Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Once Again The FEDS (Possibly Using Provocateurs) Are Looking To Get This Website Deleted -- More Information On The NSA's Mind Control Technology

** Sunday, August 19TH -- I am constantly attempting to define the various aspects of satellite based directed energy assaults that I experience on a routine basis. The latest that I can now describe concerns a sound which emanates from my skull which sounds very much like what one might hear when they shake a light bulb which contains a broken filament. This sound comes and goes and usually only lasts but a few seconds. However, it has been occurring for quite sometime. I have also noticed a sensation in which there appears to be just a slight bit of water on my scalp.

Yet, the area is always dry when checked. I have noticed this anomaly since the mid 1990's. These are just a few of myriad manifestations of the directed energy weaponry that I continue to experience; the result of the NSA's assaults on my person. A ringing in the ears is another common one which will usually occur for a short time before ending. While these phenomena may be less compelling than some of the more intricate aspects of what I have *experienced by way of this technology, there is no question that they are still important to document. The latter often coincides with other forms of directed energy assaults such as hearing clicking, tapping, or banging sounds coming from the walls of my den, or hearing the sound of someone moving in the attic in the middle of the night (note that on inspection, I have yet to find a person in the attic or any signs that one was there -- even when the sounds which appeared to be coming from the attic were quite loud).

*There have been many different ways in which the directed energy attacks that I have experienced have manifested themselves. A few of the following are common ones:

Having my thoughts electronically taken from me as well as having them manipulated by way of satellite based remote neural monitoring.

Being hit with ULF (ultra low frequency waves) waves in efforts to keep me exhausted all the time. This has been very effective for the NSA since most days I am forced to rest on the couch for hours being too tired to concentrate on what I need to accomplish. These directed energy waves are just part of the torture that I endure daily as a result of the NSA's unlawful intrusion into my life and vicious attack on my person.

Being psychologically, physically and sexually assaulted by those within the NSA who use this technology to monitor and torture me as part of their non consensual cover research and human experimentation program. Once the NSA uses its satellites to "lock on" to a targeted person and track us this agency becomes a part of our lives 24 hours a day where nothing that we say, do, or think is private.

The NSA has no business doing this to anyone since it is illegal for it to do so and against its charter. Only a FISA court could OK the NSA's spying on any American citizen and then only if it can prove that the targeted person is in contact with terrorists "outside of the United States." I have no connections with terrorists inside or outside of the United States, and have never been arrested, tried or convicted of any crimes.

The NSA's long-term spying on me is one of the most outrageous violations of civil rights (and in particular the 4th and 5th Amendment of the US Constitution) ever documented.

Only filthy pigs would ever spy on people within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms and that is exactly what these NSA agents are.

In particular,the NSA's remote neural monitoring of Americans is the most outrageous abuse of privacy ever documented and will eventually cause it more problems that it can survive.

I have also been shown physical proof that the operators of this equipment can see what I see as though they were looking through my own eyes. First evidence of this occurred in 2005; however it is now clear that is has been going on for decades without my knowledge or consent.

Even if the NSA were to claim that it was using this system to keep track of people whom it has an interest in, what is this agency doing using this technology to torture people by way of satellite and subject us to remote forms of mind control experimentation? This has nothing to do with surveillance and everything to do with crimes against humanity.

*** As of Saturday, August 18TH, I am again experiencing a shortness of breath as the NSA uses its directed energy technology to cause me difficulty in breathing.

This agency has perpetrated this particular crime on numerous occasions over the past 14 years. The FEDS also exploited the fact that I contracted chronic Lyme Disease in 1993 (a biological weapon) to use their directed energy weapons against me, assuming that I would conclude that all of the symptoms that I was experiencing were related to the Lyme Disease and its related co infections -- except that in many cases my symptoms went well beyond what Lyme patients have described -- in particular as they relate to heart symptoms.

The at times acute shortness of breath is just one of the myriad ways in which the NSA attacks myself and numerous others (many TI's have reported having their breathing adversely affected as a result of this technology). The NSA's goal with myself is to force me into a state of suicide through the use of extended and various forms of torture. For those who are subjected to these particular types of attacks frequently, large doses of CO ENZYME Q10 may offer some help in getting you through them. This supplement was very helpful to me a year ago when I suffered more than 2 consecutive weeks of acute breathing difficulties as a result of the NSA's attack on me.

