Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why Have Americans Not Been Told About The North American Union? -- The Merging Of The United States, Canada and Mexico

Hear the following radio interview with Peter Boyle and Phyllis Schlafly as they discuss the reasons for the Bush administration's creation of a North American Union between the USA, Canada and Mexico.

While Americans are being told that they need an RFID chipped ID card (the Real ID Act of 2005) as a matter of National Security, Mexican truck drivers are now free to cross the border into the United States to serve the interests of corporate America. At the roughly 12 cents per mile that they are paid, they have become a threat to the US trucker who can barely make ends meet at the 35 cents a mile that they are being paid. Also keep in mind that thirty years ago, the average trucker was getting paid about 70 cents (in 1970's dollars) a mile for the same work. This is indicative of the destruction of the middle class in the United States which has been eroded from outside influences, while the wealthy elitists within this country continue to distance themselves from the rest of the US population.

Moreover, this open border policy has only created an even worse scenario for the American people given that it will allow for an even greater threat of international terrorism. It makes no sense at all unless you understand the Illuminati New World Order one world fascist government that is currently emerging here in the USA and abroad. National borders are gradually being removed and countries are being absorbed into unions such as the European Union, which none of the European countries even wanted, but were forced into submitting to. The same thing is happening here in the United States without the approval of the American people -- most of whom have no idea that it's even occurring. And once again, the US Media remains completely silent.

Here the radio interview here:

Interview date: 9-05-07
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