail (or asked Geral Sosbee to -- he does have my Email address -- or at least he did), this entire situation could have been avoided. That's all she had to do. Yet she didn't. And she claims that I am wrong?

Moreover, from what I have seen, Barbara Hartwell appears to be pugnacious in spite of her claims to just want to be left alone. Once again, it was her refusal to simply write me and ask me to remove the post which I would have gladly done (and have since done). But Barbara had to be difficult about it. It could have all been avoided, yet she chose to this path.

I have no desire to get into a further war of words with either Barbara or Geral. There are far too many more important issues occurring in the world in the present. She'll probably threaten to sue me for libel (although in spite of her claims against me she has not been) like she has a number of others. However that is a two way street as she will find out if she attempts to bully me. Moreover, if she is so impoverished (as she claims) , where does she find the money to sue others?

Like I said, all she had to do was to ask me to remove her name from the posts which offended her and I would have gladly done so. It was clear that she was looking to create a problem when it could have been avoided. It's as simple as that. However, she chose to verbally attack me instead. A waste of her time, and more importantly, my own.

If Barbara continues to attack me that is her choice. I have already wasted far too much time in answering her callous and ignorant remarks.

The following is a summation of my attempt to reason with her: quite obviously something which many people with whom she has dealt with in the past have had difficulty in doing. From her own personal comments while she claims to have not gone through my Website with a fine toothed comb, she has certainly read through enough of it.



You can avoid this by simply removing all references to my Website from your own and to request that Barbara remove her recent post. This way there will be no need for us to continue in this vein. No one wins a war of words. They only end up saying cruel things which they later regret. And given our daily battles with the FEDS and their psyops none of us has the energy to attack one another -- something that I believe would be extremely foolhardy on all our parts.

So please do the right thing and remove all references to my Website and self from your own and please ask Barbara to do the same. And I will happily remove this entire Post. I am not being unreasonable here, nor am I looking to defame either one of you. I have done as Barbara requested and I am now asking you both do as I request. And I will happily remove this entire post; one which I was not at all pleased to have written.


***** Earlier Post Which Due To Barbara Hartwell's Refusal To Accommodate Now Remains Permanent.

To Whom It May Concern:

In the past I have given a great deal of moral support to both Geral W. Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell -- two former US Intelligence operatives who became whistle blowers when they saw crimes being committed within their respective agencies.

I have also given Geral Sosbee $750 to maintain his Website; Geral himself has acknowledged that I am the only person to have ever given him any monies in efforts to help him promulgate his information.

Moreover, I have never once been anything but kind and supportive of both of these people in efforts to understand their predicaments while they (by their own accounts) have been treated viciously by so many others. I now know that I should have simply minded my own business and not gotten involved in defending them. I won't make that same mistake again. And since Geral Sosbee sees fit to criticize the only person who has helped to keep his Website going his comment here is also hypocritical. The $750 that I sent him was a financial sacrifice for me. And Geral is more than welcome to send the $750 back to me anytime he cares to.

Hence it is all the more disturbing that Barbara Hartwell would attempt to undermine my work with two recent defamatory posts in which she appears to have slanted information for her own use and left out much exculpatory information in regard to my harassment and those of others whom I have written about. And this is indicative of the criticisms that I have been reading about her on myriad other Websites which I have until now chosen to ignore.

I am not going to waste any further time getting into a war of words with this person. *At her request I have removed as many references to her as I have found and will continue to remove any others that I find. I respectfully ask that she do the same in regard to her latest post and I will be also delete this post as well. A war of words here isn't going to accomplish anything but to serve as a waste of time and effort.

*She has failed to honor my request so this post now stands.

Ms. Hartwell says that I never mention "WHY" the FEDS have attacked me which is yet another lie. I have clearly stated on myriad occasions that I believe it was an FBI agent by the name of Raymond Migliore who has done so, waging his own personal vendetta against me while violating my Civil Rights under the color of law statutes in this country. His reason for doing so is a perceived wrong doing in regard to one of his family members which is clearly erroneous and could easily be cleared up if this person and I were both willing to take a polygraph in which to do so. I have in fact already volunteered to do so, yet have never been taken up on my challenge because the FEDS know that I am telling the truth. And their illegal attacks on my person have only served to make each agent who has conspired to do so complicit in a criminal conspiracy.

