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The Brutal Intimidation Of A TI's Family By The Government In Its Psychological Warfare Attacks On A Mind Control Target

Individuals targeted for satellite based government mind control experimentation should understand that what they see through their own eyes, those perpetrating these crimes against them can also see. They do so by electronically accessing the visual cortex portion of the brains of mind control targets, to capture the images we see and then transmit them by way of satellite to a computer monitor where they can view these images as if they were looking through our own eyes. This is an electronic crime being perpetrated by hi-tech criminals, many of whom are lurking within the dark recesses of the NSA.

Moreover, if a mind control target is looking into a mirror, those using this technology can see the target's mirrored reflection exactly as the target sees it. So make note of this the next time you are shaving, brushing your teeth etc. It is time for the people of this planet to understand that these satellite based weapons when targeted against individual citizens become part of the electromagnetic fields which surround their bodies.

As such, this allows those with access to this technology to use this electronic warfare to "covertly" live with the target 24 hours a day for years on end without the target or their acquaintences ever knowing it. Nothing that the target says, does or thinks is private and will be recorded. What we are talking about here is a Nazi ideology being implemented by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and perhaps many other such agencies within US Intelligence.

It is also apparent that lesser forms of this technology may be available to the general public allowing them to view us within the privacy of our own homes. The violations of privacy here are simply unparalleled and completely and utterly outrageous.

The Attack On The Families Of Mind Control Targets

I have been researching this phenomenon amongst many others over the past several years and have drawn certain parallels from the accounts of several other mind control/organized stalking victims which are very similar to my own.

The fact that our respective families are quite literally coerced into not only taking part in these attacks, but also abjectly denying that they are doing so -- and still worse refusing to acknowledge that there is a very EVIL element forcing them to do so under the penalty of death or at the very least the complete destruction of their own lives -- is frighteningly apparent.


And how is it that our families can be subjected to what is nothing less than extortion perpetrated at the federal level of this government, while laws are supposed to be in place to prevent such acts of criminality under the color of law?

The most frustrating aspect in all this is that these perpetrators continue to brainwash our families by demonizing us, while using them as an adjunct part of our harassment. I know that the FBI is the catalyst behind this in my Family's case, and that the NSA does the spying and remote neural monitoring, while Homeland Security keeps the community frenzy going.

They have to because if it dies down people will tire of this constant manipulation and go back to their normal routines. And the FEDS simply cannot afford to have this happen. They would look like completely incompetent fools if they did. Not to mention the millions of dollars that they have pissed into the wind trying to entrap myself and myriad others over the past few decades.

In the FEDS' minds this is a war of attrition which they will eventually win, simply by using the brutality of psychological warfare to force their prey to crack under the stress of such vicious attacks.

As a result of this we are not allowed to engage in any normal types of conversations with our loved ones because that is counterproductive to the FEDS' attempts to destroy our support systems. So we are subjected to myriad forms of psywarfare, including certain triggers and gaslighting tactics in efforts to drive us to states of suicide.

And no matter how often we attempt to expose the truth in regard to our being targeted for government mind control operations, we are met with complete ridicule, even though our families are quite aware of the torture that we are being subjected to on a daily basis. This denial is in and of itself a very effective part of the psychological warfare campaign being waged against so many of us. The perpetrators believe that if they continue to torture us yet deny that it is happening, we will eventually just give up and take our own lives.

And this has been very effective for the perpetrators of such hate crimes throughout history, which is why US Intel derived their protocols directly from Hitler's Gestapo. Yet it is ironic that such tactics have been utilized by the FBI since its early days, while in a country that has at least on the surface condemned such despicable conduct.

However this condemnation has not prevented agencies like the FBI, NSA, DHS, CIA et al of US Intelligence from routinely perpetrating such crimes against humanity, while covertly murdering myriad American citizens in the process. And since passage of the Patriot Act, these federal predators have only gotten worse -- much worse. Destroying people's lives as well as the family unit is what these parasitic maggots do best. They always have.

And one must wonder how many of us have been covertly depicted within the public as drug dealers, pedophiles, racists, misogynists and whatever other evil machinations the FEDS themselves can promulgate, in efforts to cover up their crimes against us? Especially when they are telling the public outright LIES in efforts to destroy our credibility while denying us due process of law.

It's bad enough that we can't have a single thought or even use our own bathrooms without these degenerate pieces of garbage illegally spying on us. Spy on these agents in the same ways that they are spying on us and I'll give you 10 - 1 odds that they go out and shoot whoever does this to them.

Their cruelty is only matched by their outright arrogance and hypocrisy.

There is nothing more dangerous than federal agents who have been caught in a web of criminal activity and then must find a way out of it by destroying those whom they have wronged. Lies become the order of the day in efforts to obfuscate the situation, and these agents will do whatever it takes to prevent the public from ever learning the truth about their complicity in these crimes. It's about manipulating the public into believing what the FEDS need them to believe; instead of what the truth really is.

