Monday, September 17, 2007

Those Who Deal In The Sale Of Animal Flesh & Consume Animal Flesh Are Murderers

Animals were not put on this planet for humans to consume. So think about this the next that time you bite into a Big Mac or a Buffalo chicken wing, piece of roast beef, fish, lobster, etc.

Imagine what it would be like if a race of beings served up humans for dinner every night and then you can begin to understand the complete arrogance and abject cruelty that humans are guilty of in the torture and killing of animals which are used as a food source on this planet. This is wicked.

Of course your average person refuses to believe this because much of the religious indoctrination that they pay homage to encourages the use of killing animals for food, even if they state that reverence should be paid to the animals being killed for such reasons. Again, this is wicked. Do you go up to a human before carving them up and say a prayer?

Humans should not be treated cruelly, and they should not be allowed to treat animals that way either.

And anyone who does is acting wickedly.
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