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Elaine Brown: Marshal Monier Says He Is Coming After Us To Kill Us

The following statement by US Marshal Stephen Monier is a blatant LIE.

"This was a tax case but over the last seven months, the Browns have allegedly obstructed justice and encouraged others to assist them. Ed Brown has threatened to kill law enforcement and other governmental officials. So, our message to the Browns is clear: Do the right thing, call us, and surrender peacefully."

-- US Marshal Stephen Monier

The truth is that Marshal Monier is the one obstructing justice and has been using psychological warfare in efforts to force Ed and Elaine Brown into committing a violent act ( which they have said they will not do and have not done ) so that he and his mercenary associates will have an excuse to use deadly force on the Browns -- something that Monier has been looking to do since June of 2007.

And contrary to what Marshal Monier has said, neither Ed nor Elaine have threatened him or anyone else. Ed has merely stated that if they attempt to murder him or Elaine, he will use deadly force to defend himself -- his right under the US Constitution.

** Monier is not typical of the many thugs that one finds in modern day federal law enforcement. He is well educated and most certainly understands that the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are criminal institutions. One can therefore only conclude that Marshal Monier is not acting out of ignorance in the case of Ed and Elaine Brown, but instead as a willing criminal conspirator in the US Government's fraudulent case against them.

And as usual, Marshal Monier's lies are typical of the FEDS when looking to obfuscate the truth in regard to what is really going on within the US Federal Government. In this case, they are doing so to confuse what should have been a simple issue all along. The IRS is operating illegally within the United States as is the privately held Federal Reserve Bank. The income tax is illegal, and there is NO LAW authorizing the IRS to enforce it.

This has been the case in every instance of Americans who have been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned on tax evasion charges. However, their ignorance of the IRS and Federal Reserve allowed these criminal and anti-American organizations to get away with some of the most outrageous and precedent setting crimes ever documented.

And this is why the US Media has never once covered a single case in which an American citizen was found not guilty of income tax evasion, simply because there is no law requiring them to file an income tax. If the Media covered any of these trials the American people would quickly do their own research and arrive at the same conclusion -- the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are complete frauds.

And given the breadth of this conspiracy (Congress knows all about it and so does George W. Bush), the US Federal Government must destroy the lives of any persons who come forward to expose the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank frauds as they did with the late producer Aaron Russo -- whom I happen to believe was murdered through the use of directed energy weapons technology which was used to irradiate his body to give him cancer.

I am being irradiated in the present day by the same technology as are myriad others -- most of whom have no idea that they are even being targeted by these weaponized satellites. Go to the Freedom From Covert Harassment And Surveillance Website to see the cases of other Americans (and people from other countries) who are being attacked by way of satellite based directed energy weapons and slowly microwaved to death. This is what the US Federal Government is really all about.

And while my death will be covered up as either a suicide or from natural causes, the truth is that I am being microwaved to death by way of the NSA and its satellite based directed energy weapons. These government agents are nothing but cold blooded murderers, who use covert weaponry to achieve their means instead of murdering their targets with better known types of armed weapons such as hand guns.
As for the IRS fraud, at least 25 Americans who were arrested for non payment of taxes have since been acquitted by a jury of their peers, simply because the juries themselves could find NO LAW which authorized the IRS to impose an income tax on the wages of the American worker. So a precedent documenting the IRS fraud has now been established in these cases.

It therefore follows, that if these 25 people were acquitted of tax evasion simply because there is no law which requires the American people to pay a tax on their wages, then Ed and Elaine were convicted of a non crime. And this is the case of every American ever convicted of tax evasion.

Making matters worse is that since 1913 when the 16th Amendment was illegally passed and then Secretary Of The Treasury Philander Knox LIED to the American people, by claiming that it was legal for the US Congress to impose a tax on their wages, Americans have had trillions of dollars stolen from them by the IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank - the two greatest frauds in American History.

And every US President since Woodrow Wilson, every member of Congress, every employee of the IRS, and every employee of the Federal Reserve and its 12 associated banks have been guilty (unwittingly or otherwise) of bilking the American people out of trillions of dollars of their own money.

THERE IS NO US LAW THAT REQUIRES YOU TO PAY A TAX ON YOUR WAGES AND THERE NEVER HAS BEEN! SO BE GOOD AMERICANS & STOP PAYING AN INCOME TAX -- This will destroy the legitimized criminal empire that the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS created in 1913 and gradually enable the American people to drive the cancerous Illuminati out of our country while we take back our government and economy. This is the only way that we can destroy the New World Order, by cutting off their money supply.

Do you know how long the Federal Reserve would last without the nearly trillion dollars a year that it collects from you? It would fold in on itself like the house of cards that it is in no time, leaving its members scrambling looking for other sources to parasite themselves off of.

Stop paying your income tax and put the privately held Illuminati run Federal Reserve Banking cartel and IRS out of business! They along with the US Congress are the thieves -- not Ed and Elaine Brown or for that matter any Americans who have ever been wrongfully convicted on tax evasion charges.

Latest on the Browns' situation In Plainfield, New Hampshire

A Letter From Elaine

Two weeks ago, four men were arrested by federal marshals for coming to the assistance of Ed and Elaine Brown. These are four fine men who love this country and are willing to fight for the freedoms for which America stands.

The old saw that freedom isn’t free stands as true today as it ever did. Being a true American is not an easy task. It means standing firm against injustice and not backing down when the going gets tough. Our founding fathers put it all on the line when they “pledge(d) our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor” when they stood against English tyranny. Many of them did lose their lives and their fortunes; but not one of them lost their sacred honor. Because of those brave men and women two hundred and thirty years ago, you and I have been given the great gift of liberty.

What are we doing with this gift? Are we cherishing it, or are we taking it for granted? Are we working to keep it whole, or are we squandering it? Are we standing brave against tyranny and official oppression, or are we bending as whimpering children when confronted with injustice? Do we stand for our neighbor’s justice, or do we turn away, grateful that this is not happening to us?

All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. My friends, we have all done nothing for far too long; that is why we are today living under tyranny in a police state. Injustice to one is injustice to all. When they come to your neighbor’s house, it will not be long before they come to yours. Then who will stand with you?

We are living in an Orwellian time, make no mistake about it. Look around you at all the surveillance, the efforts for the national ID without which eventually you will be unable to get a job, have a bank account, or even purchase items at a store. The list goes on.

These four men are accused of helping two people who have never yet been shown any law we were convicted of violating. Ask yourself how anyone could be tried for breaking a law that does not exist. How far do injustice and corruption in the courts go? Due process is a thing of the past; if you are brought into court for any reason, do not expect justice or fair play.

Marshal Monier yesterday said that they would be coming after us. That means that they plan on killing us for the sake of some money they have never proved we owe. We have not changed our position, and will not bend to their tyranny. Remember, the marshal also said on at least two occasions that they know we have broken no laws, but they will come for us anyway. If this is not convincing you that we are in a police state, what will?

Danny, Jason, Bob, and Reno need the support of us all. We need to get in the faces of these unlawful agents, prosecutors, judges, police, sheriffs, etc. and let them know they will not be allowed to break the law. Stand firm for these men; they are fighting for you.

Elaine Alice: family Brown

A Summary Of The Browns' Situation To Date:
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