Wednesday, September 26, 2007

NSA Causing Vertigo & Exhaustion By Way Of Directed Energy Technology

As I have reported on this blog for quite sometime, I am constantly being targeted by the NSA for non consensual experimentation including that of mind control. However I am also subjected to a myriad of differing types of directed energy attacks in which I am in some way adversely affected. I am constantly being subjected to ELF waves which keep me exhausted most of the time. More recently I have been experiencing symptoms of vertigo which as in the case of this morning almost caused me to lose my balance while standing.

I continue to experience a lesser form of this at present, however it can worsen again at anytime. I document this because this symptom is yet one more of myriad which are being deliberately caused by NSA operatives who continue to illegally deploy this technology against myself and many other persons targeted for non consensual cover research and human experimentation.

As for those who wonder why the FEDS are trying to kill me, just take a look at the contents contained within this blog -- remotely tracking an American citizen by way of satellite and torturing that citizen? Using the same technology to illegally access that citizen's thoughts while also manipulating them for nearly three decades?

If my allegations against the NSA and US Federal Government are not the most damning ever made against them, they are most certainly amongst the worst. These people are nothing but mind raping/torturing Nazi's masquerading as an information gathering service (what US Intel is supposed to be doing -- not torturing Americans).

There is no longer any rule of law here, these agents being nothing but mercenaries who are paid to torture myself and many others -- they are not enforcers of the laws of this country but instead criminals who have violated their oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution.

This aspect of the NSA's torture is being done in effort to force me to commit suicide, which I have no intention of doing. So the NSA continues to attack me aggressively, while organized stalking and gas lighting continue to be used as an adjunct to these attacks.

If ever there were any question that America has become a fascistic police state, my first hand experiences with this torture are conclusive proof of it. And the FEDS constant attempts at demonizing me and preventing me from being able to publicly defend myself, while deploying their COINTELPRO tactics against me and my Family are
also indicative of their attempts to cover up their collusive and treasonous crimes against us.

Given these intense attacks and the FEDS outright violations of the law here, they have no incentive for telling the truth, yet every incentive to pathologically LIE in efforts to cover up for what they have done.

Exactly what they are continuing to do on a daily basis.

Somehow they are of the opinion that if they abuse TI's for long enough periods of time, that this will justify what they have done. However all they have done is show us that they have an unmatched appetite for cruelty; a dark side of humanity which they themselves will eventually succumb to.
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