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Petition To Amnesty International Regarding The Illegal Use Of Satellite Based Electromagnetic Weapons On The Human Population

This modern day "Silent Holocaust" Must Be Brought To An End.


Ladies and Gentlemen:

There exists evidence that technical means enabling remote control of human nervous system are in the possession of many modern governments (
/webpage.htm - the Conclusion and Resolution of the Committee on Security of the Russian State Duma).

The European Parliament (resolution Nr. A4-005/99 of January 28, 1999 on Environment, Security and Foreign Policy) and the Russian Federation (see the attached article in the Russian daily Segodnya) have already proposed international ban of the use of such means. However there is no direct evidence in the public domain of the existence of such technologies except for sound and light technologies as is exemplified by psychowalkman industry.

In the bill proposed by Dennis J. Kucinch in the American House of Representatives in 2001 the following technologies enabling access to human brain are named: "land-based, sea-based and space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management or mind control of such persons or populations" ( and search for the Bill number h.r. 2977).

In the conclusion of the Committee on Security of the Russian State Duma the existence of electromagnetic mind control technology is confirmed. "Psychotronic weapons" mentioned in the Dennis J. Kucinich's bill are described in the (attached) book by Vladimir Lopatin (a Russian politician who worked on Committees on security in Russian Republic, Russian State Duma and Parliament of the Union of Independent States) as torsion fields technology ( - concise English contents, pg. 27 - 37).

After some research we assume that torsion fields is a false term used because of the National Security Information concerns as well as scalar fields used by military scientists in the USA - however we found out that the book on "leptonic fields": "Microleptonic Conception" by A. F. Okhatrin and V. Yu. Tatur, referenced in the bibliography of the book by V. Lopatin is subject to the National Security Information law in the Russian Federation.

A. F. Okhatrin was the first Russian scientist to be approached by Russian journalists when they started their search for Russian mind control technology in 1990. The concept of leptonic fields may be identical with the concept of "subatomic particle beams" named in the bill proposed by Dennis J. Kucinich in the USA. Among known new physical concepts the non-local electron connection and soliton waves could be used for the manipulation of human brain activity as well and with the miniaturisation and development of nanotechnology the use of implants comes into question as a very probable technology to be used for the same purpose.

We are presenting you, in the attachments, evidence that electromagnetic technology enabling remote control of human nervous system is subject to National Security Information law in the United States of America and that technologies enabling access to human brain are subject to the National Security Information in the Russian Federation as well. Under such condition the mass media and world general public can not get engaged in the ban of the use of of those means.

Clearly the ownership of such means of control creates opportunity for any government which owns them to use them against individuals without giving them any chance of legal defense and leaving them only a possibility to be treated in mental hospitals. In this way the concept of democracy and the prospect of the democratic world is beeing corrupt.

We are aware that many individuals adressed your organisation with requests for help which you have denied to them claiming that the sole affaire you are concerned with, according to your statutes, are prisoners of conscience. Permit us to quote from the book of one of the first persons to advocate the abuse of human rights based on the manipulation of human nervous system (by electrical current in this particular case):

"In the past the individual could face risks and pressures with preservation of his own identity. His body could be tortured, his thoughts and desires could be challenged by bribes, by emotions, and by public opinion, and his behavior could be influenced by environmental circumstances, but he allways had the privilige of deciding his own fate, of dying for an ideal without changing his mind…New neurological technology, however, has a refined efficiency.

The individual is defenseless against dicrect manipulation of the brain…" (Jose Delgado, 1969, neurophysiologist at the Yale University, from the book "Physical Control of the Mind, Toward a Psychocivilized Society"). Could not you understand from this text, which is now 36 years old, with technologies providing acces to mind and brain advancing in great strides in the past decades, that perhaps the statutes of your organisation are not up to date with the technological advances of this world?.

Now, we read in the statutes of your organisation that "Amnesty International's mission is to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination…" As well we read in your statutes that the "functions of the International Executive Committee are to take international decisions on behalf of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL…to make any necessary adjustments to the Integrated Strategic Plan and other decisions of the International Council…" and "to ensure compliance with the Statute".

Therefore we strongly believe that, according to your statutes, your organisation is capable to defend human rights even in the changing modern world. We are aware that having no evidence you can not take direct action on anyone's behalf (unless you get engaged in the research of methods of detecting the signals used for the remote manipulation of human brain). Attached we are mailing you the article from the American publication Defense News asserting that those technologies were used by Israelis against Palestinians. As well there are rumors that microwave mind control technology is being actually used in Iraq (see "Microwaving Iraq"

Perhaps your organisation could find among Palestinians or Iraqis people who would testify about the use of means of remote manipulation of human nervous system against them.

Dennis J. Kucinich, the author of the bill proposed in October 2001 in the United States, was quoted to assert that those weapons actually exist and "those people who control them are deadly serious and intend to use them, if we don't stop the weaponization of space" (see the atttached article from Berkeley Daily Planet"

Clearly if such weapons are deployed in the space they can be used for the manipulation of nervous functions of whole populations and this would definitively mean an unprecedented, massive, human rights abuse.

In any event your decision, in your capacity as the most respected organisation in the world defending human rights, to pay attention to this kind of human rights abuse would create a new world climate. We would greatly appreciate if you published a document criticizing present situation in the world where you would call for enactment of laws, around the world, prohibiting remote manipulation of human nervous system by technical means in a verifiable manner.

This would require organisation of governments' laboratories capable to detect the mind control signals aimed at individual citizens of states (and foreigners coming to those states from abroad and asking for verification of their claims) as well as at whole populations. Those laboratories should publish their findings in case that they would detect signals capable to influence the activity of human brain and their source. In the legislation of all states around the world the penalties should be set for the use of technology enabling remote control of human brain's functioning.

