Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Every American Citizen Is Just One Step Away From Becoming A Government Mind Control Target & Organized Stalking Victim

A short while ago I was reading a post by another mind control target/organized stalking victim in which he stated that those who covertly attack him are attempting to manipulate him into believing that the politicians being contacted by TI's for these crimes, will not be of any help simply because those perpetrating them covertly control these politicians. This would corroborate what other TI's have stated in reference to the hierarchy within the US Federal Government being so corrupted, that even decent politicians who might attempt to come to the aid of the TI community will be ineffective; this the result of either being warned to stay out of this situation, or being intimidated by the very persons who are attacking TI's, if these politicians attempt to help them.

I have looked into virtually every aspect of the organized stalking/mind control scenario. And given that most of it originates within the US Intelligence Community, I can see nothing short of a global education of these crimes in which the citizens of every country are made aware of what is happening, before a real change is affected. And as sad as I am to say this, I do not believe that any meaningful change in our harassment will take place without violence, since this is the only thing that those perpetrating these crimes against us understand.

When you are being illegally spied upon, and both physically and psychologically tortured by those who perpetrate these Nazi crimes against you, it is clear that your own government no longer exists, having been subverted by a government which would allow for such terrible crimes to take place, in which the rule of law is completely absent. And should you be targeted by a federal agent who is waging their own personal vendetta against you as I continue to be (FBI Agent Raymond Migliore), you will find that every aspect of your life is systematically attacked while you are subjected to the complete eradication of your natural and inalienable constitutional rights.

I am well aware that this is going to continue to be a protracted battle being perpetrated by the FBI, NSA and DHS, who have denied me my right to due process of law simply because Migliore broke the law the minute that he used his position as an FBI agent to violate my rights. What Migliore and others within US Intelligence have since done is to conspire to deny me the aforementioned rights. Somehow, they believe that their use of demonization tactics against me is going to excuse this precedent setting violation of civil liberties, however their actions only serve to mask what they have done.

They are fooling no one but themselves, since it is clear from my perspective that the precedent setting attack on my person is being done in efforts to obfuscate their culpability in a mainstream conspiracy which they continue to wage against me.

And in light of this, I will continue to expose these people for the outrageous crimes that they have and continue to commit under the color of law. Their subsequent use of certain persons within the TI community to covertly attack me is also a waste of time, given the slander that has been propagated by the FEDS in order to cover up the facts.

And this criminal effort of theirs will fall by the wayside as has every other evil machination that the FEDS have perpetrated over the past several years. The extensive attack against myself only serves as further evidence of how outrageously the FEDS's have conducted themselves. Smear campaigns are done to discredit those whom the FEDS have wronged in one way or another. There is an abundance of historical information to support this statement. And that is exactly the case here.

No one has the right to electronically access and manipulate your mind; something that the NSA has been subjecting me to for years. This is also proof of the Nazi influence within the US Intelligence Community which continues to covertly operate under the heading of National Security. Utilizing super computers and satellites to illegally electronically access the minds of American citizens in order to covertly subject them to mind control experimentation, has nothing to do with National Security, and everything to do with the most outrageous crimes against humanity ever documented.

The NSA is using this technology in efforts to covertly enslave the minds of the human race. And this is being done in efforts to allow the New World Order one world fascist government to not only control our thoughts and actions, but also to compile the most extensive dossiers on the people of this planet in human history.

And if one percent of the entire population (outside of those perpetrating these crimes) is aware of this, it's a lot.

Moreover, when was the last time that you heard of an American citizen who has never been arrested, tried or convicted of any crimes, being attacked is such outrageous ways as being illegally spied upon with the privacy of their own homes for years on end? The FBI did not conduct an investigation of me. What they instead did was to orchestrate a criminal conspiracy against me which has evolved into perhaps the most expensive criminal campaign waged against any American in the history of this country.

Subjecting someone to satellite based mind control experimentation for decades while illegally spying on them has to be one of the most outrageous violations of natural and inalienable rights ever documented.

And unfortunately, I have the first hand experience necessary in which to document this.

I continue to request a public hearing with the American Civil Liberties Union in which under polygraph I can testify to the abuses that I have been subjected to by the NSA, FBI, DHS and their network of organized stalkers; those who continue to deny me my right to quiet enjoyment and due process of law, as well as a host of other rights to which I am entitled, yet wrongfully denied.

When the FEDS attack you in efforts to prevent you from being able to defend yourself, they can no longer be considered as law enforcement. When they illegally spy upon you within the privacy of your own bedroom and bathroom for years on end, they must be considered as degenerate filth who have no right to be standing in judgement on any American citizen.

And as I have stated in the past, given their outrageous and unforgivable behavior, I no longer consider US Intelligence to have any authority within this country and believe that these agencies should be scrutinized by an independent committee -- one that will determine which of these agencies is mandatory for the protection of US National Security, and those which should be dissolved. Any legitimate investigation into the NSA, CIA and FBI would certainly call for their dissolution, given the anti-American sentiment of these organizations, and their continued function of destroying our Constitutional Republic through the use of COINTELPRO Sting operations as well as illegal, immoral and unethical mind control research.

Until this takes place, Americans will continue to be abused by these agencies and find no solace in contacting their state representatives, given that these politicians will be of little or no use in affecting an end to this macabre harassment.
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