The FEDS are not allowed to go on open ended "surveillance" fishing expeditions for years on end, yet that is exactly what they did in my case; a situation which may well turn out to be one of the worst documented violations of Civil Rights in US History!

In regard to my post on activist Rick Stanley, I wrote about far more than just his defense of the Second Amendment and anyone who has read the posts that I have written about Rick would clearly see that.

I also experience great sorrow for Rick, his wife and the Stanley Family for what was in my opinion an extremely unjust conviction. And I also disagree with Ms. Hartwell's statement that Rick was not setup for a COINTELPRO STING. It was clear from the information that I have seen that Rick was definitely setup for such a sting operation because of his association with a militia and his attempts to enforce the US Constitution. I refer to his comments regarding the FBI using the local police in Denver to harass Rick. Look this up for yourself Barbara. FBI COINTELPRO's work in such a way. And the FBI does have a history of attacking any persons who vocally stand up for some aspect of their Constitutional rights in this country. The Black Panthers, The American Indian Movement, Jean Seberg, Judi Bari, Martin Luther King Jr -- the list goes on and on. And of course Rick Stanley. After all he does refer to himself as a Constitutional Activist.

As for God Given Rights, not every person on this planet believes in Ms. Hartwell's God. There are many who do not. So in making such an assumption Ms. Hartwell automatically assumes that every person does so. This is at the very least erroneous if not arrogant on her part. Many people believe in a greater force than ourselves which cannot be clearly defined as a God. It is human religious indoctrination that has allowed for the acceptance of such a God. And it is also clear that anyone who adopts this indoctrination will vociferously defend it, even though there is no clear empirical evidence of the existence of such a God.

Many people have begun to see religions (including the better known ones) as nothing more than successful cults having reached nearly sacrosanct status. Yet if one does their own research into these religions they oftentimes find many unpleasant facts about them which their parishioners know nothing about.

Ms. Hartwell also makes many other libelous statements in regard to my support of others including Ken Adachi. However, just because I have a link to Adachi's Website does not mean that I fully support him. Her insinuation that because I have a link to Adachi's site means that I support him is clearly misleading (as are so many of her other comments). His site contains many articles which I do support. As for Bob Shultz of the We The People Foundation, I was not aware that he had actually taken part in a hunger strike and will correct this information on the appropriate article. However, my reports in regard to Bob have always been supportive. I think he has tremendous courage to have taken on the IRS as he has and continue to wish him well in his efforts to do so.

As for my posts in regard to Aaron Russo, Aaron was an *insider for quite sometime and he himself even referred to himself as a "bad kid" when he was younger. And he has shown so many of us, that people can and do change for the better if given the chance. His documentary on the Federal Reserve and IRS frauds is superb, and clearly demonstrates Aaron's ability to do good work and to help humankind.

*Ms. Hartwell insinuates that I am referring to Aaron as having taken part in the membership of such groups as organized crime, the Illuminati etc. by stating that he was an "insider." However, she again has it wrong. By insider what I meant is that Aaron (through his admitted association with Nick Rockefeller) has much "inside" knowledge in regard to what the Illuminati has been up to pertaining to the New World Order. There are many videos of Aaron speaking in regard to this which can be seen on Google video.

As for being a "bad kid," this was something Aaron said referring to himself, while being videotaped during a conference which took place after a screening of his superb "America From Freedom To Fascism" documentary. Ms. Hartwell does have a knack for twisting words around. I have heard others say so and have now experienced this for myself. And as regard for her comments pertaining to truth and justice let's just say that she has her own "slant" on these as well. As for Aaron Russo, I have the highest regard for him and what he is doing in exposing the New World Order and its demonic plans for the Earth's population. And anyone who accesses this Website can see this for themselves by typing in Aaron's name in the blog search and reading what I have written about him.

In regard to morality, what can you say for federal agencies that use satellites to spy on Americans within the privacy of their own bathrooms and bedrooms? Agencies that have a history of lying about everything they do; even the most horrific crimes ever documented. Like it or not you once worked for one of these agencies Ms. Hartwell. And they appear to have taught you well.

As for my compassion for the Virginia Tech shooter, he was still a human being. And my comments were in no way meant to defend the horrific thing that he did. I did in fact state (which Ms. Hartwell also chose to leave out) that it was the use of psychological warfare on this young man which drove him into such a rage that he became the monster that he did. This kid did not start out as a monster. He was routinely psychologically tortured into becoming one. And I also compared the rage that this young man experienced to what TI's are put through each day, by those monsters within the US Federal Government and our own communities who use "psychological warfare" to drive us to such states. Something that I have experienced first hand.

