Saturday, September 15, 2007

Electronic Frontier Foundation Calls For An End To The NSA's Domestic Spy Program

"Many A Good Cow Has A Bad Calf"

-- Said In Reference To The Parents Of US Intelligence Agents

While most Americans only know of the NSA as a result of the Bush Administration's illegal use of this agency to spy on them, few know of the NSA's use of its satellites to electronically access and manipulate the thoughts of myriad Americans as part of the NSA's covert mind control experimentation program.

A number of people targeted for this technology have already been driven to suicide as a result of long-term exposure to it. And it is clear that numerous others are suffering miserably having been subjugated into becoming unwitting satellite prisoners by the NSA and its Nazi ideologies.

And there are a number of other agencies within US Intel who are also taking part in these types of atrocites, while like the NSA operating completely outside of the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

As an American who has been subjected to this nightmare for decades, I am urging the Electronic Frontier Foundation to also include these more nefarious aspects of the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations. The ultimate goal here is for the NSA to covertly establish complete control over the minds of the inhabitance of this planet for the New World Order one world fascist government. Only the Illuminist elite will be spared from this atrocity.

And the Real ID Act of 2005 which takes effect in May of 2008 will be the penultimate step in implanting the American people with *RFID microchips, used to enhance the NSA's Signals Intelligence remote neural monitoring technology, in addition to other clandestine functions that these chips will have.

* One must already wonder how many surgery patients in the United States alone have been illegally implanted with these RFID chips without their knowledge or consent. I am familiar with several situations in which people who went in for routine surgeries were implanted without their knowledge, and began experiencing very bizarre symptoms afterwards. Many of them have since had X-rays which showed the presence of these microchips within their bodies.

What most Americans (and those of other countries) have also failed to realize is that an item that they consider to be practically indispensible in the present day ( the cellular phone) is in reality one the most dangerous that they own. Not only do these cell phones operate on the same wavelength as the human brain, which allows agencies like the NSA to remotely influence the users thoughts without their knowledge or consent, these phones are also emitting dangerous radiation which has resulted in many users getting cancerous brain tumors. In still other instances certain males who have attached cell phones to their belts have also experienced testicular cancer.

Once thing is clear -- these phones are extremely dangerous to our health. However, because of their covert uses as both tracking and mind manipulation devices, as well as the financial bonanza that they represent to the global economy, the FCC is not about to alert the public to these dangers. In fact, it is questionable as to whether the FCC is even completely aware of the NSA's remote neural monitoring capabilities, or that the FBI uses cell phones (even when they are turned off) to track Americans without their knowledge or consent.

Still worse is that far too many people in this country are marveling at technology such as the celluar phone without recognizing the imminent potential for danger that it presents to their privacy and health.

Read more about the NSA's illegal spying here:
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