Monday, September 17, 2007

1956 Interview In Which Former IRS Commissioner T. Coleman Andrews, States That The Income Tax Is A Form Of Enslavement

T. Coleman Andrews was head of the IRS for two years. In 1955 he left the IRS publicly stating that he disapproved of the income tax which he saw as a form of slavery, while believing that the IRS should be abolished. In the following interview he stated why he thought the IRS was a bad organization and offered alternative ways in which to supporting the US economy.

The bottom line here is that the US economy can survive just fine without the privately held Federal Reserve Bank, since this economy is presently operating on other forms of taxation to keep it running; not the income tax, of which roughly 100% goes directly to the Federal Reserve Bank to pay down the interest on the national debt. The national debt in this country is a direct result of the Federal Reserve's charging the US Treasury interest on the money that it prints and loans to the Treasury to operate the US Federal Government.

However, the Federal Reserve Bank prints this money based on nothing of intrinsic value -- ie the Federal Reserve is nothing but a glorified counterfeiter. And because the money that it prints is based on thin air, the FED has also destroyed the value of US currency because unlike the US Treasury which would print currency based on the gold and silver in Fort Knox, there is nothing of value to back the Federal Reserve Notes. And this has led to the devaluation of the dollar in the present day, which is now worth about four cents, relative to its full value when created in 1913.

And since 1913 when the Illuminati (through the Jeckyl Island 7) bribed a few senators to pass the Federal Reserve Act, which then led to the creation of the Federal Reserve central bank and IRS, these criminal organizations have been looting America. This while the US Treasury could have been printing legitimate US Currency interest free which would have prevented the US National Debt from occuring.

The American people have been enslaved by the elite group of very clever International bankers who have stolen their government and country out from under them!

And the United States Congress knows all about it!

See what T. Coleman Andrews had to say about the IRS in 1956 here:

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Force The US Congress To Abolish The Federal Reserve Banking Cartel!

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