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Are Recreational Boaters Being Abucted By UFO Craft?

Are UFO's Abducting Recreational Boaters?
Written By James F. Marino

As an avid sailor for many years and someone who as a child had an interest in the large numbers of disappearances regarding all types of marine vessels in the Bermuda Triangle, this author has often wondered how many of them were lost to natural causes, and how many fell victim to some type of paranormal event?

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When I first began reading about these events in the mid 1970's I did not know of the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico incident in which a crashed UFO craft was reported to have been recovered by the US Army. Nor did I know of the secret world government which has since taken part in the global UFO cover-up.

However, since that time I have done quite a bit of my own independent research as an amateur UFOlogist, only to find that what I had once theorized might be a conspiratorial situation has turned out to be just that.

The UFO cover-up has become a global phenomenon with millions of reported sightings of UFO craft since the mid 1900's. And numerous polls have shown that roughly 3/4 of the people living within the United States, believe that the existence of UFO's is not only possible, but also probable.

Leading deeper into this mystery are the accounts of myriad UFO abductees, many of whom have claimed that a *government black operation was at least partially responsible for many of these abductions, yet also experienced a very real alien presence behind them as well.

*Google: MILABS or Military UFO Abductions

Given how these abductees have reported to have been kidnapped from their homes without the slightest trace of foul play, this author is now beginning to wonder how many recreational boaters have, over the course of centuries, been abducted by UFO craft?

While travelling by way of boat does afford a person a sense of seclusion that they would not otherwise experience, it can also place someone in grave danger given how quickly natural phenomena such as a squall or rogue wave can arrive with little warning; catching the boater completely off guard and rendering them helpless to save themselves from an impending and oftentimes fatal disaster.

There is little doubt that many recreational boaters have been killed as a result of such accidental occurrences, since the ocean is a very unforgiving environment that does not take kindly to people's ignorance or unpreparedness.

Even well seasoned sailors such as the late ocean racer Mike Plant learned this the hard way, when the keel on his Maxi ocean racer, Coyote, broke loose and the vessel overturned. While Coyote was eventually located, Plant's body was never recovered.

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Ocean Racer Lost At Sea

However, there are still numerous disappearances yet to be explained, regarding boating anomalies which have been documented over the past several hundred years, that simply fly in the face of any reasonable explanations.

While there are a myriad of them, perhaps the most interesting of all was the case of the Mary Celeste; a brigantine sailing vessel which in 1872 was found drifting aimlessly off the coast of Portugal minus her entire crew.

And if something paranormal had taken place in regard to the Mary Celeste, one would have to opine as to whether an alien abduction had been the culprit; especially when taking into consideration that in the late 1800's advanced technology which may indeed be available in the present day to allow the global military industrial intelligence complex to covertly perform such acts, was not available to the human race at the time.

In taking this into consideration, if there can be no reasonable explanation for the disappearance of the Mary Celeste crew, one must conclude that this vessel's mysterious disappearance must fall into the category of paranormal phenomena.

And if such phenomena includes the possibility that the crew of the Mary Celeste may have in fact, been abducted by a UFO craft.

Furthermore, if this is indeed the case, then a great number of other human disappearances (including those of ocean going vessels) may be the result of the alien abduction phenomenon.

There have been many similar instances where vessels have been recovered without any signs of their crews; nor any physical evidence which would conclusively prove that these crews met with foul play. In a number of instances the evidence produced only served to further confound those looking to put these elusive puzzles together.

Of equal fascination is that in several of the instances where maritime vessels have been reported missing, when they were finally located - minus their crews - ships as well as pleasure craft were found with food having been prepared yet uneaten; revealing that whatever happened to these crew members occurred just prior to their having had a meal.

And in the latest issue of a boating publication called Soundings, a similar situation has against taken place.

Earlier this year, a 32 foot catamaran known as the Kaz II was found floating off Australia's Great Barrier Reef, minus her crew of three men.

When the vessel was boarded, her engine was running, her sails - while shredded - were still up, and there was food set on the galley table.

The dinghy which could have been used in the event that the boat was taking on water was still secured in its davits. To say the least this situation has left the Australian authorities extremely baffled.

As a long time sailor, this author can tell the readers that if you set a plate of food on a galley table, unless you are in calm weather that plate is going to slide right off the table as a result of rough seas (unless there's a lip at the end of said table) and land on the cabin sole. So to have a situation as we do with the Kaz II, in which the food was found just as it was left, yet with the vessel's sails being tattered and its engine running, only further adds to the mystery of what actually happened to the crew of the sailboat.

Moreover, if the sails were tattered from the Taz II wandering aimlessly without her crew, how is it that the food was still sitting on the galley table undisturbed when the boat was recently discovered by another crew who happened to see the Taz II foundering?

One might surmise that this vessel was involved in a serious storm in which the sails were damaged prior to the food being served.

However, the engine left running is extremely bizarre. If there was only one crew member we might surmise that he fell overboard. However all three men? This simply flies in the face of logic. And if the boat was foundering in heavy seas, once again how was the food later found undisturbed?

It makes no sense at all unless one is willing to consider the possibility that something paranormal happened to these men.

There have been other such situations where ocean going craft were found minus their crews, yet so soon after they went missing that the food they were about to consume was not only uneaten but still warm!

One thing's for certain. Whatever happened to the crew of Taz II occurred quickly and within a relatively short time of the Kaz II being found by others; given that after a few days of running a boat engine (even at idle), the fuel supply on this 32 foot sailboat would have been used up.

(For obvious reasons, sailboats have much smaller fuel tanks than most powerboats.) Perhaps the most interesting aspect in all this is the uneaten food which appeared to have just been prepared. Were these three men about to have a meal when they were suddenly
confronted by some type of UFO craft?

In the same issue of Soundings there was yet another report of a man by the name of David Cartwright, a boat builder by trade, who after taking two years to restore his 1966 Sloop, Colros, set off for a round the world voyage. (In earlier issues of this magazine over the past year there have also been at least two other reports of boaters disappearing without a trace. However in these cases the boats were missing as well.)

Yet five months later the Colros was found floating abandoned six hundred miles southwest of the Azores. What happened to Cartwright? No distress call was ever made. The Maxi crew who located his vessel was given permission to board the Colros and obtain the Captain's log; Cartwright's last post was dated January 9th, four months before the Colros was actually found adrift with her sails tattered, and left no clue that anything had been amiss. Was David Cartwright the victim of a squall or some other "normal" disaster at sea? Or was Cartwright confronted by something more sinister?

Many UFO abductees have reported being taken and then returned to the areas in which their abductions occurred. However, far too many have also reported seeing others humans who were caged or in someway enslaved while being aboard what they perceived to be UFO craft.

Were the crew of the Kaz ll and David Cartwright victims of the latter scenario?

While we will probably never know for certain, one thing that does appear so is that at least in the case of the Kaz ll, an extremely bizarre situation befell her crew; something which has authorities extremely baffled, and at present unwilling to comment on any further.

Perhaps at some point in the future some of the bodies of the crew members of this vessel may turn up on Australia's shoreline to take some of the mystery out of this situation, and offer closure for their families.

However, until then, and as unlikely as it may sound (and given the large and ever increasing number of people who claim to have been abducted by UFO's), the possibility of such a sinister act having been perpetrated against the crew of the Taz II should not be ruled out.

Especially when taking into consideration the extremely bizarre way in which they happened to vanish.

- James F. Marino


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