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Buy Guns While You Can / FEDS Continue Slander & Demonization Tactics & The Prospect Of An Illuminati Ultimatum

If you're an American and you can purchase a hand gun, rifle, or shotgun it would be wise do so while you still can. The FEDS are looking to take these types of weapons away from Americans so that they can invade your home at anytime they care to without fear of your being able to defend yourself. Since long before 9-11, the USA has been evolving into a fascist police state and since 9-11 has clearly become a fascistic police state where our Constitutional rule of law is all but non existent.

Perhaps the most telltale signs of this have already been documented with the FBI resuming its COINTELPRO operations (not that they ever ended -- they have just gotten worse now) and both the FBI and DHS using the NSA to spy on the entire American population as never before.

I can tell you that Americans are being fed a pack of LIES when it comes to the US Media's reporting in regard to the attacks on 9-11 and the subsequent war on terror. The war on terror is an outright fraud as is the Bush Administration and its criminal cohorts within the Department Of Justice, and the hierarchy within the US Military Industrial Intelligence Complex. Even the US Congress is in on this fraud which is snowballing by the day -- its LIES unraveling like a cheaply knit sweater.

As for worrying about the NSA peeping at your E-mails and listening to your phone conversations, you now need to be concerned about privacy violations which are far worse than this. Think in terms of electronic warfare and the NSA's use of specialized satellites to watch you within the privacy of your own homes, and to electronically access and quite possibly even manipulate your thoughts. (It's been done to me for the better part of three decades).

This is what the NSA is really up to and it has to do with keeping the entire US population under covert 24 hour surveillance from here on in, so that they can control every aspect of your lives. This is what the New World Order is all about -- controlling everything from how you spend your money, to what you read and how you think. And anyone who has figured out what is going on by now is hunkering down for the most precedent setting human rights violations in world history, since the people controlling the New World Order (the Illuminati bankers and others of their ilk) are in the process of using electronic forms of satellite based and super computer driven weaponry to covertly control your minds.

This control is of a subtle yet effective nature. Your behavior can be modified gradually and affected enough to bring about the "controllers" desired changes without becoming obvious. However it is clear from my own experiences that this technology can also be used more aggressively to affect your behavior in more dramatic ways.

I have even seen small animals such as chipmunks and birds behaving as though they were being remotely controlled - just as Dr. Jose Delgado referred to the animals which he had hooked up to his creation known as the Stimoceiver, which when physically connected to the brains of these animals could alter their behavior. The truth is that this technology is available in the modern day, however it can now be accomplished by way of remote means (satellites). And the brains of people can be affected in similar fashion.

This is not science fiction -- it is a reality in the 21st Century and has been for more than 30 years.

So is it any wonder why Americans no longer get straight answers when we ask important questions regarding our government? Is it any wonder why the 9-11 Commission's findings are completely unbelievable, or why the Bush Administration never tells us the truth; or for that matter why the FBI has not answered any pertinent questions to any terrorist attack on US soil since the original bombing of the Twin Towers in 1993?

The FBI completely fabricated the evidence in the 1996 missile destruction of TWA Flight 800 and has refused to release videotapes that it confiscated regarding the 1995 Murrah Building Bombing in Oklahoma, and the tapes of the Pentagon which it seized on 9-11. Yet like the Kennedy Assassination, the official commission reports in regard to these acts of terrorism still remain the defacto truth of the day even though they were all complete fabrications in which the US Media was used to give them credibility -- and in spite of the obvious and factual contradictions which have since surfaced.

The FEDS are not answering our questions because in their minds they don't have to. They instead see the American people as something to control. They sure as hell don't respect us and their actions are a clear indication of this. Their goal is to keep us in the dark while continuing to promulgate their disinformation because we are the ones whom they are covertly looking to enslave through the use of stealth technology to control our minds. This is what is really going on in the United States and abroad.

So keep the following in mind:

There will be no conventional World War Three regardless of what US Intelligence is leading us to believe. World War Three is ALREADY taking place and is about the fight for who controls your mind and your thinking processes. And agencies like the NSA have long had the technology in place to do so on a large scale, which is why it is of critical importance that every American adult read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which documents much of this technology in detail. There are far more people who are aware of John's lawsuit than there were two years ago when it first came to my attention and it must continue to be circulated until everyone on this planet learns of what the NSA is really doing with this technology.