As is always the case, when the FEDS perpetrate crimes against those whom they target, they must ensure that they are able to do so while being able to make certain that the crime is plausibly deniable. If they can't deny what they have done, they will not attempt such an act unless they are certain that they can get away with it -- hence the ability to physically, yet remotely attack someone by way of satellite.

It is also important for the readers to remember that if the NSA can gain remote electronic access to our brains in efforts to know what we are thinking at all times, they can also use the same technology to implant thoughts, emotions etc. into our minds in efforts to alter our behavior. Something that I know for a fact that they have done to myself.

However, as difficult as my situation is (and it is quite difficult), at least through much of my own research I am now aware of the covert technology that the US Intelligence Community has access to and deploys against a completely unwitting American public.

Before the harassment against me went from covert to overt, I had no reason to suspect that there was anything suspicious occurring against me (even though I did realize that I was experiencing a long run of what appeared to be coincidental bad luck). I now realize how uninformed I was prior to doing my research. And I often wonder exactly how many people are living their lives completely unaware that they are being tracked by way of the NSA's spy satellites 24 hours a day, with every millisecond of what they say, do and think being recorded.

Since 9-11 the number of people being tracked in this way must now be enormous.

However, once this harassment began to dramatically increase I then saw the need to do my own investigative research and it has been enormously helpful in enabling me to understand the types of technology that the FEDS use to illegally spy on Americans as well torture them. If you were to walk up to your average American citizen and describe being tortured by way of satellite they would likely point you in the direction of the local psychiatric facility.

However, with the great number of people being tortured and forced to now do their own research, there will come a time where the average person on the street will respond quite differently with perhaps a comment such as: who do you think is behind your torture -- the NSA, FBI, CIA or some other government agency?

Those being tortured in such ways are now dealing with an evolution of sorts as the rest of the citizenry on this planet catches up to us and learns what we have already painfully become aware of -- that our governments are an outright fraud; that we are never going to experience any type of relief from our situations and that the only way out of this nightmare is to educate the rest of the population on this planet so that they can learn the truth about this outrageous betrayal of their trust -- provided that we are not murdered first.

When those who perpetrate such outrageous crimes such as this must resort to slander and other forms of calumny in order to discredit those whom they have wronged, it is clear that they are acting out in desperation since they are perpetrating lies to cover up their own crimes. It is those who are telling the truth who have the most powerful weapon of all going for them.

And in this case it is those of us who have been illegally tortured and targeted by directed energy weapons, who have the truth on our side. The US Federal Government has fallen to the New World Order's attempts to experiment on the minds of the human race, in order to test these "mind control" weapons to determine how effective they are. And while the US Federal Government may have control over the weapons and even the US Media, it is still perpetrating mainstream lies in regard to the directed energy attacks that it is illegally waging on many of us. What this government is guilty of is torture against its own citizens.

And for this reason (amongst myriad others) the US Federal Government will eventually fall victim to its own EVIL machinations; those which are clearly illustrative of the High Crimes Of Treason which it has committed against its own citizens. Contrary to their claims, those of us who have exposed these crimes for what they are have not boxed ourselves in. Instead, it is the US Federal Government and its agents who have boxed themselves in with their treasonous lies and abject cruelty. We are not the ones violating the Civil Rights of others -- it is the US Federal Government and those criminal stooges that work for it who have.

So I document this here for my readers so that they may learn first hand of how the US Intelligence community with Congresses tacit approval attacks Americans whom they cannot arrest legally. Consequently, the US Congress and Intelligence Community are a complete fraud that attempt to leave Americans with the impression that we live in a Democratic Republic when it is quite clear that we do not. What has also become obvious is that America is now experiencing a government orchestrated and sanctioned vigilantism, in which our own communities have become accomplices.

Perhaps this should be seen as a fitting end to the Constitutional Republic that we as Americans lost more than a Century ago, for in the modern day these communities have become a reflection of the Nazi influences which have been knocking at America's door since the early part of the twentieth century (and perhaps even earlier). Those influences have now so overwhelmed us as a people, that a modern day Nazism is emerging in this country with far too few people even bothering to notice what is happening to their government or their country -- or that they themselves are gradually beginning to resemble the Nazi citizenry of Germany during the 1930's who stood idly by while Hitler and his Third Reich tortured and massacred millions of innocent people.

