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Lyme Disease Patients -- The "New Jews" In The Coming Holocaust

Editor's Note: The following article by George Green does an excellent job of describing the origins of bio weapons like Lyme Disease and why those who are infected with them are not only routinely denied health care coverage in the treatment of these illnesses, but also blacklisted by the US Health Insurance Industry.

I have experienced both of these phenomena as a long-term sufferer of chronic Lyme Disease and know of numerous other Lyme Disease victims who are also suffering terribly as a result of this bio weapon. (I refer to all people afflicted with Lyme as victims because they are experiencing much suffering as a result of something which the US Federal Government created and deliberately circulated within the US population, to determine its effectiveness as a biological weapon.)

Mr. Green also discusses how vaccines are a primary way in which to covertly infect the population in this country with bio weapons, since these unwitting citizens will never connect their symptoms (which can develop years later)with the injections that they received. The AIDS virus was one of the best examples of this, as it was spread through the gay population in both Manhattan and San Francisco under the pretense of giving homosexual men the Hepatitis B vaccine.

There have no doubt been a myriad of such deceptions in which disabling and oftentimes deadly biological agents have been injected into unwitting patients by their doctors, believing that they were being given a legitimate vaccine. In most cases, the doctors themselves were probably completely unaware that they were injecting their patients which deadly strains of viruses and bacteria which later led to many of their deaths.

Of course this is yet another contentious issue that most doctors would never want to get involved with, given their unwitting complicity in the murders of some of their own patients.

Two Excellent Links Regarding Lyme Disease Information & Just a Few Who Have Died From This Biological Agent:

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The Illuminati's Use Of Genocide To Reduce The Earth's Population

Population Reduction Plan 2000

Former Investment Banker George Green
Discusses The New World Order
And Their Genocidal Policy

George Green is a former investment banker (Registered Financial Principal with the N.A.S.D. and a Broker/Dealer. Securities Underwriter, Real Estate Developer, Insurance Broker and Publisher). A frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows, and a former insider who has the inside scoop on past as well as present info regarding the corruption and plans of the globalists. In the money circles, Green was considered a "cash cow." He was considered one of the big time players who knew how to raise money - lots of money - something politicians are attracted to like bees on honey or, more appropriately like "flies on you know what." It was while hobnobbing with these neocons in Aspen that he realized this New World Order wasn't idle talk. It turned out, according to Green, to be "the God-awful truth."

"Kissinger loved to refer to the American public as 'useless eaters' and back then all the men in that room in Aspen, including Kennedy, Volcker and the others were endorsing this Armageddon-type plan, which is now being played out right before our eyes in Iraq and soon in Iran," warned Green, adding the next 90 days may prove to be the beginning of the end of America as we know it.

Green left the neocons behind and switched sides...he now speaks out loudly about the New World Order and their genocidal plans for population reduction, Global 2000.

In July of 1980, Secretary of State endorsed as official Carter administration policy the Global 2000 report, which according to then Secretary of State Edmund Muskie's own words "THE ELIMINATION OF 2 billion human beings by the year 2000."
The Office of Population Affairs of the U.S. State Department from the National Security Council's Ad Hoc Group on Population policy: "U.S. Foreign Policy is being planned and implemented on the basis of its effectiveness in murdering human beings. " Unprecedented Population growth as spelled out in the ECO summit Meeting in 1992 in Brazil has required the examination of the statistics provided in the studies of "Human Environment" (1972), "Population" (1974), "Human Settlements" (1976), "Water" (1977) and others have shown the MOST growth of Human species in the last 40 years.

The first Billion of population occurred on the planet around 1800, the next century ended with about two Billion, the 3rd Billion around 1960, the 4th Billion in approximately 1974 and reach 5 Billion in 1987. We currently exceed 6 Billion on the Planet and the Technicians of Genocide are now stepping up their programs."

Thomas Ferguson was the head of the Latin America desk at the U.S. State Department's Office of Population Affairs. "Every hot spot in the Third World is in fact a result of failed population policy. There is a single theme behind all of our work - we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in Iran or Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even FASCISM, to reduce it. To really reduce population quickly, you have to put all the males into fighting and you have to kill significant numbers of fertile females. "

According to Green's analysis, the following is a country-by-country of the devastating effects Global Report 2000 has had on the world: ETHIOPIA: Some 5 million people are in danger of starvation. Ethiopia-Somalia warfare largely provoked by Henry Kissinger. SOMALIA: 1.5 million refuges and many more nomadic people wait for death. Government is seeking $2 billion in reconstruction aid. United Nations actions are a preparation for the understanding and use of the NEW WORLD ORDER Police Force to control the world and put us all under the dictums of the United Nations. KENYA: Acute hunger and starvation are occurring in the Karamoja and West Nile regions. 9000 women and children died over a two month period. Food relief is nonexistent.

According to Rep. Richard Ottinger, Democratic congressman from New York's Westchester County area, sponsor of the Population Policy Act of 1981, "Overpopulation is a national security question. We have much greater demand on our food stocks, and WE WILL MAKE GOD-LIKE decisions on WHO LIVES and WHO DOES NOT. "

William Paddock, advisor to the U.S. State Department under three administrations. In 1980 he was an unofficial advisor to the State Department Office of Population. In an interview, "We're going to see a rollback of the population. It will happen somehow. One of the four horseman, and the FIFTH ONE, WHICH IS "THE BOMB."