And as a long-term government mind control target I can tell you that this technology infiltrates your subconscious so that you are for the most part completely unaware of what is being done to you. Think of yourselves as unwitting government lab rats, because that is exactly how this government sees you; and whether you like it or not it is exactly what it has made you into -- without your knowledge or consent.

All Americans are slowly being microwaved to death as the NSA utilizes its satellites (in a number of different ways) to covertly manipulate our thoughts. And while some of us have been targeted for more specific types of experimentation, there is little ques ton that in certain ways the entire population within this planet is being negatively affected.

While I was aware of many bizarre goings on in my life for years, I would have never known that the US Government was behind them had they not let themselves be known to me starting in the Spring of 2003, when they suddenly chose to switch their covert surveillance of my person to overt surveillance in which I was not only made to realize that my thoughts were being remotely accessed, but also subjected to something I had never heard of in the past -- the criminal phenomenon of organized stalking. And over the past four years the situation has only gotten worse as I began to document exactly what I have been and continue to be subjected to (along with my Family) in regard to this crime, but also my experiences as an NSA target for non consensual mind control research.

The US Federal Intelligence Community believes that it has the right to target ANY American citizen and to ILLEGALLY experiment on that citizen at anytime that this Government decides to. And it is time that these FEDS came out of the closet and admitted to it. However since they will not, they leave myself and myriad others targeted for this vile and sadistic abuse no choice but to expose them for the worst criminals that the world has seen since Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich attempted to spread their cancerous ideologies around the globe.

Hitler's beliefs are alive and well and being clandestinely propagated within the US Federal Intelligence Community in the modern day. And like Hitler, this newest generation of EVIL is looking to use various means (HAARP, as well as chemical and biological warfare) to covertly exterminate a large part of the Earth's population.

To give the readers an idea of just how invasive the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology is, a cryptologist at the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland location can see this sentence I am typing as if they were looking through my own eyes. They do this by using their satellites and super computers to electronically tap into the visual cortex portion of my brain to capture the magnetoencephalographic waves that my brain gives off. Having done this they can see the images that I see with my own eyes. I was first made aware of this in 2005 while laying on a downed tree and looking up at a very peculiar branch which had a very odd shape to it.

The following day while flipping through stations on our "NSA controlled programming" (the NSA usurped our programming during the Summer of 2003) I was able to see a still photo of the branch that I had seen with my own eyes the previous day. There was no mistaking it for anything else. It was indeed the same branch and looked exactly as I had seen it from a laying position on the downed tree through my own eyes. (I should also note that this tree with the branch has also been mysteriously knocked down since that time.)

I knew nothing of the NSA's remote neural monitoring satellite technology at the time but I now do and also recognize that this is how the NSA is able to see what those whom they are illegally using their satellites to spy on and remote neural monitor see. Through the NSA's use of remote neural monitoring they can quite literally use those being targeted for such immoral and unethical abuse as unwitting spy cameras, given that they can see whatever we see the minute our eyes are opened. And this stealth technology enables NSA operatives to go on open ended warrantless and illegal fishing expeditions for years on end as they have done with myself and undoubtedly myriad others. These are the most outrageous violations of the 4th and 5th Amendments ever documented in the history of the United States.

I state to the readers that I am absolutely 100% certain of this.

However I have no way of knowing how many thousands, or perhaps even millions of Americans alone are being subjected to this outrageous violation of their civil rights, since there is no way to know if you are being remote neural monitored unless the NSA wants you to. I refer in this case to my experience when the NSA unwittingly revealed that it was spying on me and using this its RNM technology as a form of gaslighting tactic in order to drive me insane -- this they attempted to do to me beginning in the Summer of 2003 (something which has been ongoing since that time). However, it was clear to me that the NSA never imagined that I would figure out that they were involved in this cruel harassment or that I would also eventually learn of the technology that they have access to to perpetrate such atrocities.

However, through much suffering and perseverance I have managed to.

Consequently, I understand the importance of exposing this fascist abuse of civil rights which is why I am exposing the NSA and other agencies of the US Federal Intelligence community on this Website. It must be done and this information must continue to be circulated globally as it corroborates John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA in regard to the stealth satellite technologies being used to covertly spy upon and manipulate the minds of a very large number of American citizens.

