Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Former Peace Officer & Lyme Disease Victim Blows The Whistle On Criminality Within The Police Force

This is an excellent blog which recently surfaced over the Internet. It is written by a person named Pat, who is not only a chronic Lyme Disease patient (as am I and millions of others people from around the globe who have been infected with this biological weapon), but also a government whistle blower who has been targeted for exposing crimes that she witnessed while employed as a police officer.

I also find it interesting that on the day of a disciplinary hearing which she was set up for, her husband was suddenly stricken with a stroke. Pat believes that this may have been done deliberately. She may well be right, given that directed energy weaponry is most certainly capable of inflicting such damage to a human being by tracking them by way of satellite and then deploying this weaponry against them.

It seems like everyday more accounts such as Pat's are surfacing over the Internet to describe the complete state of lawlessness which now exists in the United States -- one in which innocent people are being denied their natural and inalienable rights under our Constitution (including that of due process of law), by a group of criminals who have subverted our government.

Never in this country's history, have we seen so many former government employees getting into serious trouble for blowing the whistle on government crimes. That there are so many of them is indicative of the complete and utter decay of this government.

See Pat's reports at the following Website:

*** 12/30/2007 This Website was just deleted two days ago and appeared to have only been created during the past week. The creator of the site was a woman whose name is Pat. Pat claimed to have been a former police officer who became targeted by the New World Order after blowing the whistle on government crimes.
The first post that she made was of an article that I had written in regard to the FBI/NSA/DHS COINTELPRO attack on my person, which she herself was quoted as saying was "Awesome." She added several other posts since then, yet her entire site was taken down only days after doing so. This is not uncommon in my experience. I now believe that this person may have been used a provocateur by the FEDS who know that I regularly search the Internet for information in regard to my harassment. The fact that she also claimed to have Lyme Disease (a biological weapon that I have suffered miserably with since 1993) also now seems suspect. However, it is possible that she was legitimate and that her site was taken down for other reasons.

*There is no way of knowing for certain and I will keep this post here in the event that Pat was legitimate.

As for my case against the FEDS, I most certainly am legitimate in regard to the COINTELPRO that I have been subjected to for decades as well as the mind control experimenation that I have been targeted for by the NSA. And I will continue to document ever aspect of it while these federal maggots continue their attempts to discredit me. I am telling the truth about them and will continue to do while these government traitors violate my rights and those of many others -- which proves that they are nothing but fascist scum who are an affront to humanity.

*I was recently able to find Pat on the Internet by using the cache version of her deleted Website to locate her new one. It is clear that the FEDS contacted her almost immediately after she listed my article on Lyme Disease and the FBI/DHS conspiracy to force Dr. Joseph Burrascano into early retirement -- no doubt some kind of blackmail. I am not all surprised to find that my article was deleted. However, what I do find of interest is that the entire Website was deleted, and another site created with every article but the one that I had written.

The name of the site was also changed three times and no longer mentions Lyme Disease in its title at all. Moreover, another article that compared Lyme Disease patients with Holocaust members had its title changed. Very strange. Why? It makes no sense at all unless there is something far more complex going on behind the scene. It is also possible that this person is a complete nutjob. However, I would prefer to reserve judgement on that. I have seen too many instances where truthful posts and articles which could be backed up by facts were quickly removed.

And in this instance, it is the FEDS who are responsible for having this woman named Pat remove my article from her Website as well as changing the name of the Website. One minute she is remarking at what an excellent article it is and the next it is removed from her site. C'mon, this is no coincidence and the FEDS know it.

Her updated Website is here: http://voidpatriotact.blogspot.com/

The site which she deleted here: http://truthaboutlyme.blogspot.com/
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