Thursday, September 13, 2007

Your Mind's Not Being Remotely Accessed By The Government; You're Just Paranoid

And so are the thousands of other people on the Internet who make the same claims.

I hear this statement over and over again. I support my claims through thousands of pieces of documentation (much of which has been made available by way of the Freedom Of Information Act), as well as first hand experience being targeted by way of satellite based directed energy weapons technology.

I cite the Websites and comments of quite literally thousands of other people from around the globe who accuse their governments of illegally tracking them by way of satellites and manipulating their minds; the most outrageous violations of human rights ever documented.

And like it or not, the NSA can come right into your home with its spy satellites and watch you 24 hours a day in the most outrageous violation the 4th Amendment ever documented. And while these satellites give a "see through your roof" holographic image of you, the fact is that if you look into any reflective surface (including a mirror), an NSA cryptologist can see exactly what you are seeing because in effect they are looking through your own eyes to do so, by using their satellites to electronically tap into the visual cortex portion of your brain. I have experienced this phenomenon as have myriad others targeted by this and other agencies for mind control experimentation. There is absolutely no question that the NSA is capable of performing this criminal act.

Yet when I and others attempt to propagate this information within the general media and public we are completely ignored and made outcasts of. Our families are harassed into capitulating to the FEDS' dictates while being threatened with the loss of their jobs and homes. This is a common report amongst TI's. However, our families completely deny what is occurring and accuse of us of being paranoid and unreasonable, oftentimes requesting that we seek psychological help -- exactly what the FEDS are covertly coercing them to do.

And when we attempt to point out that our families our being manipulated, they become furious with us in efforts to obfuscate the situation. Their motivations driven by fear rather than any express interest in exposing the truth regarding these crimes. And sadly enough, because of their justifiable fears regarding the coercion being placed upon them, they end up aiding and abetting this criminal activity rather than exposing it, allowing it to occur in an endless cycle of misery for themselves and those persons being directly targeted for this harassment.

If all of our families would just come forward to document what we are being subjected to at the hands of these corrupted governments, we could blow the roof off of this conspiracy for once and for all. Instead, their silence allows such agencies as the NSA and CIA to continue to deploy their clandestine technology against us and many citizens who have yet to learn that they are being targeted, with little chance of any of us ever seeing them made accountable for it.

The psychiatry profession is the last venue for the mind control target who has been psychologically brutalized, yet not committed crimes which they can be arrested for. The psychiatrist is the aider and abettor of agencies like the CIA, FBI and NSA who enables these federal criminals to eliminate those people who can testify against them in courts of law for the crimes against humanity that they have been subjected to.

These physicians don't question the FEDS' violations of our Civil Rights, but instead do exactly as they are told, even though in many instances (including several that apply to me) these doctors have clearly broken the law and violated their Hippocratic Oath.

And if the targeted person is smart enough to realize this and to stay away from psychiatrists, the FEDS continue to attack them and those around them in efforts to drive these targets to states of suicide, or violent crimes in which they can be either arrested or incarcerated in a psychiatric institution. This in and of itself is a mainstream conspiracy being perpetrated by the FEDS in efforts to excuse their crimes.

They operate on a system of absolute denial and the US Judiciary exemplifies this by excusing the US Intelligence Community's treasonous behavior, either refusing to hear criminal cases being filed against them, or if the evidence is so compelling that it simply can't be ignored, only allowing for bench trials in which juries can never be allowed to hear these cases.

Again, this bespeaks the absolute corruption within the United States, in which for those being targeted for these outrageous crimes, there is no longer any due process of law or justice to be had.

We are pariahs looking to expose these atrocities which have now become pervasive throughout society and the entire US Judiciary, from the Supreme Court on down.

Making a bad situation still worse is the fact that the DSM manual (the Bible of the psychiatry profession) was designed in which to diagnose TI's with personality disorders in efforts to discredit their accounts of being attacked by the CIA and other government agencies, which utilize classified technology on these people. This was particularly applicable to MKULTRA mind control victims who were able to eventually remember what they had been subjected to by this Nazi driven agency.

The psychiatry profession was used to discredit them, just as it is being used in the modern day to discredit those of us who have been subjected to the NSA's electronic warfare and mind control experimentation. We are labeled as being weird, antisocial, sociopathic, or any other diagnosis which alienates us from society.
And oftentimes, if we display any of these psychotic manifestations, it is as a direct result of the mind control protocols being remotely deployed against us. What we have in fact been, is conspired against by a government that is inherently EVIL and looking to destroy those of us who have been able to figure this out and look to expose it on a global scale.

So this battle to uproot these federal criminals and psychopaths wages on, as they attempt to covertly murder us in efforts to keep this disturbing information from society.
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