Friday, September 07, 2007

Iraqi TV Claims To Have A New & Updated Video Of Osama Bin Laden Over The Next Few Days

With the many different Osama Bin Laden impersonators that the Iraqi's have shown us so far, it will be interesting to see which one they come up with this time around. Just remember what the late Aaron Russo said in regard to what Nick Rockefeller told him about the Illuminati's bogus war on terror here in the United States. According to Aaron, Rockefeller stated that there would be American soldiers going into caves looking for terrorists (terrorists who did not really exist) in a war that could be kept going indefinitely and in which no winner could ever be declared since there was no legitimate opponent.

It is also interesting to note how certain companys such as the Carlyle Group of which the President's father George H.W. Bush is involved, was poised to capitalize on the war in Iraq -- and has since made a fortune in doing so.

Rockefeller also told Aaron Russo that the reason for going into Afghanistan was to run oil pipelines into the Caspian Sea. And that the invasion into Iraq was to steal Iraqi oil and to set up US Military bases there so that the US could maintain control of the oil supply in the future. This would be done because the United States was using far more oil than it could produce and needed to find a way in which to plausibly steal oil from other countries -- in this case Iraq.

Without realizing it, Nick Rockefeller did us all an enormous favor by revealing the criminal plans of his Illuminist brethren for global domination. And once we realize this we now understand that everything that we are seeing within the US Media regarding Osama Bin Laden and the search for him is nothing but a smokes screen to cover up what the Illuminati is really perpetrating here; in this case having used the Bush Administration to accomplish it.

The New World Order is now rapidly emerging within the United States and abroad and unless the people of this planet can be alerted to what is occurring, they are certain to become enslaved by the Illuminist leaders of the NWO, one world fascist government. Something needs to be done quickly and the most logical thing to do is for the American people to freeze this government by refusing to pay an income tax on their wages, which has been illegally levied upon them since 1913.

Without this tax money the The Federal Reserve Bank would come to a screeching halt and be at the mercy of the American people for the first time in US History, instead of us being at their mercy. Congress would be forced to shut down the IRS and the privately held Federal Reserve Banking cartel (both of whom are operating illegally) and to restore power to the US Treasury as the sole entity for issuing US Currency.

In doing so we could all but wipe out the national debt since technically we don't own the Federal Reserve Bank a dime of this money, given that it has been operating illegally (counterfeiting) since 1913 and stolen trillions of dollars from us through the illegal and unconstitutional graduated income tax system. We could then set about the business of making the United States a manufacturing nation again as it once was. And by going back on the gold standard we could gradually increase the value of our currency because it would again be based on something of intrinsic value; something which at present it is not.

However, first we'd have to gain possession of this gold which the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve Bank has quite literally stolen out of Fort Knox and presently lists on its balance sheet. Has the Federal Reserve looted America? It most certainly appears that way.

See the following 14 minute video to hear Aaron himself describing his conversation with Nick Rockefeller:


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