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* For a change some good news. I posted the following article the other day when I noticed that an American citizen by the name of Carolyn William's Palit's Website on the US Government's use of electronic warfare was taken down. It appears that it had to do with paying to keep the domain name of her Website registered and it is now up and running again -- which given its excellent information is of benefit to all people; especially those of us being targeted for directed energy weapon's technology.

An earlier post which I listed out of concern for Carolyn and this situation:

Over the course of the past day or so a government mind control victim by the name of Carolyn Williams Palit's Website on classified directed energy weapons technology was taken down. This may be the best Website of its kind that I have seen in regard to these weapons and followed an earlier Website that Carolyn had called

Part of the conspiracy being waged against TI's is for those (in most cases federal agencies) who are perpetrating these crimes against us to destroy our credibility by any possible methods including finding ways in which to plausibly have our Websites removed. The FEDS are constantly attempting to have this Website taken down, even though they know that I will just start another one, as I did this one when they had Angelfire delete the first Website that I created in regard to the conspiracy that the FEDS have perpetrated against my Family and self. Recently they deleted a second Angelfire site, again without any legitimate reason for doing so.

Moreover, the FEDS having my sites (and those of any other TI's) deleted constitutes an attempt to destroy evidence, since my sites contain extensive evidence of the crimes that the FEDS have and continue to perpetrate against me.

It is quite ironic how federal agencies like the FBI (and NSA) will either conceal or destroy physical evidence in situations in which they themselves are guilty of criminal activity, yet arrest an American citizen if they choose to perpetrate the same crime. A double standard regarding the law clearly exists in the United States in which these agents consider themselves to be above the laws that they routinely enforce on the rest of us. These types of incidents are not suppose to occur in the United States. However, they are occurring at an alarming rate.

I have no idea if Carolyn Williams Palit is yet aware that her site has been taken down. However, I did find the following post by her which illustrates her desperation at getting these crimes against her ended. And I am posting this information below as she requested in her plea for help when she posted this message on an Independent Media Center Website in 2005.

If anyone is in contact with Carolyn please notify the TI community so that we may know if she is OK and what happened to her site.

Desparacido! I am being disappeared
Carolyn Williams Palit 10 Oct 2005 19:35 GMT

Carolyn Williams Palit

remote electromagnetic weapons and the future of America and the world My name is Carolyn Williams Palit, and I live in Alpine, Texas. I am 52 years old. I was born on February 26, 1953 in Borger, Texas. My friends call me -- Ceia (see-ah).

For the public record . . . I am being tortured and slowly killed by remote electromagnetic (EM) weapons. I assume it is by many of the same people who were originally involved in MK-Ultra.

MK-Ultra was tasked with experimenting on Americans with chemicals, biologicals, and ionizing radiation. It seems these experiments never stopped, just went black budget, and use the same old, trauma-based, military, mind control techniques but are now done electronically and remotely.

The original agencies involved in those projects were: the Central Intelligence Agency, Office of Naval Investigation, Air Force Intelligence, the Army Chemical Corps, Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Institute of Health, the National Institute of Justice, and the Atomic Energy Commission. I think we can add the Department of Defense (based on their rude refusal to do my FOIA request) and the National Security Agency (NSA) because "they know everything about everyone" and because of other lawsuits filed against them by former employees -- John Akwei's lawsuit is one such case of a former employee of the NSA filing a lawsuit against them on electronic torture.

They can not mind-control me; my will is too strong. I have not had a psychotic break, and as far as I can tell, I am still in control of my own thoughts and actions. I do not believe that I have any implants nor have I had periods of missing time. In around the year 2000, I did have two, very short episodes of missing time where I suppose some agency or agents did try to get to me to implant me or hurt me. In both instances, I was just too protected, and I do not believe they were able to accomplish anything.

Because I will not breakdown and let them "program" me remotely or be intimidated into doing their bidding, and because I am an activist on this issue and the chemtrail issue, I believe that they have put me on a slow-kill program. I am to be terminated slowly so that it will look like a natural death. They constantly hit me with the electromagnetic weapon in the heart area, the thyroid, the brain, the liver, the reproductive organs, the lungs, and other parts of my body. My whole body is irradiated with these EM energies. These are more than likely microwave, neutral particle-ion weapons that entrain plasma and involve remote voice to skull technology and brain scanning.

My website: is evidence about my torture and has pictures of what is happening to me and other victims and a recording of the sound of the plasma hitting my head. I never signed a consent form to be a part of any governmental or non-governmental experiment.

Please print this out and save it somewhere. In the event of my death, I am authorizing the local authorities to autopsy me to look for electromagnetic damage to my tissues. If I die, I want my death to be investigated as a murder. If the local authorities will not investigate my death as a murder, then I am authorizing the people who have received this email to insist that my death be investigated as a murder and that the necessary autopsy is performed.

I know you will take this matter seriously. Because the number of victims of this technology is rising not going down, and because our country has now whole-heartedly thrown itself into developing directed energy weapons for the military and law enforcement, and because some people want to put directed energy weapons in space over your heads, expect more and more victims of this technology. Expect deaths. Expect more and more abuses by corrupt members of the military, intelligence agencies, federal contractors, and law enforcement. Psychotronic weapons are considered Weapons of Mass Destruction by The United Nations. Directed energy weapons should never have been developed because weapons are always abused by someone. If it exists, it will be abused. It is just a fact of human nature. We have enough problems just with people who abuse their right to own a gun.

I am not an experiment. I am a victim of state-sponsored torture. Some one(s) in the federal government authorized and funded these state-sponsored tortures. Your federal Congress People know about Americans being tortured and killed this way. They have known for quite some time; they have had bills before them that might have helped to stop these tortures, but they look the other way and passively condone this torture by their inaction. If this trend in America is not stopped, expect Fascism.

Carolyn Williams Palit


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