Like the US Intelligence Community, Ms. Hartwell simply leaves out the information that does not suit her purpose. That is the same as lying. And yes, I know that she will probably read this as soon as it gets posted. I do find it necessary to update my posts from time to time and so do many others. After all, we can't all be as perfect as Barbara Hartwell. As for lying, she is an admitted disinfo agent for the CIA who lied professionally while employed by them. So she is in no position to criticize anyone else. And as for her criticisms regarding my moral compass and those of others, I cite the following quote: "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." People reinvent themselves all the time and it appears that Ms. Hartwell is attempting to do the same. Hence her holier than thou attitude.

Regarding the rage of the Virginia Tech shooter, the people who perpetrate these psychological operations know exactly what they are doing and expect to see a violent reaction as a result of them. Then they will accuse those whom they have attacked of being violent, when it was the perpetrators of these "operations" who were responsible for creating the violence in those whom they were targeting all along. This situation has become a serious problem in the modern day in which government sanctioned groups of organized stalkers (which in many cases now include entire communities) take part in these vicious attacks against those whom the government cannot arrest legally.

A number of TI's have expressed their compassion for the Virginia Tech shooter even though they deplore the murders that his torture clearly drove him to commit.

This is a barbarian type of behavior (crime) by people who claim to be civilized, yet by their nefarious actions clearly no longer are.

Regarding Ms. Hartwell's comments on the Federal Reserve:

As for the "latest news" in regard to the Federal Reserve Bank Fraud, anyone who read "The Creature From Jekyll Island" has known about it for quite sometime.

However this information does come as a shock to those who have recently learned about it, given the trillions of dollars that the Federal Reserve has stolen from the American people since 1913.

And Ms. Hartwell also expresses disapproval of Barack Obama for President. Yet, he could hardly do worse that the Nazi sympathizer that we have in there now, nor Hillary Clinton, who has done nothing for New Yorkers since getting elected 6 years ago. And I do mean absolutely nothing.

I recently wrote that I am supporting Texas Congressman Ron Paul, however, Ms. Hartwell did not bother to mention that. Why not? I should also state that I seriously doubt that Ron Paul will ever get elected, simply because he stands for meaningful change in this country; something that most of Congress is vehemently against.

Heaven forbid any American attempting to criticize the status quo in this country without risking the US Government's Pit Bull Agencies FBI, DHS and CIA attacking them.

As for taking this situation any further than this post, I have no intention to. Ms. Hartwell is already far too busy fighting with the likes of numerous others who continue to post negative statements in regard to her (her defamatory posts are all over the Internet). I will not join these people in demonizing Ms. Hartwell (even though I have rightfully criticized her here) because I don't believe that she deserves that. However, I no longer support her or her Website, given that I now have serious doubts as to her credibility. Furthermore, there are far too many people on the Internet carrying on these flaming wars (as Barbara herself has proven) and such attacks are simply not worth the time.

As for the information that I have posted on my Website in regard to the "mind control" and illegal spying by the NSA that I have experienced for decades, as well as the FEDS' attacks on myself and my Family, I stand by everything that I have written in regard to such attacks as this information is the absolute truth. And this also includes the FEDS' demonization campaign which they have been waging against me for the past four years (and is getting worse by the day). They simply don't want the truth about the outrageous crimes that they have perpetrated against us being publicized on a large scale. And one day they will pay dearly for the damage that they have caused my beloved Family and self. This I promise them.

As for Geral W. Sosbee, I still agree in principle with his work regarding the dissolution of the FBI and CIA (I must emphasize the phrase "in principle" here), however I would prefer that he remove any references to my Website including the banner on his main page (which I have always found to be particularly distasteful). I have removed most references to Geral (with the exception of a letter that I wrote to the ACLU in regard to my harassment in which I mentioned his name as well as Barbara Hartwell's in efforts to illustrate the complete absence of justice in this country for those who are attacked by agencies of the US Intelligence Community). I will continue to do so as I find them.

The *Ratville Times:

As for the US Intelligence Community's attacks on those Americans who attempt to defend civil liberties the aforementioned *link in regard to US Intel's covert murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is appropriate.

Jim Marino


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