Tuesday, September 04, 2007

As The FEDS Continue To Feel The Heat The Attack On My Family Escalates

As I have oftentimes stated, the FBI/NSA/DHS COINTELPRO style attack on my person has caused my Family much hardship over the past 4 plus years. Living in the face of the most abject denial that I have ever seen, they continue to be tormented by the FEDS and their provocateurs while using various forms of psychological triggers (given to them by the FEDS) to attack me on a daily basis; all while completely denying what the FEDS are doing to them as well as myself.

The NSA is also running numerous scripts during the night (implanted into my thoughts by way of satellite based remote neural communication) which contain content used to cause me further mental distress -- this is an ongoing process which is not only illegal, but also unconstitutional, unethical, immoral and downright cruel.

There is also absolutely no question that the FBI, NSA and DHS are the prime culprits here, using their own groups of organized stalkers to infiltrate my local community which has for quite a few years now taken part in this depraved harassment. All done in efforts to cover up the long-term and outrageous crimes being perpetrated against my Family and self by the aforementioned agencies.

However, regardless of what the FEDS do, I will not tolerate this deliberate deception on their part, nor will I tolerate their pathetic, cruel and vile abuse of my own Family in their draconian efforts to attack us. They have not succeeded in four years, nor are they going to, no matter what they do. And if I die tomorrow, enough people now know the truth about what is happening to us to prevent the FEDS from ever burying this information as they have in so many other instances.

Since the FEDS have not only violated my Civil Rights in the most outrageous ways ever documented but also failed to get me to commit crimes through entrapment, they are now as a matter of last resort attempting to drive me insane. Every aspect of what they are doing is illegal, unethical, immoral and unconstitutional, which speaks volumes about the criminal history that the US Intelligence community has managed to keep from the American people. These agents are disgrace to legitimate law enforcement the world over and an egregious affront to every person in this country.

These attacks are also common tactics when the FEDS are behind serious crimes perpetrated against an American citizen whom they have no legal recourse to arrest; something they are faced with in my situation.

My main dilemma in seeing how ruthlessly they are attacking my Family is in how to remove them from this Intelligence orchestrated suffering. However, anyone who has been attacked by the FEDS in such a way will tell you that once these bloodsuckers have a hold of you they will pull your strings for the rest of your life.

The only logical answer is to continue to describe (as painful as it is) exactly what these agencies are subjecting us to. Given the permanent damage to my relationship with my own flesh and blood and the outright violations of my Civil Rights that these federal rat bastards have caused, nothing less will do.

Especially when taking into consideration the import of the NSA's covert use of this technology on the American people and the rest of the people on this planet. To be subjected to this technology for decades is bad enough -- but to be tortured by it and then forced to experience the complete destruction of your health, reputation, relationships and finances, all while these agencies demonize you in efforts to cover up their own crimes is so cruel, that they must and will pay for what they have done.

Now if I were the only person on the Internet complaining about such harassment I would have a far more difficult time in making a case against the NSA and its criminal and despicable brethren; however I am not.

Like myriad others I am being attacked without even being able to defend myself because if I am able to go public with my information on a large scale it will destroy the NSA's credibility as well the US Federal Government's.

Over the past few years thousands of people have come forward to describe accounts nearly identical to my own, including the destruction of their relationships with their own Families. And most are now arriving at the realization that it was the intelligence communities within their own governments that are behind these crimes, which is why the absolute pandemonium that has ensued within their lives has been allowed to occur.

The FEDS have used us and abused us through this technology and are now looking to finish us off any plausible way in which they can. The common ruse is for them to claim that we are mentally unstable and a threat to society. And given the remarkable threat that these FEDS are to society how ironic it is that they
are attacking us.

Common sense would also indicate that if the FEDS can't legally arrest you after having illegally spied upon you every second of your life for nearly three decades -- while attempting on numerous occasions to entrap you -- it is clear that you are not a criminal threat to society and that they are. I am talking about not being able to use the bathroom without being watched and videotaped. When I rest in bed at night I am being watched by way of NSA spy satellite which with its millimeter wave cameras can invade my privacy in ways that most Americans are completely oblivious of. And it is happening to a very large number of people in this country. This is America? No. This is AmeriKa the newest member of the fascist community and New World Order.

However, much to the FEDS chagrin, I am not going quietly and this is causing these treasonous rat bastards numerous problems as more Americans arrive at the realization that it is the US Intelligence Community and their own Congress that they have to beware of. And this information will continue to be promulgated because it is the TRUTH and must be told to the entire population on this planet.

No one has the right to electronically access and manipulate your thoughts -- no one! And that is exactly what these sneaky Nazi bastards within the NSA are doing to many of us. Yet get within a stone's throw of the NSA's Cryptocity and you are intercepted by federal police. Of course you are, since this agency does not want the public learning of the satellite based technologies that it is using on people like myself and myriad others in efforts to test their latest mind control weaponry. This is why former NSA employees like John St. Clair Akwei and Russell Tice have been silenced. Since coming forward with their information regarding the NSA's illegal activities when was the last time that we heard from either one of them?