To learn more about this go to Google and type in Akwei VS NSA.

These are federal government agencies that have absolutely no business getting involved in state affairs, yet they do so frequently. And they have no more business in illegally using their satellites to spy upon American citizens within the privacy of our own homes than they do in using remote neural monitoring to electronically access and manipulate our thoughts. What the NSA is doing to many of us is positively Orwellian and even more despicable than what occurred in George Orwell's anti-Utopian novel, 1984.

The FBI, NSA, CIA, DoD, DHS and other federal agencies can illegally spy upon you within your homes for years without your ever knowing it. The FBI and DHS can seize your property without even going to court, and arrest you without probable cause while denying you your right to counsel -- a complete violation of due process of law. These agencies have become the greatest threat to American civil liberties that we have ever faced or in all likelihood will ever face.

This isn't America anymore ladies and gentlemen. And no one can tell you this better than Ed and Elaine Brown, who are in the process of losing everything they have worked their entire lives for. Moreover, at this point they may or may not be aware of the NSA's remote neural monitoring by way of satellite which you can bet your bottom dollar is being used against them at present. I did attempt to warn them by leaving a message on a Website which claims to be their official Website. Whether Ed and Elaine ever got this message is unclear, however, there is little doubt that Danny Reilly (a supporter of theirs) did and that he must be pondering some issues in regard to satellite surveillance that he had not been considering in the past.

Americans have been betrayed by their Government and must now begin to understand that the situation is only going to get worse over the next few years -- much worse.

For this reason, I say that if every American household had a few guns the New World Order's attempts at taking us over would be made far more difficult since agencies like the FBI, DHS and BATF would have to think twice about attacking us; a textbook example of this situation is of course Ed and Elaine Brown in Plainfield, New Hampshire who after having been wrongfully convicted of tax evasion are now hold up at their estate attempting to avoid arrest. If Ed and Elaine were not well armed they would both be incarcerated at this point serving more than five years each for tax evasion.

However, their access to guns has saved their lives -- at least for now -- although according to the latest report the FEDS attempted to work their way onto the Browns' property by hiding in the back of dump truck carrying compost in efforts to arrest Ed. However according to the report the FEDS could not convince the driver to take part in this covert attack.

At least that is the story.

Truthfully, I find this particular account a bit difficult to believe since if the FEDS wanted in they would have simply used the driver (or removed him and placed one of their own people in the truck) and when he got close enough to Ed, launched their assault on him. Then again, with WACO and Ruby Ridge still present in the minds of most Americans the FEDS are clearly walking on eggshells this time around. So maybe the FEDS did attempt a softer approach and in doing so failed to hitch a ride with the driver. The report also said that the truck was supposed to come back three times, however only managed to stop by once and never returned. The report even said that the FEDS attempted to bribe the driver.

Sounds like desperation to me.

They're in a Catch 22 situation where no matter they do they are going to be perceived as the villains -- and they should be since they are breaking the law. And given that the IRS is clearly operating illegally, and with more of the country learning of this by the day, even the most conservative of people (those who disagree with the Browns) are going to eventually be forced to come to their senses and realize that they have also been victimized by paying an illegal tax on their wages for many years. This situation portends very serious problems for the US Federal Government and Congress down the road as they are going to find it increasingly difficult to keep the facts regarding the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds from the American people.

If Congress had had nothing to do with this criminal activity they could state that the FED and IRS frauds were something they never knew about and simply shut them down. Yet given that Congress makes the laws and clearly knew about these frauds there is no way for them to avert political disaster this time around. And they are well aware of it as has been every president who's been elected in this country since Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law back in 1913. Wilson himself later admitted that he destroyed his country by allowing a private group of powerful bankers to reduce a great industrial nation into a nation of debtors.

And it is now time for the US Congress to take responsibility for what it has allowed to happen to this country and to do right by the American people by shutting down the Federal Reserve and IRS. However, Congress will never do this because whether they choose to admit it or not, they are controlled by the privately held Federal Reserve Bank which according to Congressman Ron Paul they have never even audited. How can Congress not audit the Federal Reserve when this banking cartel controls the US economy? How can this be possible? Making matters even worse is that according to Ron Paul our gold is now held by the Federal Reserve as collateral against the national debt and no longer in Fort Knox as it should be. This means that the Federal Reserve Bank has quietly looted this country.

