Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Latest Documentary On The 9-11 Cover Ups Entitled "The Ultimate CON (Spiracy)"

In a day and age where government satellites spy on us within the privacy of our own homes and even monitor and manipulate our thoughts -- all while the population of this planet remains largely unaware of it -- the 9-11 Truth Movement and great men like the late Aaron Russo (creator of the documentary America From Freedom To Fascism), Dylan Avery (creator of the documentary 9-11 Loose Change), and other courageous truth seekers are helping to alert us to the fact that the societies in which we live are based on complete falsehoods, being covertly controlled by very old and well networked organizations whose fascist ideologies are geared towards the enslavement of the people on this planet; it is key to circulate information regarding the New World Order far and wide.

Contrary to popular believe there are no accidents in life -- everything follows a well structured plan. And at present this plan includes the exposure of and destruction of the Illuminati and its EVIL machinations - before they can destroy the rest of us.

And like every journey which begins with a first step, the first for the people of this planet is to become informed in regard to what is happening with the Illuminati beginning with the bogus war on terror, initiated with the US Federal Government's orchestrated attacks on us on 9-11-2001.

The following documentary is a useful compliment to Dylan Avery's "9-11 Loosechange" and Dave Vonkleist's "9-11 In Plane Site." While there are now myriad 9-11 conspiracy documentaries on the Internet these are three of the best. One thing the New World Order never counted on was the Internet, and people's ability to post the truth in regard to its fascist agenda, in spite of the fact that the global mainstream media system has been completely subverted by the Illuminati and as such supplying us with disinformation so that we as a people remain ignorant to what is covertly befalling this planet.

Given that the NWO is using federal agencies including the National Security Agency to illegally spy on the entire global population, with millions of people in virtually every country being tracked by way of satellite surveillance 24 hours a day while having their thoughts remote neurally monitored, the sooner the 9-11 conspiracy (not a conspiracy theory any longer as there is far too much evidence to support a conspiracy now) is made known to every person on this planet the better. The NSA is engaging in some of the most outrageous and unethical practices in human history, by using its spy satellites to electronically access and manipulate the minds of an enormous number of people around the world, the majority of whom have no idea that everything that they say, do and think is being recorded by the NSA and archived for future use.

This is the worst example of human rights violations in human history. And those who are exposing these atrocities are being demonized by the federal intelligence communities within their respective countries and made complete outcasts of so that we are thoroughly discredited for our candor. The NWO has waited hundreds of years to take complete control of the people of this planet and are now on the brink of doing so in the present day, where tyranny will rule and torture of various kinds will become commonplace -- human rights laws being completely swept aside.

Furthermore, when the NSA can tap into the electromagnetic field which surrounds the body of ever man, woman and child on this planet, and becomes privy to your entire existence 24 hours a day for the rest of your life (even seeing what you see through your own eyes), we are talking about the greatest threat to the human race ever documented -- in many respects even far worse than the late Adolph Hitler -- and we all know what a monster he was.

For the Americans who have actually heard of the NSA (prior to the recent scandal with the Bush Administration few Americans had), most believe it to be a United States regulated federal agency. However, the truth is that the NSA is a global spy network which has connections with every key government on this planet. It is the hub of the New World Order and primary information gatherer for everything which occurs on this planet. Nothing that goes on here gets past the NSA. Not your activities, your conversations, or your thoughts. And according to reports from former NSA employees including John St. Clair Awkei, the NSA's computer systems were far advanced from what we had in society in the early 1960's and in the modern day are so far advanced that they are beyond most of our comprehension.

And given its extensive use of low orbiting tracking satellites to take part in what is in most cases illegal spying (and other more extensive crimes including mind control experimentation/torture -- as well as its part in the UFO/MILAB/EBE long-term cover up), the NSA should be seen as a global terrorist and egregious threat to humanity and its future development the world over. The NSA is the instrument by which the New World Order will control us. The NSA is a real life version of the late George Orwell's BIG BROTHER -- yet far more terrifying than even Orwell himself might have imagined.

See the "Ultimate CON (Spiracy)" at the following link:
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