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Examples Of The NSA Remotely Affecting Electronic Equipment & The False Sense Of Security That Americans Have

Over the past decade I have witnessed a myriad of electronic anomalies within my home as well as automobiles. Today, as I was walking past the dehumidifier in the basement the NSA decided to turn the switch to the unit on an off several times just to get my attention. These types of situations have been quite common over the past 4 years, in which I have personally witnessed my TV programming being completely altered for a time (where only a handful of the hundreds of channels were available and then only extremely odd programs were being broadcast specifically to myself).

I have also witnessed the TV in the downstairs den being turned on and off by itself, as well as the channels changing by themselves. My Bose Wave Radio has also been remotely turned on and off. I have also experienced the oil burner being turned on remotely (at one point every time I passed the boiler room). The alarms of our cars have also been remotely triggered as have the door locks, and at one point the alarm on one of our cars triggered while being driven and had to be driven home like this.

The motion sensitive spotlights outside of our home have been triggered like this since the mid 1990's during extremely calm nights in which there was no evidence that an animal had tripped the motion sensors. And many times the light by my window would continue to turn on and off for an entire night. Sometime back I even stood outside my home and watched one of the spotlights turn on and off remotely over an over again while I remained motionless. It was clear that this was being done by way of satellite.

This targeting of people and their homes by way of satellite is an extremely disturbing one. Furthermore, the remote targeting of our brains is even worse.

If the NSA can map out the electrical circuit within a motion sensitive spotlight to turn it on and off, imagine what they are capable of doing to the human brain given the fact that they mapped out the brain quite sometime ago; something I have been experiencing for decades. Imagine having the amydgala portion of your brain which controls sexual urges, repeatedly stimulated by way of satellite driven super computers, or the visual cortex of your brain targeted with "dream sequence" type programming in efforts to influence your thoughts and behavior. The NSA has done this to me for decades, and is now looking to cover up what they have done by using the FBI and DHS to smear my good name and demonize me with my Family, friends and community.

For this reason I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important it is for people to do their own research into this technology so that they can learn of the US Federal Government's part in illegally deploying it against us.

World War Three has been covertly ongoing for quite sometime and it concerns the governments of this planet using their satellites and supercomputers to deploy proprietary technology which can influence our thoughts and behavior. And as a long-term target for this harassment, I understand how important it is to circulate this information within the public domain.

Imagine if you will the ability to experience hearing voices within your head, as well as seeing "dream type" sequences being played out within your mind knowing full well that they are not being done by you and you will have a better indication of the complete invasiveness of this technology and the EVIL behind it.

Also take into consideration the distinct possibility that this technology can be deployed in less obvious ways in which the person being targeted has absolutely no indication that their minds have been affected on a subconscious level and you can then begin to understand the outright insidiousness of this satellite based mind control technology and those within agencies like the NSA, CIA, DOD et al who illegally deploy it against us.

I recommend John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA (Google Akwei VS NSA) to every person on this planet who is old enough to read, since this satellite spy system that the NSA engages in its efforts to spy on this entire planet's population is by far the greatest threat to humanity that we as a people have ever faced or will ever face.

*** To make a point, those at the NSA who perpetrate the crime of electronic warfare against myself just targeted the frame around a lithograph that I have hanging on my wall vibrating it for about 40 consecutive seconds. This is typical of many of the sounds that I experience within my den. There have been times where the sounds will come from the ceiling (tapping, clicking and banging sounds) for minutes or even hours; from lamps and even my computer monitor; and at times it will sound as though there is someone moving around in the attic.

These are just some of the basic signs that my home is targeted for satellite based directed energy weaponry, and they have been reported by myriad others who also claim to be targeted by mind control weapons. In the Summer of 2003 I was laying in bed when the entire bed began to shake and then felt as if it was lifted slightly off the floor before coming crashing down. It's clear that there are a great many ways in which this satellite based technology can be deployed against anyone and that those of us being illegally targeted by it have been turned into unwitting guinea pigs.

Unlike many other TI's who live in apartments or homes that are quite close to one another (who claim that the attacks on them are being done by people who have taken up residence in either a house or apartment next to their own), the nearest home to my own is at least 100 yards away. And I had been looking after that home for several years while the owner was at her daughters recovering from cancer surgery -- however she never did recover and passed away without ever returning home.

There was no way that such an attack could have taken place from this home. And since that time I have seen the motion sensitive lights of several homes around my own triggered on regular basis as part of the gas lighting tactics being used against me. And these lights can be triggered at anytime of the day or night by way of remote means. Oftentimes there appears to be no one at these homes when the lights are triggered; and even at 3AM, there is no way that people would be waiting up to trigger these lights when I happen to use the bathroom. It's clear that most if not all of the electronic interference in my harassment is being done by way of satellite.

I should also note that the collective group of people targeted for mind control experimentation are reporting that their harassment continues to grow worse over time -- especially having gone public with this information and in numerous cases attempting to contact human rights organizations globally to put an end to these attacks.

The FEDS' increased pressure on my Family is indicative of this; the more pressure placed on my Family, the more my Family places pressure on me. Again, something typically reported by a very large group of people targeted for government sanctioned mind control experimentation (who also end up being targeted for the additional crime of organized stalking).

The FEDS simply want to destroy us to keep us from promulgating the truth about the atrocious crimes that they continue to perpetrate against us. The US Congress knows about this and so does the US Judiciary, as well as the ACLU and Amnesty International. However, given the classified nature of this technology, they refuse to get involved - perhaps because they themselves fear being attacked in the same ways that we are if they do.

Given that through the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology they can see exactly what I see through my own eyes, by accessing the visual cortex portion of my brain, nothing that I see is private. And since what I see is automatically transmitted to the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland headquarters the privacy of those whom I am in contact with is always violated by this agency.

If I create a password to an E-mail account the NSA not only sees it as I am creating it, but is also able to read my thoughts as I create this password so that they can gain access to my account at anytime without my knowledge or consent.

So what is the point of having passwords for security when agencys like the NSA can completely bypass them?

Even Bill Gates quietly agreed to allow the US Intelligence Community access to "back doors" within the software that Microsoft sells to the public, and is incorporated into the computer packages sold throughout the United States. All without the consumer's knowledge.

If I decide to leave my home, the NSA not only knows where I am heading to, but will also have its operatives (or in the modern day organized stalking groups) at the location to which I am headed before I arrive. There is no longer any sense of privacy in my life, and it's quite clear that given this system's efficiency and the New World Order's goal of mentally enslaving the global population, that this technology is ideal for their purposes and as such, a threat to the privacy and well being of virtually every person on this planet.

And what I have listed here are just a few of myriad examples in which the NSA can abuse this technology.

These people are in the truest sense of the word Nazi's who are existing in modern day America; and even more terrifying is that they are covertly controlling the power base in this country.

So what can you do about it? Educate yourselves by reading information like what you will find on this Website as well as the one below and then go out and tell your family, friends and neighbors about it. Make posters, create bumper sticker and do whatever else you need to (staying within the laws of this land) to alert the public to this massive deception that we as a people are being unwittingly subjugated to. We are not the criminals here: the US Federal Government and its Intelligence Community are.

John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA can be read here:


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