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US Government's Use Of Intelligence As Pit Bulls -- Using Satellites To Spy On Americans Within The Privacy Of Their Homes -- A Government Gone BAD

Over a year ago I published a version of the following article on several Independent Media Websites. The FEDS had it removed from most of these sites almost immediately since it painted them in a less than flattering way.

I should note that the FEDS have all of my articles either removed or immediately hidden from IMC (Independent Media Center) Websites as quickly as possible to prevent others from learning of the crimes that they have perpetrated against my Family and self. Before one of them could be removed, however, I did receive an E-mail from a disgruntled Pit Bull Terrier owner, who commented that it was an insult to Pit Bulls to compare them to the FBI, CIA or NSA. And in light of what I have learned in regard to the history of these three organizations over the past few years, I would now have to heartily agree.

FBI/CIA/NSA Used As US Government Pit Bulls
By James F. Marino

Dear IMC Reader:

The US Government's use of electronic warfare against its own citizens would appear to be a covert form of modern day Holocaust in which every race and ethnicity suffers casualties this time around. My awareness of the totality of government corruption within this country occurred after researching Lyme disease (an illness that I have suffered with since 1993), and learning through declassified documents made available by way of the Freedom Of Information Act, that this devastating and life destroying illness was created as a biological weapon.

This research forever changed how I would see the United States Federal Government and its true purpose for existing. I kept thinking, how could the USA deliberately poison its own people? However, once you have a better understanding of how covert wars are fought it makes more sense. Test as many of your weapons on your own people as you can to determine their effectiveness.

If they work, fine.

If not, go back to the drawing board until you get them right. After all, when you are ready to attack your enemy you want to make certain that the weapons that you've created work. And as for any moral or ethical dilemma, just make certain that if you get caught to swear that you had nothing to do with them, since you can utilize disinformation to distract those who might be a problem to you.

And if that does not work figure out a way in which to torture or murder them to ensure their silence. Just make certain that you do so in a way in which you have plausible deniability; this way you can deny your involvement. This has been standard operating procedure for the United States Intelligence Community since it was created. And more government crimes have been hidden under the cover of National Security than most Americans can possibly imagine.

As for the FBI, NSA and CIA, what we must ask ourselves is are they responsible for all of the EM harassment that goes on? Probably not, but they have a hand in most of it. Furthermore, the NSA and CIA in particular are involved at a greater level since they have direct access to this technology, while the * FBI must go through these agencies in order to access it. As for their disruptions into our lives, there are myriad methods in which to do so. For instance, some are as simple as the FBI's intercepting and rerouting of E-mails, while others such as intercepting TV and radio broadcast signals and replacing them with their own propagandized programming (mind control) are far more complex. (I have experienced this interference in programming since 2003, by the National Security Agency.)

* Since the mid 1990's the Department Of Justice has been given access to directed energy weapons (Electromagnetic weapons), so now the FBI has access to these satellite based weapons as well.

And I have not even gone into any details regarding the synthetic mind control technology (psychotronics)that this government has access to, which can remotely electronically read one's sub vocalized thoughts as well as manipulate them, all by way of satellites and AI's (artificial intelligence computers). There are several facilities within the United States which have access to this technology -- the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland facility appears to be the most advanced, and has been since the 1960's. (This according to former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency -- it can be seen by accessing the Google search engine and typing in Akwei V.S. NSA.)

As for those who attack the whistle blowers who've come forward with this damaging information, what one must ask oneself is if what we have to say has no merit, why then would the FBI or for that matter any of these intelligence agencies be so interested in preventing us from talking?

Furthermore, why is it that we find our posts on forums and articles (that we're supposed to be able to self publish) on Independent Media Center Websites, immediately removed or hidden the minute that we publish them?

It would appear that the reason for this is that the FEDS are very concerned about what we know in regard to their criminal use of this technology, since they are well aware that we are telling the truth about it. And moreover, that we might actually share this information with others -- including how agencies like the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security use specialized audio visual spy satellites to on opened ended fishing expeditions which violate the US Constitution and the privacy of certain American citizens in the most outrageous ways ever documented.

Not a good thing at all for the American people -- or the FEDS themselves who will eventually be made accountable for these crimes whether they like it or not.

(Look at what happened to John St. Clair Akwei and Russell Tice when they reported on serious crimes occurring within the NSA -- they were both fired and neutralized with extreme prejudice -- And the mainstream media never once followed up on their information.)

