Monday, September 24, 2007

US Snipers Accused Of Baiting Iraqi's

First the hierarchy within the US Military Industrial Intelligence Complex wages a covert war on the American people by orchestrating and perpetrating the attacks on 9-11. Then without the proper approval of Congress the Bush Administration wages an illegal war on Iraq in which the estimates of dead Iraqi's now exceeds one million. And now we hear reports that US snipers are baiting Iraqi citizens by placing objects that appear to be of an incendiary nature on the ground, just so they can shoot these people if they attempt to remove them. What's next -- covertly dropping anthrax on the entire country and claiming that it happened by accident? How much longer will it take for the American people to come to grips with what this administration really is and force them out of office and into prison before they can murder anyone else, or do any further damage to the United States and the rest of this planet?

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