So what does this mean for Congress?

To put it in the most simple of terms: what would you do if you found out that your own Congress knowingly placed an illegal tax on your wages and stole trillions of dollars from you and your fellow Americans? The first thing that you'd probably do is to inform everyone in your neighborhood of the facts, have them watch the late great Aaron Russo's America From Freedom To Fascism, and set about the task of forcing Congress to shut down the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS.

And when your representatives complain that they can't run the government without your tax dollars remind them that every cent that you pay in income taxes goes to the Federal Reserve Bank just to pay interest on the national debt which they have told the American people that they owe it. However, since the FED has been operating illegally and printing money out of thin air since 1913, they are nothing but very clever counterfeiters who have stolen trillions of dollars from the American taxpayers. And the American people should not only refuse to pay another cent in income tax, but also assert that the national debt be wiped clean, given that the privately held Federal Reserve Bank has never been operating legally.

You should also remind Congress that since the FED has never legally been entitled to one dime that it has collected from the US Taxpayers, that it is the FED itself which owes the American people trillions of dollars plus interest as a result of this fraud.

Also remind your senators and congress persons that they have been breaking the law since 1913 by aiding and abetting the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel, having taken bribes to pass the Federal Reserve Act without the proper number of State votes to properly ratify it.

This is one of the reasons why Ed and Elaine Browns' situation is so important in the present day. They are on the front lines of this war against the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds, in which in standing up for their rights, they can be murdered at anytime. And if it can happen to Ed and Elaine simply for demanding their rights it can happen to you too. The truth is that it can happen to any of us if we attempt to stand up for our Constitutional rights in what has become a fascist cabal.

As the playwright Voltaire once said: "it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." And never has this statement been of more consequence than in present day America where this government has sold us all out.

And as a result of the wrongful verdict against the Browns, they have lost their respective businesses as well as Elaine's office building and are now (having taken a vow not to be taken alive) living in constant fear of being murdered at any time. This does not exactly create a sense of peace within one; especially for two people who are in their golden years and should be enjoying the fruits of their labors at this point --not fearing the loss of everything that they have worked so hard for.

And Ed and Elaine are just one example of millions of Americans who have had their property seized and been sentenced to prison for failing to file a 1040 income tax return. How could this have happened in America?

To learn how it happened see Aaron Russo's America From Freedom To Fascism documentary on the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds. While Aaron may have died far too young, he has left a legacy which is going to permanently change this country for the better. And each of us is indebted to him for doing so.

The FEDS Use Of Slander To Demonize Their Targets

A common characteristic of the FBI/NSA/DHS harassment that I have been subjected to over the past several years has been the use of a slander campaign in which to keep me alienated. This is a frequent tactic that the FEDS use in their psywarfare operations against myself and one which is commonly used against other TI's who are attempting to describe criminal activity within the US Federal Government.

Ironically enough, it appears that the FEDS are continuing to attempt to convince anyone whom I contact that I am delusional when in reality I have one of the best documented cases against the US Federal Government of any person who has ever laid claim to being attacked by them. Hence all the more reason for them to attack me as aggressively as they have. They cannot arrest me since I have not committed crimes, so they simply continue to use psychological warfare and directed energy weapons' technology in efforts to wait me out in the hope that I will commit suicide.

Of course suicide is not an option for me given that the technology that I have first hand knowledge of is the most abject threat to the human race ever documented. The ability to literally invade your mind with the use of satellite based weapons to both steal and manipulate your thoughts is as cruel and inhumane as any crime ever committed. And the fact that such invasive technology can be used without the target being aware of it only compounds the problem. This is an insidious system of government that we presently have in this country where any person can be violated in such abhorrent ways, while their communities and even Families are brainwashed into turning against them. The mind control aspects of our harassment are omnipresent and threaten the ability for each of us to think clear and rationally under such duress.

Consequently, in spite of the appearance of camaraderie, there are no real allies anymore, just an illusion of such, since these agencies have the authority to use the Patriot Act to turn society against anyone, and to target that person into submission or suicide. Everyone has a breaking point, and these perpetrators are well aware of this, using the crimes of mind control and organized stalking to make sport of those whom they attack, seeking to learn the limits of human endurance. How much abuse can one person take before giving up? This is what these modern day Nazi's are determined to find out.