In what has come as little surprise to me, the FEDS or their provocateurs have just had my Angelfire Website taken down without any explanation except that it violated their Terms Of Service. However, the site has been up for nearly a year without a problem and then suddenly it is taken down. This also happened the last time that I created a Web page to describe the COINTELPRO style harassment that the FEDS have been perpetrating against me.

The site had been up for a year and then one day it was deleted. I was given the excuse that one of the pages had a virus -- the page with all of the information documenting the FEDS' attacks on my Family and self. However, when the same information was posted weeks later when I created a new Angelfire Website, it was perfectly fine and lasted up until either yesterday or today. I checked the site yesterday and it was still up so it was either late last night or sometime today that it was removed. And Angelfire has once again given a bogus excuse for doing so.

So there is little question that the FEDS are now also attempting to get this blog taken down either directly or through one of their numerous provocateurs possibly feigning some type of violation (this is quite common as it affords the FEDS a plausible way in which to deny what they have done). However, what I have written here in regard to the harassment the FEDS have subjected my Family and self to is the absolute truth.

These violations are as outrageous to the 4th and 5th Amendments to the US Constitution as any I have ever seen or expect to see. I can also confirm from first hand experience that for the past three decades I have been tracked by way of these satellites and have also had my thoughts electronically stolen from me as well as manipulated by those who operate this technology at the NSA.

Tracking people by satellite 24 hours a day even within the privacy of their own homes; electronically accessing their thoughts as well as manipulating them -- this is even far worse than George Orwell's 1984 anti Utopian hell come to life.

The NSA's illegal use of satellites to spy on me as well as to subjugate me to its mind control enslavement protocols are occurring in the United States far more frequently than one might imagine. The insidiousness of this technology is that there is no way of knowing that you are being monitored unless those who are doing so
begin to give you subtle hints. By the time this occurs, many of those being targeted find themselves also being subjected to being stalked by well organized groups of people who quite literally harass them to the point of contemplating suicide. And a number of TI's (Targeted Individuals) have in fact taken their own lives as a result of the aforementioned attacks.

I am even in the process of gaining more attention to these outrageous violations of civil rights on an International basis having signed numerous petitions calling for an end to these atrocities.

And I am documenting this information first hand. Many people are simply circulating this information without knowing for certain that this technology exists (and they should be commended for it given the import of the abject threat to privacy that it poses to all of us). However, I am absolutely certain that such technology not only exists but that it is also being used by the US Federal Intelligence Community to violate my Constitutional Rights. And I will quite literally fight to the death on this issue if necessary. The situation regarding the privacy of all Americans is that important.

My information also corroborates the lawsuit of John St. Clair Akwei, a former employee of the NSA who sued this agency in the early 1990's with the intention of exposing the NSA's use of satellites to spy on American citizens, and to use remote neural monitoring technology to illegally track us where ever we are -- even within the privacy of our own homes. This information is not only of paramount importance to every American citizen, but also to the rest of the citizenry on this planet, given that the NSA is also jeopardizing their privacy through the use of these audio visual spy satellites.

Neither the NSA nor any other federal agency (or for that matter state, county or local police) have any business spying on Americans within the privacy of our own homes. And the NSA most certainly has no business accessing the private thoughts of anyone by using its satellites to illegally access the minds of Americans (or any other citizens from around the globe). If we tolerate this, where will these abuses end? They won't. They'll just continue to grow worse, which is why the NSA (and the rest alphabet spooks) must be challenged for its criminality.

Also of great importance is that we do not need to be implanted with an RFID chip for the NSA to track us. You can be tracked by way of the bio electromagnetic field that surrounds your body which the NSA can use its satellites to home in on as a tracking device. Once this occurs you can be under ILLEGAL satellite surveillance for years without realizing it. And you are spied on everywhere -- no place is private -- not even your own bathroom. There is NO EXCUSE for such an abuse of privacy and as this outrageous violation by the US Federal Government becomes better known it will cause a major shakeup within the US Intelligence Community as it damn well should.

Common sense would indicate why would the New World Order want Americans implanted with RFID chips to use as tracking devices when the NSA has satellites to track us by way of remote neural monitoring? The answer is that these RFID chips will have many other functions. Moreover, the manufacture of these chips is becoming big business as the owners of ADS, the creators of the Digital Angel and Verichip RFID's have already acknowledged. There's a lot of money for the private sector to earn here, and in turn the US Federal Government as well. The Real ID Act of 2005 which is slated to go into effect in the Spring of 2008 calls for every American citizen who holds a drivers license to have their license replaced by one which incorporates an RFID chip. If you don't get one of these RFID chipped drivers licenses you will not be able to drive your automobile.