From the attached documents it seems to be rather evident that the major obstacle on the road toward the ban of manipulation of human mind by technical means is the government of the United States of America which made no effort, at the international scene, toward the ban of manipulation of human beings by technical means so far. Perhaps a publication of your document on this subject would help to oblige the U.S. government to participate in the effort to ban internationally the manipulations of human nervous system by technical means.

Apparently without the pressure of human rights organisations on governments the secret arms race among the world's governments will continue endlessly. Vladimir Lopatin, in the book "Psychotronic Weapon and Security of Russia" from the year 1999, writes: "The arms race is speeding up as a consequence of classification" (
2289/webpage.htm - at the end of the site).

Let us add that in underdeveloped countries of the world the numbers of people complaining that the functioning of their nervous system is being remotely manipulated are negligible or none, compared to the Russian Federation and USA, which are best known for their mind control research, (as you can see from the attached statistics) - most probably in each of those two countries there are over 2000 people making such complaints. Vladimir Lopatin indirectly admitted (in the attached book) the existence of people exposed to mind control manipulations in the Russian Federation by proposing compensation for such people ( pg.36).

Without intervention of human rights organisations against remote manipulation of human nervous system the human world may sink into some kind of virtual reality where prisoners of conscience will be defended, but the independence of human thinking, feeling and decision making will be destroyed as a part of an "information war". V. Lopatin, in his book proposes a State Defense Initiative among fundamental principles of which should be "To admit r e a l f e a s i b i l i t y of information p s y c h o t r o n i c war (as a matter of fact it is already secretly taking place without declaration of war) and the f e a s i b i l i t y of exerting violence by means of the use of PSW" (psychotronic weapons) -

We will greatly appreciate your publication of the suggested call.

Whoever wishes TO SIGN THOSE OPEN LETTERS to Amnesty International and International Red Cross and Red Crescent, please, go to the

Associazione Italiana, scientifica e giuridica, contro gli abusi mentali fisicie technologici,,Italy

Verein gegen geheime Versuche am Menschen,
Koblenz, Germany

Moskovskii Ekologiczeskii Komitet , Russian Federation

Sosiki hanzai tosite aru mionai tekunorogii niyoru higaisya no kai, , Japan

Obcanske sdruzeni za zakaz manipulace lidske nervove soustavy radiofrekvencnim zarenim,, Czech Republic

Citizen's Initiative Omega,, Germany

Collectif Contre Les Abus Dus aux Psychotechnologies,, France

Mind Justice,, USA

Ctizens Against Technological and Covert Harassment, , Canada

Indian Society for the Fundamental and Human Rights,, India

Christians Against Mental Slavery,, Great Brittain

Dave Adams USA
David A. Beach USA
Nancy L. Miller USA
Agnieszka Bohdziewicz Poland
Sigrun Gebhart Germany
Ruth Gill Germany
Lothar Stern Germany
Sven Nagel Germany
Tom McClelland USA
Erika Perner Germany
Ingrid Tremel Germany
Willi Schwagele Germany
Hans Telzin Germany
Anita Ott Germany
Matthias Engelbrecht Germany
Heinz Ott Germany
Brigitte Althoff Germany
Waltraud Babl Germany
Wilhelm Dietmaier Germany
Carmen Hoffman Germany
Magda Mayer Germany
Karin Schmitz Germany
Irene Ubel Germany
Ina-Ingrid Fritsch Germany
Anthony Ruiz USA
Hassan Sani Nigeria
James F. Marino USA
Winfried Weldung Germany
Stephan Meybaum Germany
Cheryl Welsh USA
Klaudio Tubin Norway
Jens Beust Netherlands
Antonette Howell USA
Betty Daly King Australia
Janet Cresswell Great Britain
Davbid Lamb USA
Eleanor White Canada
Kelly Taylor USA
Carole Smith Great Brittain
John Allman Great Brittain
Rauni Leena Luukanen-Kilde Finland
Robert Butler USA
Sherry Bell USA
Mojmir Babacek Czech Republic
Stella De Weerd Belgium
Jeanne Verstraeten Belgium
W. M. Bellwinkel Netherlands
Bernard Goos Belgium
Alfons Mees Belgium
Andre Van Langenhoven Belgium
Jean Verstraeten Belgium
Kris Vanhoeck Belgium
Gabriele Altendorf Germany

The evidence that electromagnetic brain manipulation was tested on mass of people in Russia

Collection of copies of Russian newspaper's articles on the subject of mind control technology, its probable use and the fact that it is classified in Russian Federation and the article in the newspaper Segodnya descibing a Russian iniciative at the United Nations to enact a global ban of the use of mind control technology (with an article recently published in the New Dawn magazine and using the English quotations from those articles)

A book by Russian politician Vladimir Lopatin and Russian scientist Vladimir Tsdygankov: "Psychotronic Weapon and the Security of Russia" (in Russian - on the disc - together with English translation of some parts of it - on the diskette)

Documents proving that mind control technology is subject to National Security Information law in the USA (response to FOIA request by Margo Cherney and response to a letter by Eleanor White to the deputy of New York Assembly)

Working document for STOA panel of the European Parliament entitled Crowd Control Technologies:

Copies of U.S. military publications (open to the public) proving that mind control technology is being developed in the USA

Copy of the article in the American Defense News magazine where an Israeli general claims that mind control technology was tested on Palestinians

A booklet Psychoelectronic Threat to Democracy, describing the feasibility of human brain manipulation by means of electromagnetic waves

World statistics of suspected mind control experimantation

Copy of the e-mail correspondence between the British Green Party and Ruth Barnett - on the diskette

The article in Russian Newspaper Pravda with interview with a renown Russian scientist Igor Smirnov on mind control and possiblity of information war -
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