There appears to be nothing posted in regard to Russ Tice since 2006 when he made the statement that he had learned of serious crimes being committed by the NSA and needed to tell Congress about it. However, we have not heard from Tice since this time. And it appears that his testimony was stonewalled by the FBI who began to threaten Tice stating that he might be compromising National Security. However, who is the FBI really protecting here?

The same people in this government it's covering for who destroyed the World Trade Center?

Tice also reported that he was being stalked by the FBI shortly after making public comments regarding disturbing information that he had concerning the NSA's illegal spying of Americans. What Tice was reporting had to more than likely do with what I am talking about on this Website -- the NSA's illegal use of its satellites to remote neurally monitor and manipulate the minds of American citizens for covert mind control experimentation.

The NSA is the most secretive government agency on this planet and for good reason: if the American people ever learned first hand of what this agency was covertly doing to them, they would take these agents out and hang them!

In one instance a developer who was constructing a building near the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland location so concerned the NSA that they interfered with his construction and purchased the property for themselves. And we have these paranoid maniacs illegally spying on us? What's wrong with this picture? And what else is the NSA doing to us that we should know about?

The NSA is an organization that is fueled by paranoia.

So is it any wonder why they continue to attack me so aggressively having created this Website?

As for my Family, they are quite literally being harassed on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis as the FEDS use every dirty trick in the book to get me thrown out of my own home, where I will make for an even easier target. And the tension between my Family and self is constantly being "cranked up" to intolerable levels by these agencies and others whom they use as provocateurs. This is also a common complaint that TI's have in regard to those who take part in perpetrating the crime of organized stalking against them.

If the NSA has not perpetrated these crimes against me, why am I being attacked and denied my right to due process of law? If I have committed legitimate crimes, why have I not been arrested?

The answer is that I have not committed legitimate crimes. And neither have the myriad of other TI's targeted for illegal government mind control experimentation who are reporting the same types of destruction in their lives and now seeking independent International investigations into what is happening to us, given that the US Congress to date has been useless in doing so. The last time that Congress was at least partially successful in exposing the rampant corruption within the NSA was during the Church Committee Hearings in the 1970's.

In 2006 former congress person Cynthia Mckinney attempted to do the same by reopening the Church Committee Hearings. However due to a minor scandal in which Mckinney was accused of shoving a guard at the Capital Building after she claimed that he had accosted her, her reputation was badly damaged and prevented her from being reelected. This situation was very convenient for Congress who quickly took her proposal (HR 1026) for an Investigation of the US Intelligence Community off the table when they resumed in January of 2007.

At a time when the abuses of the US Intelligence Community have reached an all time high, one must wonder if the scandal which occurred with Mckinney was covertly perpetrated by those who did not want these hearings reopened.

And TI's who have gone to the FBI for help have found that their harassment increases substantially once they do so. Why? Because the FBI is taking part in these crimes by covering up for agencies like the NSA and CIA, just like they have for those within this government who perpetrated the attacks on 9-11. And those perpetrating organized stalking crimes against us are given Carte Blanche by the local police to attack us without provocation. What they are perpetrating against us is a mainstream criminal conspiracy to deny us both Civil and Human rights.

This criminal conspiracy being waged by the US Federal Government (and the governments of other countries) against Americans targeted for mind control experimentation and torture is the largest not just in US History, but in human history. And this is why it has been dubbed the "Silent Holocaust," and must be exposed to the general population on this planet regardless of what it takes to do so. This information is far too important to keep from the public.

I would again ask the ACLU to allow me to take a polygraph while answering many questions in regard to what I have written here on this Website, given the import of this information to the general public. However, the ACLU will deny this request and refuse to get involved just as it has with every TI who has contacted it in the past. Why? Because the technology that we are being attacked by is classified and protected under National Security -- perhaps the cruelest irony in this situation, given that National Security is supposed to protect Americans and is instead being used to cover up crimes that the US Intelligence Community does not want the American people to learn of; crimes that are being committed against us under United States Code Title 18 under the color of law.

So much for truth, justice and the American way -- it's nothing but hype.

And the fact that I will not capitulate to what the FEDS have done to me only makes matters worse since this encourages them to be more aggressive and dangerous, given what they have to lose if the information on this Website becomes seen by millions instead of thousands of people. And what they have to lose here is so substantial that it would permanently destroy any credibility that this treasonous government has left.

The FEDS can't risk this. The fact that I have taken a vow to die before allowing them to get away with these crimes is only complicating the situation for them because they know that I am not going to back off no matter what happens. And as more and more people are now arriving at the conclusion that not only have I told the truth in regard to the mind control technology that I have been abused by for years, but also the fact that John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA (which documents satellite based technology able to remotely access and manipulate one's thoughts) is legitimate, this is going to start a chain reaction of events which will finish the covert fascist government in this country off for once and for all. And it will be the best thing that could ever happen to this country and its people -- as well as the rest of the countries on this planet, many of whom have been subjected to US Imperialism for decades.

