Saturday, September 08, 2007

Proof That There Is No Real Difference Between The Democrat & Republican Parties

George H.W. Bush And Bill Clinton are proof that it makes no difference which party Americans vote for since they both answer to the same Illuminist hierarchy. This is also the reason why no party other than these two has ever had a chance of getting their candidate elected to the office of President. And while roughly two thirds of the people in this country are clearly ready for a meaningful change regarding Presidential timber, it will never happen as long as the Illuminati continue to pull the strings in Washington.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul may well be the most admirable person who we have had in Congress since its early days more than two Centurys ago. And he himself admits that he is not overly popular with his peers in Congress even though his constituents have given him the vote of confidence by reelecting him to office on numerous occasions. However, given his promise to go after the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS, even if he did manage to get elected, how long would it be before the Illuminati saw to it that this honorable American was either set up for a scandal (even if the evidence was completely fabricated) mind controlled by way of satellite based weaponry, or perhaps even murdered?

The last time that Americans were lulled into believing that a real difference was going to take place in America was with the Clinton Administration. Both Bill and Hillary were young and attractive and promised to bring new ideas to the White House and the American people. Instead, they pulled off one of the most successful con jobs in US History, with author William Safire once stating that the Clintons had stunk up the White House so badly that they should have trailered it back to Arkansas after Bill Clinton's term in office was over.

And now Democratic Americans are getting all keyed up about Hillary as President?

Is it any wonder why US History keeps repeating itself when we unwittingly continue to allow the Illuminati to make our choices for us? We must wonder how it was that the Illuminati became so successful in the first place and been allowed to propagate itself into the dominant position that it holds in the present day.

Were these people really that clever, or in our own complacency and ignorance did we give them Carte Blanche to do whatever they wanted to us? If so, one might say that regardless of how evil these people have become, that in doing so we as a people are now all reaping what we have sown.


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