Utilizing this technology against the American people is a crime of high treason, so why shouldn't we expose this government and all others who are in the commission of such capital crimes? It is in fact our patriotic duty to do so, as we owe it to the American people to let them know when their Civil Rights are being violated, without their knowledge.

The Bush Administration is guilty of using rampant nationalism to brainwash Americans into believing that they should support him regardless of his intentions, and of demonizing any American who fails to do so, in the name of patriotism. The truth is that any American who does criticize this so called president and his treasonous ways of doing things is a real patriot - not someone who is being blindly led by this miscreant and his procession of criminals, traitors, and liars.

It would appear that those residing within the fascist shadow government in the United States are interested in mentally enslaving the entire human race, by altering our thoughts through the use of spy satellites and computer based electronic mind control software. Their goal is to have a very docile human who will follow orders and not question authority. What modern day Nazi's like Bush want most is to have a society of clones who they can manipulate in any way of their choosing. A hive collective mentality.

I can think of no greater crime against humanity.

Some of Bush's more telling comments over the past six years:

"The Constitution is only a god damned piece of paper"

"It would be better if the United States was a dictatorship just so long as I am the dictator"

"I am the god damned president so just do what I tell you to"

These are direct quotes from a person who took a sworn oath to protect and uphold the United States Constitution, yet since stealing his way into office in both 2000 and 2004, Bush has done nothing but undermine the Bill Of Rights and the Civil Liberties that it guarantees to all Americans.

As Americans we must now ask ourselves, even in this day of the Patriot Act, what behavior by Bush or the agents of the US Federal Intelligence community would be considered acceptable in a court of law and what would not? While the provisions made in the Patriot Act border on fascism, even they would not make allowances for the types of torture and invasions of privacy that are being used against us by the US Government in the present day.

They are not only unreasonable, but also completely unacceptable!

Moreover, exactly what part of watching people relieving themselves and showering in the privacy of their own bathrooms would the FBI say falls under domestic terrorism?

I know for a fact that they have done this on myriad occasions to many TI's, myself included.

These deviant acts would fall under the heading of voyeurism, and in this case it's the FBI and NSA who are the voyeurs. This is no longer about law enforcement. It's about having ultimate control over the human populace by way of tyranny, through the use of largely unknown and extremely advanced technologies. Were it not for the Internet, I doubt that most of us would have any idea that this technology existed at all, or who was behind its criminal use.

And what about the directed energy technology that has allowed the governments on this planet to weaponize space, while covertly torturing those whom they target? (I have first hand knowledge of this technology because it has been deployed against me on countless occasions, as well as on numerous other TI's as well.)

Do those of you reading today's journal honestly believe that all these satellites do is bring you your cable TV programming?

Wise up Americans -- they do a hell of alot more than that.

Technology, like anything else, is only as good or bad as those using it. And the fascist shadow government within this country (which includes but is not limited to the Bush Administration, Project For A New American Century, and the hierarchy within US Federal Intelligence -- including the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DoD ) have shown us just how evil they are, in the ways in which they have employed this technology against us. We suffer repeatedly and look for any answers that might help us to make sense of this nightmare. At least the Internet and its myriad of different topics enables us to research the advanced technology being used against us, so that we have a better understanding of what we are up against. It is the last frontier where uncensored news can be had, as the mainstream media is now completely under this shadow government's control.

Is it any wonder why the FBI is constantly devising new types of spyware to monitor the Internet activity of the American people?

They are looking to remove the last remnants of freedom of speech by clamping down on the Internet and making it as restrictive in regard to content as possible. Truth be told, the NSA's Echelon satellite spy network already monitors all Internet activity as it does every phone call and all other forms of electronic communications which take place around the world. The FBI's activities and use of programs such as Carnivore and the Trojan virus key logging spyware known as Magic Lantern, are redundant at best, and should be seen for exactly what they are: an ostensible excuse to data mine the Internet.

It only takes three satellites to cover the entire planet. The NSA has far more than three of them.

As to methods of operation, the types of psychological operations that I experience are typical of those used against government whistle blowers -- COINTELPRO tactics are common in my daily life. Tampering with automobiles by either breaking into them to leave cryptic messages or physically damaging them (damage also occurs to numerous other types of property as well) has also occured. Phone stalking, gaslighting tactics, and other methods of mind control, including that of organized stalking crimes have become common place, in addition to myriad forms of calumny which have been used to smear my good name and demonize me within my own community.

