Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Update: FEDS Covert Attack On My Family

This past weekend I *posted in regard to how the FEDS are now covertly attacking my Brother and his Family. On Saturday evening they awoke to a bat flying around their home. They were unable to catch the bat and my Brother, his wife and four children were all required to get "painful" rabies shots as a result of this. They must receive five shots over a several week period. And their Golden Labrador Retriever must be quarantined for the next six months.

They learned of this today when they received a notice from the Town Board Of Health. Over the next six months no one but the immediate Family is allowed to be in my Brother's home or the Board Of Health can take their dog "Happy" away.

Given that there is more than likely nothing wrong with Happy or anyone else in the Family and they are being forced to undergo these painful injections as well as this major inconvenience, the bat was more than likely just a scare tactic and "painful" reminder that the FEDS are now looking to more aggressively harass my Brother and his young Family. And there is no doubt that these federal miscreants are enjoying every depraved minute of this.


This is yet one more way in which the FEDS covertly "control" this situation causing us even more stress than we presently have. It is all supposed to be "coincidental," however in 17 years of living in the same home this is the "FIRST" time that something like this has ever happened to my Brother.

This bat was no coincidence and it is clear that it was placed within my Brother's home in efforts to cause him problems. As I have said in the past, when the FEDS perpetrate their crimes they must always be done in a way in which they are made plausibly deniable. And the more outlandish the ways in which they do so, the better for them since a major part of their goal is not only to perpetrate a crime but to also destroy the credibilty of the person being targeted for such depraved harassment.

And it only serves to alienate my Family even more since the "quarantine" is used to covertly make them stand out from their neighbors. This is a nice and decent family with four terrific kids. And now the FEDS have set their sights on them. And to think that these federal criminals can get away with such crimes while using the media to report their own disinformation only makes matters worse.

This is what the FBI, NSA and other federal intelligence agencies really are -- covertly run Nazi organizations using the same degenerate protocols as Hitler and his Gestapo did more than sixty years ago.

I document what is now happening to my Brother and his Family to show how absolutely demonic these government agents are. It is bad enough that they have violated my civil rights for the past 27 years in the most outrageous ways ever documented. Now they are doing the same to my Family and as usual looking for covert ways in which to do so. These FEDS have no honor, morality, ethics or decency. They routinely use psychological warfare to torture people to the point of committing suicide and could not care less about the pain and suffering that they cause.

This has already been thoroughly established when the CIA's MKULTRA mind control programs were exposed, in which innocent American citizens (sometimes as young as four years of age) were routinely tortured and brainwashed into becoming mind controlled slaves. And the NSA's use of electronic warfare to perpetrate similar
but more extensive crimes are no better; nor are the FBI's despicable COINTELPRO operations which are as depraved an abuse of human rights as any to come before them.

My Brother and his Family are now forced to live out the remaining six months under this federally orchestrated scam, unable to even comment in regard to how the FEDS have been using them all along. I find enormous adversity in attempting to help them by exposing what is being done to us as a Family, however I will not stop reporting what are turning out to be some of the most outrageous violations of both civil and human rights ever documented.

Other government mind control targets have frequently reported similar attacks on their own Families when the FEDS were not able to entrap them so that they could be prevented from exposing what had been done to them. And in my case the same situation is true. We are all suffering miserably because of these abominable scoundrels who masquerade as federal law enforcement. Agents who covertly attack men, women and children in such ways are nothing but filthy predators.


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