We have a great country and are great people. What we need is a new government -- or at least the one that our forfathers created for us more than 200 years ago, which was cleverly undermined by the Illuminati in the early part of the Twentieth Century, with their creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank -- an institution with has allowed for the Illuminati's usurpation of both our government and economy.

So is it any wonder why Congress no longer represents the people in this country, or why our currency is nearly worthless in the present day? The Illuminati is to blame for every aspect of the decay in America, and while most of them are able to hide their identities, Illuminists like the Rockefellers, Bush's and Clintons -- all of whom are modern day problems for the American people -- no longer can.

John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA is a frightening realization, given that the NSA is supposed to be protecting American citizens, yet is instead not only illegally spying on us, but also subjecting many of us to such EVIL abuses. These people are the worst examples of humanity on this planet -- and by a very substantial margin. They are rapidly approaching and soon to surpass Adolph Hitler once this satellite based mind control technology is fully deployed on the people of this planet.

And for my attempts to expose this technology, the FEDS will continue to wantonly attack my Family and anyone else whom they believe they can use in efforts to drive me to either an act of violence or one in which I can be incarcerated in a mental institution -- their goal for all TI's so that they can murder us quietly behind the scenes instead of making a public spectacle by doing so overtly.

However, the FEDS will not get me to attack someone else, nor will they ever again have the opportunity of tricking me into seeing a psychiatrist in efforts to have me committed -- as they did in 2003 with Dr. Allan I. Stempler of Great Neck, NY, and Dr. Steven Gardner of East Hampton, Long Island.

Both of these men were used by the FEDS to perpetrate fraud against me by seeing me under false pretenses. And I will not forget nor forgive what they have done. Stempler also took several thousand dollars in perpetrating this fraud which also makes him guilty of grand larceny. To the both of these people I say all you had to do was refuse the FEDS; instead you chose to go along with them and make yourselves party to one of the largest federally orchestrated criminal conspiracies ever documented in this country.

Both Stempler and Gardner are unindicted felons.

As I stated earlier (and what is in most respects the most painful aspect of the FEDS' attacks on TI's) many TI's will tell you that our Families are routinely brainwashed into being poisoned against us, while taking part in vicious psychological warfare campaigns used to drive us to a state of insanity. For the past four years this is exactly what has happened to my Family. Somehow the FEDS have deluded themselves into believing that they will continue to pull the strings here by abusing all of us yet have my Family under coercive threats deny it.

However, there is no way that I will ever let the FEDS get away with this and will continue to document the gaslighting tactics, satellite based torture and every other aspect that this badge wearing garbage dispenses against us. And if I sound furious here it's because I am. Imagine what it's like to be tortured in one way or another for years on end and you can begin to understand the kind of hatred that you develop for those who are perpetrating these crimes against you. You don't fear them. You just look for every opportunity to expose and destroy them. And that is what I am doing, using my First Amendment Right in which to do so.

The Families of many TI's are in most cases as much victims of agencies such as the FBI, DHS, NSA (and others within US Intelligence) as we are. Yet out of fear for their own safety they will vehemently deny that the FEDS are involved even when it is clear that they are being untruthful. I cannot blame my Family or those of any other TI's for the attacks that the FEDS wage against us, given that they are also in a fight for their own lives. And I will always do what I can to protect my Family in spite of this adversity. Nothing short of death will ever prevent me from doing so.

However, I will utilize the same intensity in exposing these FEDs as I do to defend the rights of my Family and myriad others who've been subjugated to this Nazi style of abuse, given that what these agents have done is so far over the line that it can never ever be forgiven or forgotten.

To electronically rape a person's mind and body is the most abhorrent crime against humanity ever documented --- this crime and those who perpetrate it (NSA and other agencies within US Intelligence) are anathema.

The FEDS also organize networked groups of community members to take part in infiltrating our communities in efforts to make us outcasts, even though we have never been arrested, tried or convicted of any crimes, by this mind raping Nazi garbage which masquerades as legitimate federal law enforcement.

And it is about time that this farce of a government was finally exposed for what it has done to so many of us.

Spying on people within their own bathrooms? These FEDS are the most reprehensible creatures ever put on this planet. And no excuse that they make is ever going to validate what they have done to so many us.

And to the FEDS I say the following: no matter how many times you or your handlers meet with my Family to demonize me in efforts to get me thrown out of my home, I will meet your challenge every step of the way and to the death if necessary.

I am going to make certain that you never forget what you have put us through; the abject cruelty and sick mindedness could have only been hatched by people with a Nazi mindset. Your average person in society could not come up with something this sick no matter how hard they tried to because it takes special training to get your minds this screwed up.

You are liars, torturers, murderers and a cancer which is causing the decay of American society. And I will not allow you to get away with it. I continue to LEGALLY (do you people even know what this word means anymore?) expose you as you continue to perpetrate myriad and precedent setting crimes against me. And those who would take these reports lightly given what they mean to their own privacy and safety are doing themselves a grave injustice because it is now only a matter of time before they find themselves in a similar situation.


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