These attacks have been orchestrated by the FBI, NSA and The Department Of Homeland Security.

Even having one's E-mail accounts tampered with is also typical of this type of extremist harassment. Of course the most devastating part of these campaigns is when we are both demonized by those who perpetrate these crimes against us, and completely alienated from our Families, friends and communities; made into virtual pariahs because of the criminal activities that we know about in regard to this government, and our attempts to expose them on a very wide scale.

What is perhaps most amazing to me is how easily society can be turned against us. If you think for yourself that is just one more reason for you to become a target. This government does not want citizens who think freely for themselves, and challenge the status quo by questioning its policies. It wants clones who will do its bidding for it, work to generate a gross national product that this government can leach off of, and put down dissent through the use of such agencies as the FBI, CIA and NSA.

It's kind of ironic if you think about it, since the entire point of a constitutional republic is to serve its citizens and be open to any criticisms which bring to light those aspects which may not be in the best interests of the people it is serving. Indeed this is an important function of a constitutional republic.

And it is clear from the actions of subversive organizations like the CIA and the rest of the alphabet agencies, which only serve to undermine said constitutional republic, that the American people are dangerously close to losing it.

Take for example, the ACLU, a most upstanding humanitarian organization. Since the Patriot Act has been made permanent, in order to keep them in line, the FBI has now placed this organization under terrorist watch. It has also done the same with Greenpeace, another fine organization. This is not because they have had anything to do with terrorism, but instead, because by challenging the US Government and many of its unconstitutional policies, they are bucking the status quo.

And a fascist government cannot have this happening, especially when it is masquerading as a democracy. Moreover, the US Government for all of its rhetoric about being democratic, is in this day and age, anything but.

I believe that there are many citizens within the United States and other countries who are under the same types of audio/visual satellite surveillance that we are. I have been to the Websites of people living in other countries who have documented what they have been subjugated to as satellite prisoners. I was particularly impressed with the Website of an Australian TI by the name of Paul Baird, who's also stated that he has been under satellite surveillance 24 hours a day for years (he seems to believe that it might be the NSA who's responsible for his harassment).

And based on my own experiences, I believe him.

However, most of the people under this insidious surveillance have not been alerted to it just yet. They are still being observed covertly, with these perpetrators just waiting to pounce at a designated time. Perhaps the communities of these targeted people have been notified by government employees, and that once it gives the word, these people will become as aggressively attacked as we continue to be. I had no idea that I was under 24 hour surveillance for decades and neither did my Family.

Most TI's are watched for years before the surveillance on them switches from covert to overt mode. Then all hell breaks loose as these criminals wage an aggressive campaign to destroy the sanity and lives of their victims.

As TI's we are suddenly made aware that we are no longer alone. Organized stalking becomes readily apparent wherever we travel to, and in my case the NSA's constant reminder that not only have I been illegally spied on from within the privacy of my own home, but also subjected to having my sub vocalized thoughts electronically accessed (mind raped) by way of NSA audio/visual satellites and Artificial Intelligence computers, has only made the situation more complicated. This is what many unwitting Targeted Individuals (TI's for short) have yet to be made aware of. The real question is, what is being said about us, and how do we defend ourselves when no one will confront us directly, as our reputations, relationships, and lives are destroyed from behind the scene.

One thing that I know for certain is that none of this psychotic harassment is legal or constitutional, and some of the sickest minds that we have in this country are located within the US Federal Intelligence community; a community whose hierarchy not only sanctions such fascist crimes as both physical and psychological torture, as well as satellite based "mind control," but in many instances also participates in these acts of sadism.

They are a blight on the American people and the US Bill Of Rights and an example of the extensive and treasonous lies that this government has been telling us all for decades. Given the destruction that the FEDS have caused in my Family's life, and their systematic attempts to not only destroy my relationship with my own flesh and blood, but also my own sanity, I believe that it is incumbent upon me to alert every person that I can to this technology, as well as the criminals within the US Federal Government who are illegally deploying it.

As far as I am concerned they are guilty of destroying my relationship with my Family as well as my reputation.

And I will not allow these fiends to get away it.

Furthermore, it's about time for the American people to acknowledge the FBI, CIA and NSA for what they really are - pit bulls that the fascist shadow government within the United States will illegally and unconstitutionally sic on any group or person that mount a serious challenge to this fascist cabal.

Since passage of the Patriot Act, George W. Bush and his Administration have let them off their leash and endangered all of us in the process. And the time has now come for us to take out ALL of this trash.

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