Yet what never ceases to amaze me is how much of the public readily buys whatever the FBI and its brethren in crime are selling, even when the FEDS are clearly looking to disinform them.

I have gone public asking the ACLU and Amnesty International simply to allow me to take a polygraph so that I can prove that I am telling the truth in regard to the satellite based spying and mind control attacks that I am being subjected to. I have done this because I understand how outrageous a violation of privacy this is, and by a government that is turning out to be an outright fraud.

However, as in the case of other TI's with whom I am familiar, these civil rights organizations have flatly ignored our requests to shed light on this illegal government spying and covert non consensual human experimentation.

Why? Why is it that TI's feel as if we are living in a parallel universe where none of the laws that should apply to our constitutional protections are in place? A situation in which human rights organizations sheepishly avoid us, even though we have documented the types of precedent setting cases that such organizations were created to expose?

Why is it that these perpetrators don't want us anywhere near a court of law?

And why is it that nothing ever comes of our efforts to obtain political assistance in such matters? Most TI's are simply ignored by politicians, however the few who are not are simply led around by them while these representatives are well aware that nothing will ever come of any investigations into their claims.

Common sense would indicate that TI's have been conspired against by their own governments to be used for unethical, immoral and illegal purposes. And for this reason, we have basically been removed from society in the sense that we are now made into pariahs. No one will take up our challenge in efforts to disprove that we have been targeted for classified government mind control research because they have been told to steer clear of us.

And this is indicative of US Intelligence controlling the actions of Congress and not the other way around.

Can you imagine if we were allowed our day in court? It would go something like this:

Special agent so and so, how is that you obtained your information in regard to John Doe? And that would be the end of the conversation, because special agent so and so is never going to admit that he got his information by electronically tapping into the brain of the targeted person by way of satellite. This would simply open up a can of worms that US Intel does not want opened, since a jury would be stunned to learn of how easily the NSA can invade the privacy of anyone's life. And how its technology quite literally becomes part of the person being targeted.

Of course there is also the fact that this is a two way communication's system that the NSA is utilizing. So the next logical question for special agent so and so would be if you have taken information out of John Doe's mind by way of this technology have you also used it to place your own information within the mind of John Doe?

And can you imagine the jury's response to this? They have now begun to wonder if they themselves may be under similar surveillance and what this portends for the rest of the people on this planet.

They may even find that they are asking themselves the following question:

Since when does US Intel make the laws of this land? They are nothing but public servants who are supposed to be answering to us. So exactly how is that they have been able to establish a situation in which they are able to subvert US Law in such outrageous ways where they have not only violated the 4th and 5th Amendments to the US Constitution, but also the Miranda Law?

What gives anyone the right to abuse any citizen of any country is such outrageous ways? And where does US Intel get off bypassing the Constitution and due process of law by interrogating any American citizen without a lawyer present, by utilizing satellite based remote neural monitoring on that citizen?

So for the aforementioned reasons, these maggots who parasite themselves off the government dole are not about to allow us to have our day in court. Doing so would turn this government upside down and destroy what little credibility it has left.

Perhaps the most frustrating part with the FEDS coercion of our own Families in this situation is that these maggots will pickup on any perceived weakness of our families and exploit it to the fullest extent. And the emotional pain that this has caused so many of us is absolutely devastating. Even holidays and birthdays are yet further opportunities which to exploit.

The FEDS' actions here are no longer about the rule of law -- they are about guerrilla warfare being perpetrated against citizens who have not been arrested, tried or convicted of any crimes; citizens who are reporting being spied upon within their homes by way of government satellite systems which are demonstrative of the most outrageous violations of both civil and human rights ever documented.

Only filthy pigs would ever spy on a citizen of this country within the privacy of their own home. And government agents who take part in these crimes are the most depraved, debauched and disgusting excuses for life that have ever existed or will ever exist.

And by perpetrating these crimes against humanity these agents have shown the American people that they are clearly nothing but mercenaries who should be completely disregarded as any form of legitimate law enforcement since they are not upholding the rule of Constitutional law within the United States, but instead violating it in precedent setting ways.

Furthermore, subjecting American citizens to the electronic manipulation and torture of their minds is barbaric. And those sick minded miscreants who do so can expect to have a fight on their hands like never before, because those of us whom you have so wantonly attacked are quite simply not going to allow you to get away with it this time around. We are going to use our First Amendment right stop you the way they should have stopped Hitler -- since you people are clearly heading down that same road.

And your manipulation of the public through the media is only go to carry your LIES just so far, before your satellite mind control technology and its covert applications on the people of this planet are revealed on a global scale. It is already happening and there is nothing that you are going to be able to do to stop its natural progression. That is what happens when a government perpetrates treasonous, murderous and other unconscienable acts against its own people.

And when this situation completely unravels on you the following suggestion would be prudent: get each of yourselves a blindfold and cigarette.
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