Saturday, September 22, 2007

Katherine Albrecht's Book SPYCHIPS Discusses The RFID Implantable Tracking Device

Author Katherine Albrecht is an expert on the RFID implantable chip and has coauthored a well received book on the topic entitled "SPYCHIPS."

In this book Katherine and coauthor Liz McIntyre discuss the use of RFID chips in everything from the packaging of consumer products such Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese and Gillette razor products to the implantation of RFID chips in humans. For the user of these chips it is all about the ever encompassing goal of gaining as much information on the subject matter as possible.

And in this case the goal is in direct conflict with human privacy to extremes unimagined by the average person. Given the Illuminati's move to consolidate the governments of this planet into one unified fascist cabal, under which the global population will be tracked and monitored 24 hours a day for the duration of their lives, "SPYCHIPS" could not have been written at a more appropriate time.

According to the late Hollywood producer, Aaron Russo, who left the people of this planet his legacy of the stunning documentary expose America From Freedom To Fascism, he was told by Nicholas Rockefeller (a high ranking member of the Illuminati) that their primary goal with the people of this planet was to get everyone of them implanted with an RFID chip so that they could be more easily followed and controlled -- the ultimate goal being to murder billions of humans to make the Earth's population more manageable for the Illuminati.

It would appear that the RFID chip will have many functions which go well beyond tracking people since the NSA is already capable of doing so by way of its spy satellites, super computers and remote neural monitoring technology. The NSA's use of this technology is particularly disturbing in that this agency is using it to electronically tap into the minds of citizens to access their thoughts.

However, this sneaky open ended "fishing expedition" approach to violating the 4th and 5th Amendments of the US Bill Of Rights and the Miranda Law has not gone unnoticed.

And it is clear that agencies such as the FBI and DHS are using the NSA and its technology to deny American citizens their rights under the US Constitution. Even more disturbing is recent news that the Department Of Homeland Security intends to begin sharing information from Military satellites with the domestic branch of Homeland Security and local police enforcement.

Has it sunk in yet that George Orwell's 1984 has become a reality in the United States?

Several members of Congress are opposing this move by DHS as is the ACLU, given that it represents even further outrageous violations of privacy for the American people, and want DHS to hold off on doing so.

In my opinion they will have no luck at all, since Congress is no longer in control of what occurs in this country, regardless of the showboating that routinely takes place in Washington. Read more about this latest violation of your natural and unlienable rights at the following Website:

Based on my own experiences as a government mind control target, I would highly recommend reading SPYCHIPS and seeing America From Freedom To Fascism as a primer for what the Illuminati driven New World Order has in store for all of us. The enslavement of our minds and covert destruction of our lives through the use of clandestine electronic warfare. This Nazi driven war against us has already quietly begun.

SPYCHIPS can be purchased at the following Website:

America From Freedom To Fascism Can Be Viewed In Its Entirety Here Online:
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