Saturday, August 11, 2007

I've always suggested that TI's try to find something to do that is productive given that anything you accomplish is counterproductive to the FEDS or whomever is initiating these mind control/organized stalking crimes against you. So I am taking my own advice and working on the Dyer until it's completed.

As for that certain someone who regularly posts my articles on myriad message boards around the Web (you know who you are), keep up the good work! The FEDS are attacking me like never before, and contrary to their spin on things this is the most definitive proof of their efforts to cover up the attacks that they have and continue to perpetrate against my Family and me, which means that this Site has already served its purpose regardless of what happens in the future.

Remember this: American people -- Good

US Federal Government -- Very Bad

*Those who attempt (FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, DOD et al. including organized stalking groups) to control others through the use of psychological operations do so with the intention of forcing these people into states of suicide. However, it is those who are deploying these despicable tactics who are in reality the ones who are brainwashed, following inhuman and unhealthy activities that will eventually lead to their own psychological unraveling.

These people are hate mongers whose express goal is to murder others in a plausibly deniable way. Such tactics have long been standard operating procedure for the US Intelligence Community. However, in more recent times these tactics have been deployed by organized stalking groups which now operate under the guise of the once benign community watch group. Moreover, there is nothing at all benign about these latest groups which have spread like a cancer over the American landscape, hiding their crimes under the pretext of battling criminals. Yet, on closer inspection one can see that it is these groups who have become the criminals through their sadistic and relentless protocols. Another fascistic atrocity of the New World Order's hold on the American people.


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