Much time and money have gone into the development of the weapons which they target us with, and the agencies within the US Federal Government that deploy them against so many unwitting Americans are not about to allow a few activist groups to deter them -- especially given the Illuminati's agenda for the New World Order one world fascist government now being ushered in. While I am encouraged to see the spirit in the people within a number of these activist groups, I am not at all so when it comes to having them actually receive justice. And while I would like to see this torture end on all fronts, I believe that the efforts being made will fall on deaf ears simply because the entire system of government in the United States is corrupt and beyond redemption.

To be an individual targeted for satellite based mind control weapons and organized stalking crimes in the present day is like treading water in a circle with the rest of the victims after your boat (government) has been sunk. You wait for help and hope that the sharks don't come in and pick you off one by one as has already happened to far too many people targeted for these outrageous crimes.

The only way out of this nightmare is to establish a new system of government based on our original Democratic Republic. And short of a miracle nothing less than a revolution in the United States will stop our continued decent into fascism.

And the truth of the matter is that those who are able to identify which organizations are behind their harassment (US Intelligence in particular -- and in my case the NSA, FBI and DHS) are having a far more difficult time with being alienated as yet further punishment for being able to identify our attackers, and their agenda of a global conquest through the use of military intimidation and the threat of further warfare to those countries who fail to capitulate to the New World Order's demands.

While the activist groups do contain well intentioned victims of organized stalking and electronic harassment, there is little doubt that they have also been infiltrated by people who are looking to covertly break them up. And there are also the bullying tactics which go on within these groups where certain TI's are again attacked by other TI's who perpetrate the same crimes against others that they complain about.

And for this reason it is oftentimes better to simply support the efforts of these groups from a distance rather than get attacked by them. TI's are badly beaten up both psychologically and physically, and those who perpetrate these crimes against us take every opportunity in which to capitalize on this by exploiting any situations which can be used to cause us further pain. This is a common failing with these groups.

Perhaps the most ironic part in all this is when TI's themselves are accused of being nasty. What amazes me most here is that given the precedent setting torture that we are subjected to, that more TI's don't attack those who perpetrate these crimes against them, given the cruelty that we are forced to endure on a daily basis.

It is like being confined to a cage in which you are being viciously battered with a stick and the attackers never let up. However because of the remoteness of these attacks, and the covert ways in which the psychological warfare is deployed, these attackers consider themselves to be less culpable for the cruelty they dispense. However, they are just as guilty. And they are also guilty of murder in the deaths of any persons who commit suicide as a result of these attacks. There have been many such related deaths to date, and they show no end in sight.

For this reason I will continue to expose them and their lies knowing the crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate against my Family and self. Never before have I seen such cruelty or the ability of the groups perpetrating such lies to convince the public that these lies are the truth. My hatred for them is only tempered by the knowledge that I know what they have done and the extent to which they have violated both my civil and human rights -- and that I will expose them for this. I have no intention of ever allowing these Nazi's to get away with what they have done.

The best informed people whom I have seen to date understand that before long TI's will not be the only people suffering terribly within the United States, as this entire country is soon to find itself being subjected to a cashless society and a mandated implantation of RFID microchips -- which will be used to track them as well as influence their thoughts and behavior (and possibly even later cause their deaths).

What I find most disturbing in all this is how completely clueless the US population is. They believe that with the prospect of a new President over the next few years that somehow everything will work itself out. This is the result of the long-term dumbing down of this population through the CIA controlled US Media which now fails to recognize what is about to befall them.

Yet in time they will figure out what has been done to them and eventually learn of the outrageous abuses that they have been covertly subjected to by the New World Order and its puppet master Illuminati.

Newscaster Lou Dobbs once remarked that he hoped that the people of America would fight back once they removed the blinders and saw what was really happening to this country. However he sounded doubtful that they would do so given the tremendous odds that they would be facing. I now wonder if he was right, given that in order to do battle with those who have deceived us as a nation we must be willing to die.

And taking into account all of the children who exist in the present day and a parent's greatest fear of losing their child, this may well influence them to capitulate to the New World Order and its stronghold on this country as well as the rest of the planet. Given the Illuminati's cruel abuse of their own children they would certainly not think twice about harming someone elses.

And if they are able to perpetrate this type of blackmail who is to say what will become of the human race?


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