Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Petition To Ban Electronic Weapons & End The Torture That They Are Being Used To Cause TI's

The electronic attacks which are being deployed against Americans and citizens of other countries by the National Security Agency (and others within US Intelligence and International Intelligence communities) have become so horrific that there are now myriad petitions like the following one being created to expose this technology and the monsters who are using it against an ever increasing number of people on this planet.
Within the United States alone people are being tortured to the point of committing suicide, and in some cases being outright murdered by those within the US Intelligence community who are testing these weapons on us -- a situation which has become so horrific that is has been dubbed the "Silent Holocaust" by those within the TI community.

This atrocity must end and the only way in which to do so is to expose this technology and the criminals who are deploying it against us to the rest of the people on this planet. Given that it has access to the most sophisticated technology and brilliant mathematicians in the world, the NSA is the prime culprit in these attacks against us and it is time that this most secret agency was exposed globally for its history of crimes against humanity. US Intelligence operates without any accountability for its actions and as a result has created a covert modern day Nazi Germany for many of us right here in the United States. This must end!

*** One of the worst aspects of this vicious attack on TI's is that the networked organized stalking which often accompanies it can include the use of young children who are incorporated into the psywarfare programs being waged against us. Not only is this unhealthy for these children, it is also indicative of a mass manipulation of their families by the US Federal Government in which the families themselves have failed to recognize the damage that they are doing to their own children. This in itself is an extremely serious issue.
These children are going to evolve as angry and disturbed adults who have been taught to hate by their own parents -- just what the New World Order wants since it will make them unsure of themselves and more easily moulded by these Luciferian worshiping scoundrels whose goal is to destroy humanity.

In targeting American citizens for electronic torture by way of its specialized satellites, the NSA is not only guilty of some of the worst crimes against humanity ever documented but also High Crimes Of Treason against the American people.

This agency has no right to be spying domestically and never has. And it is now clear that not only is the NSA illegally spying on a very large number of American citizens, but also using us as unwitting guinea pigs for its non consensual cover research and human experimentation program -- There is no longer any question about this.

As a long-term target of the NSA for nearly three decades I can say with complete confidence that this agency not only uses its satellites to illegally spy on a great number of Americans 24 hours a day, but also connects with each of us by way super computers which remote neural monitor our minds so that these NSA operatives can know what we are thinking at all times. This two way system is also used to manipulate our thoughts and behavior through the NSA's use of implanted thoughts as a form of brainwave entrainment. It is an extremely convenient system for the NSA since it can keep track of those it targets all day long and watch us to monitor the brainwave entrainment protocols that it covertly deploys against us. All the while having done so with complete anonymity. Yet for many of us, the NSA has more than half of our lives recorded and archived within its vast database so that it can retrieve the most personal information on us at anytime.

Imagine what it is like to not only have your mind manipulated but to also be spied upon within the privacy of your own bathrooms and bedrooms more than forty thousand times and you will begin to understand the indignity of what many of us have been subjected to by this Nazi agency; one which masquerades as a protector of the American people, when it quite clearly is not. The days of the NSA's covert torture are gradually coming to an end, as the entire American population learns of this agency's long-term ties to the CIA's smuggling of Nazi war criminals into the United States for use in MKULTRA and other covert mind control operations; operations conducted against American citizens since the second half of the Twentieth Century.

In promulgating this information is it any wonder why those of us who continue to do so have been demonized within society and had our reputations and relationships (even with our own Families) destroyed along with our health? The NSA (and its criminal minions) is well aware of the heinous crimes that it has been and continues to perpetrate against us, and for this reason it is working to destroy our credibility through the use of smear campaigns which can only be seen as criminal conspiracies to deny us our Civil Rights.
There is a complete absence of due process of law here. Why?

The logical answer is because we have not committed any legitimate crimes and therefore cannot be arrested. Imagine how frustrating this must be for a government agency like the FBI or NSA after having spent millions of dollars in efforts to entrap someone and then failing to do so. One can only imagine how they must have been abused by their superiors for failing so miserably at attempting to deny Americans their civil rights.

The plain truth of the matter is that TI's are not a threat to society -- if we were we would have been arrested long ago; we are instead a threat to the criminals within the US Federal Government who have clearly betrayed the American people in the most outrageous ways ever documented. And if we are able to propagate this information on a wide basis so that the American people can collectively learn of this precedent setting fraud we can then work as a country again to rid ourselves of the covert fascism which now runs this government and restore our Democratic Republic to its former glory. And the FEDS are terrified that this will happen so they continue to attack us in the hope that we will commit suicide.

The FEDS operate in the covert ways that they do because by doing so they can attack us without our being able to defend ourselves. Now while this is to be expected in a country that acknowledges that it is fascist, it is not so in a country which claims to be free. However any American who has been targeted for an FBI COINTELPRO Sting in which the NSA has colluded to track and remote neural monitor that person by satellite will tell you that there is nothing legal about the FBI or NSA's activities here. What these agencies are taking part in is not only criminal and unconstitutional, but also a textbook illustration of the covert fascism which exists within the United States.

These government agencies amongst numerous others are engaging is illegal, immoral and unethical practices by using specialized satellites to track a great number of us 24 hours a day, not only invading the privacy of our own homes, but also our own minds. We are being illegally experimented upon as these agencies use their computer driven satellites to invade the privacy of our thoughts and to covertly manipulate our minds through the use of synthetic telepathy and electronically induced brainwave entrainment protocols.

What we are being subjected to is absolutely Orwellian and only portends an even worse nightmare to come, as these satellites become a problematic issue for the entire population within the United States and abroad.

The mere fact that the FBI and NSA (and more likely now the DHS) are using these satellites to watch us within the privacy of our own bathrooms is proof of how outrageous the actions of these agencies have become.

Only degenerate sexual predators would ever spy upon and videotape people within the privacy of their own bathrooms. And from the accounts of an large number of Targeted Individuals this is becoming a common problem, as they report having been spied upon within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

Is this what America has become? A fascist police state where US Intelligence uses its technology to violate the US Constitution whenever it decides to under the pretext of the war on terror? Furthermore, this type of satellite spying by the NSA has been ongoing since 1980, long before the war on terror propaganda in the USA was ever an issue.

So what was the NSA's excuse for satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring us back in 1980? I doubt that the NSA or FBI will ever admit to what they have done. However it is quite obvious to me that when an American citizen is demonized by the FEDS and denied due process of law, it is the FEDS who have committed serious crimes against this citizen and are looking to sidestep the Bill Of Rights in efforts to get away with it. The FEDS use the laws in this country only when they are of benefit to them. When they are not, they simply ignore them as them have done in my Family and my situation and myriad others.

The arrogance of those who use these satellites in such evil ways is indicative of the Nazi influence now harbored within the US Federal Government and its Intelligence Community. And if these examples of sub humanity are not stopped it will eventually mean the end to the human race as we know it.

Please sign the following petition to help us end these atrocities against humankind:


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