Friday, September 14, 2007

Another In Myriad Unpopular Truths About The CIA

While US propaganda continues to suggest that this nation is waging a war on illegal drugs, the reality is that America's economy is largely supported by the illegal drug money laundered through the US Stock Market, of which the CIA is the primary offender.

The CIA's illicit drug operations have been ongoing since the 1950's and largely responsible for the continuation of its dark operations. If the CIA was to suddenly lose this revenue stream it would be far more difficult for it to continue overthrowing other governments and perpetrating its crimes against humanity.

Investigative journalist Mike Ruppert made this public many years ago and in the past year nearly lost his life in what appears to have been a covert murder attempt in which he was poisoned. Having now recovered, it seems that Ruppert may be maintaining a lower profile in the future in efforts to avoid any further attempts on his life. And who can blame him given the CIA's history or murdering anyone who gets in their way?

However, what he has exposed regarding the CIA most certainly does support what others have claimed in regard to the CIA's illicit drug trafficking in the United States for the better part of 50 years.

In the Reagan Administration's bogus war on drugs, perhaps Nancy Reagan should have been more candid with the American people and simply used the motto "Just Say NO To The CIA" instead. Of course if she had, she might have ended up like journalists Gary Webb and Steve Kangas, neither of whom are any longer with us do to their integrity and attempts to expose the CIA's true character.

When you learn the truth about how this country is run it literally turns your world upside down as you then find that virtually everything that you have been taught about American History since the beginning of the 20th Century has been nothing but a lie. And as you begin to piece together the true events behind this nation's evolution in the past Century you immediately realize that the entire concept of American freedom is perhaps the most effective lie ever sold to the citizens of a country. As Americans most of us certainly bought it hook, line and sinker.

However as the smoke clears and you begin to realize how Congress and its Intelligence Community have pulled off the greatest deception in a country's history, you then begin to understand just how completely loathsome these people really are. What Americans are beginning to witness in modern day America is the end of a country that has certainly not belonged to us in our lifetimes.

I will not say that this is the end of our country in that our country was stolen from us through the Illuminati and its privately held Federal Reserve central banking system (which is responsible for about 95% of this country's problems) nearly 100 years ago. And there were many signs that at least a half century prior to that our Constitutional Republic was in grave trouble as the Illuminati attempted to find ways in which to muscle its way in.

And in the modern day when you listen to financial news and hear about the Federal Reserve giving its economic estimates (those which control the pulse of this country), you can't help but realize just how brilliant these people are. The privately held Federal Reserve Bank has come a very long way from its early days in the legitimized counterfeiting business. And taken Americans to the cleaners to the tune of trillions and trillions and dollars that we never even legitimately owed it, in the process.

And here we have the FBI allegedly cracking down on counterfeiters when the Federal Reserve Bank is the largest and most successful of all time. What is the FBI doing in this country?

Yet if as a conscientious citizen, you went to the FBI with proof that the Federal Reserve was a fraud (by the way the FBI is already well aware of this and protects the FED and its criminality), you'd probably suddenly find yourself being confronted by groups of organized stalkers while pining away about how much easier your life was before you made that fateful call to the FBI.

"Arthur L Murtagh was an FBI dissident agent who testified in court that he witnessd another FBI agent in the Atlanta Field Office 'jump for joy,' while stating something to the effect of 'We finally got the s.o.b.' upon receiving notice that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had been shot to death in Memphis, Tennessee."

It certainly does make you wonder what the FBI is really doing all week long. And from the myriad of FBI whistleblowers who've either resigned or been forced out of the FBI because of their complaints regarding the Bureau's illegal tactics, one must now seriously consider how long it will be before the FBI is dissolved. It's despicable treatment of many American citizens and complete lack of both civility and accountability have guaranteed that the FBI's days are now numbered.

"There (is) a cultural problem in the FBI that needs to be addressed. If it isn't, it's going to destroy itself."

-- Former FBI Agent Dan Vogel when interviewed on "60 Minutes"

And when was the last time that the FBI actually answered any of the tough questions that the American people have asked of it? This agency is always very quick to warn us of a terrorist alert. However if the FBI was really worth its salt, how is it that at least 4 major terrorist attacks have taken place on our soil since
1993? And moreover, why is it that a consistently larger number of people notice that the FBI appears to be deliberately concealing evidence of these attacks and looking to block any legitimate investigations into them?

Especially when preventing terrorism is supposed to be a large part of its purpose. So how come this agency continues to fail to protect Americans? And why is it that the FBI has never answered key questions behind the attacks on 9-11, even when members of Congress are asking them?

What if the FBI is essentially nothing but a facade where the criminals are able to safely hideout? After all, who would think to look for subversives within the FBI itself? Then again, who would have ever thought to look for Nazi's within the borders of America? Yet they have quietly managed to move into this country and steal our government and economy right out from under us.

As for the Illuminati, it's just sad that instead of using their brilliance to help humankind, these Illuminists have chosen to use it to destroy humanity. But then, they have never been about humanity. Their brilliance has always been in having the foresight to plan well ahead of the rest of the global population. And while most of us think in terms of years, these Illuminists think in terms of generations. So is it any wonder why they control virtually everything that goes on around us? And given that they are not only superior planners, but also the "keepers of the light" -- at least this is what they quietly tell themselves -- one might imagine that they have already figured out a way in which to replace the sun when it eventually burns out.

And if this is so there can be little doubt that they've also factored in how much they will charge each person on this planet per day to enjoy the benefits of the light which they will then really control, or subjugate these people to living in a world of total darkness should they fail to pay for such extortion.

It's a lot like the present situation with the Federal Reserve and IRS taking a portion of your wages from you even though they offer you no services for them. Yet if you fail to abide by their judicial blackmail and refuse to pay their extortion you go to prison.

Does that sound fair? Of course not, which is why the people in this country are gradually awaking to their plight and gearing up for a revolution. And why George W. Bush in recognizing this will more than likely orchestrate another major terrorist attack on US soil before the Democrats have a chance to gain office. If this happens, we as a people will then truly see what George W. Bush is capable of. And I fear that by the time he is through, his acts of cruelty and inhumanity may actually exceed those of the late Adolph Hitler.
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