This is just one way in which the New World Order is taking over our lives; in this case removing our driving privileges if we fail to capitulate to the US Federal Government's attempts to further invade our privacy. What will they do to us if we refuse to be implanted with RFID chips in the next few years?

And why have Americans not been told about the creation of the North American Union; a merging of the United States, Canada and Mexico into one country. And the creation of a new form of currency to replace the Federal Reserve Note, known as the Amero?

The American people are going to soon find themselves in a completely cashless society in which they will not even be able to purchase a loaf of bread without using an electronic form of currency. What does this portend to those who don't want to go along with this system? That they will not be able to participate in society. And even for those who accept this new form of electronic currency, if for some reason they displease those in power, their chip can be turned off and they can be denied their financial assets, preventing them from paying their bills and even obtaining the bare necessities of life including food and clothing.

This will put the New World Order in complete control where the people in this country will now be forced (out of fear) to comply with the North American Union's demands, or face the possibility of being completely shut out of society.

Only those of us who have already experienced outrageous abuses of our Constitutional Rights understand how compromised the American people already are.

I am also telling Americans that the NSA's spy satellites are capable of not only illegally spying on you 24 hours a day, but also electronically reading your thoughts and manipulating these thoughts as well as your behavior. I know it for a fact and I will challenge ANYONE who attempts to disinform the public about this.

Americans are being TORTURED by the NSA which also uses these satellites to target specific areas of the brain and human body in efforts to cause internal injuries and even death!

Agencies like the NSA have turned us into unwitting human guinea pigs for those who seek to turn this planet into their own private domain, where the rest of us are forced to exist at their leisure. As it stands, the United States has already become a fascist police state, and the RFID chipped drivers license is just one more example of this. And they won't stop with the RFID drivers license and financial chips. Forced implantation of the RFID chip under the skin of Americans will be the next step in this conspiratorial equation to destroy our privacy.

And it will all be done in the name of the war on terror.

Furthermore, any persons whether they be private individuals, or associated with such US Federal Intelligence Agencies who attempt to have this site removed are guilty of TREASON, in attempting to prevent the American people and the rest of the citizens on this planet from learning of these outrageous abuses and how they may well apply to themselves.

The New World Order one world fascist government is upon us, and these satellites are how those within the hierarchy of this government will keep tabs on all of us.

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner/US Government Target Of Non Consensual Cover Research And Human Experimentation

This is an excellent article written by another person targeted for Government sanctioned mind control research. It describes how the sky is treated with chemtrails which are used as a conductant so that these satellite based weapons (as those used by the NSA) operate more reliably. This article should be read as a adjunct to John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, and the information provided by a person who goes by the name of ****Will Filer (probably a pseudonym) who claims to be a former contractor for the NSA.

**** The following Website contains a post written by a person who claims to be a former consultant to the NSA. On this site he lists many of the NSA's mind control protocols which are illegally deployed against an unwitting American citizenry (and oftentimes those citizens of other countries). Much of what he lists is all too familiar to me, including my experiences as someone targeted by the NSA for its illegal mind control experimentation, in which posthypnotic suggestions have been electronically acoustically delivered (by way of specialized NSA satellites) in order to affect my thoughts. This has been an ongoing process for several decades.

While I cannot verify this author or his work, I have experienced enough of what he mentions that I suggest the readers consider the contents of this article and use it as an adjunct to John St. Clair Akwei's information regarding the NSA. As always I suggest that you take no ones word for anything and arrive at your own educated conclusions.

However, I cannot emphasize enough that in reality the NSA is not the protector of the American people, but in fact the biggest threat to us and our sovereignty that we shall ever face. It's technology and the ability for this technology to remotely affect human behaviour is as astounding as it is horrifying. The minds of the populations of entire cities can be electronically influenced at one time through the NSA's deployment of such technology while this population remains completely unaware of what is being done to them.

Unless the American people want to continue to risk becoming NSA mind controlled slaves they should call for the abolition of the NSA. If they don't they will no doubt eventually fall victim to this New World Order agency.

Mind Control & Psyops
By Will Filer


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