Monday, September 24, 2007

Why Organized Stalking Groups Are Deployed Against Government Mind Control Targets

While many TI's have opined as to the exact reasons for these attacks on them, the most obvious is that all mind control targets have been treated horrifically at the hands of their respective governments and would destroy the credibilty of these governments if they were allowed to prosecute them in courts of law.

The networked out organized stalking attacks on TI's and the brainwashing of their Families is done for this reason. It is much easier to attack someone covertly so that they are unable to defend themselves then it is to face them head on where they have a fair chance of doing so. And this is proof that those within the governments on this planet are nothing but Nazi mercenaries and also complete cowards in how they operate. They are so gutless that they cannot even face the people whom they are looking to covertly murder. And the members of US Intel who take part in these crimes are amongst the worst of these inhumane perpetrators who utilize weaponized satellites and supercomputers as well as an unwitting public to carry out their sadistic and Hitlerian crimes.
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