Clearly this indicates the lengths our government will go to in order to exterminate us.

From the Global 2000 Depopulation file:
"This Awareness indicates that for entities to hope to survive through the end of the century, the survival will require that entities be very much aware of what is occurring. This Awareness suggests for example, the program is in effect whereby beef is used to poison entities with certain additives put into the beef which has a growing effect on the system of creating various physical problems, including heart conditions, cancerous conditions, and a dullness of the mind, whereby the mind ceases to lose its ability to think clearly; these additives in the beef as that which has been introduced with the knowledge of the medical profession. "

"This Awareness indicates that this type of program can be expected to continue in other areas also; that these additives may be added to chicken, turkey, pork, and other areas (such as dairy products-Ed.). This Awareness indicates that during the future years, those entities on a vegetarian diet will survive best in terms of food intake. This Awareness indicates that also those who raise their own or receive food from known sources, not using commercial feeds. This Awareness indicates that there are also programs being prepared whereby masses shall be destroyed through plagues and biological warfare."

Since 2006, "plague drills" have been being conducted throughout this country. In 1998, why did our government order 25 million body bags from DOW Chemical? (This was confirmed by DOW Chemical). To put this in perspective, that quantity, 25 million, is ten times more than all those men and women killed in all US wars COMBINED! (Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, 1812, Revolution, Spanish American War). How could this government, or any government, predict an event that could possibly cause that many deaths? The answer? They can't, unless they are creating the event themselves. Would a plague require body bags? It most certainly would. And the NWO Illuminati have made no bones about the fact they intend to use a plague to reduce world population. This would go a long way toward explaining all of the "plague drills" currently being conducted in the U.S.

It also explains government engineered bio warfare agents like AIDS and Lyme.

Anyone pondering this puzzle might well wonder if there is a "smoking gun." Well, there is and it is in the form of the Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970, HB 15090, Public Law 91-171, introduced in 1968, debated in 1969 and signed into law right at the end of 1969 when we were all distracted by the Vietnam war. In the Department of Defense Appropriations Hearings for 1970, Volume 6, page 129, we have Dr. McArthur from the Pentagon speaking to Robert L.F. Sikes, Florida, about the need for a Synthetic Biological Agent. Dr. McArthur requests and gets $10 Million for the research and development costs of a synthetic biological agent as outlined in item No. 2 of the program presented to the Appropriations committe. Dr. Leonard Horowitz stated at Conspiracy Conference 2001 that additional funding came from the Rockefeller family. (Rockefellers being one of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines)

Here is the actual text of that request:
"Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease."

"It is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken lest it lead to another method of mass killing of populations."

Is The AIDS Virus Man-made?

Let’s suppose that in the past year you’ve gotten your flu shots largely because of a series of radio announcements from the Public Health Service about a new variety of Asian Flu. Then one day you stop by your church to make a blood donation during their annual blood drive, but they can’t accept your blood because the free HIV test reveals that you are HIV positive. You and your doctor are puzzled because you are in the low risk group because you are celibate, have never used intravenous drugs and have never had a blood transfusion. Sound impossible?

Now imagine that you are Dr. "X" and head up a team at the U.S. Army’s Chemical and Biological Warfare Laboratory in Ft. Dietrick, Maryland, and under the direction of the CIA you’ve just finished five years of Top Secret reseearch on a virus for which man’s immune system has no defense and that you did all of the research at taxpayers expense through funding from the Department of Defense. Early field tests on prison convicts prove that the virus really works. The test subjects get sick and eventually die.

Later on you link up with some "scientists" from the World Health Organization that have an interest in helping the project along with some larger field tests. In their Federation Proceedings they’ve already decided the best way to test the virus is to lace it into smallpox vaccines which are soon to be injected into selected test populations throughout the world. Central Africa is first on the list. Before long the test results come in.

It works! Millions of people get sick and some are already starting to die. There is even a hidden bonus: people begin to spread it amonst themselves through promiscuous intercourse and intravenous drug injections. Now your real bosses, the Bilderberg Group, an allliance of elite rulers and international financiers that fall under the umbrella of the Illuminati, are ecstatic. Perhaps now they will be able to reach their goal of reducing the world's population by 75%.

Sound preposterous? This probably sounds like a science fiction plot for worldwide genocide to benefit the elite, but there is sufficient documentation to support just such a scenerio.

Much of the documentation supporting this idea came as a bonus in the 1983 to 1988 research of Dr. Robert Strecker, M.D., Ph.D., of Los Angeles who, along with his brother Ted, were hired to prepare a proposal for a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) for Security Pacific Bank of California on the long term effects of insuring and treating AIDS patients. At that time no one actually knew what the AIDS acturial data was, and the bank was responsible for insuring 30,000 employees, so the Strecker brothers went to the medical libraries and began reading for themselves what the cost of the this epedemic would be.

Not only did they discover that AIDS would bankrupt the nation’s medical system, but the also "unearthed thousands of documents supporting the man-made origin of AIDS." There for all the world to see was a request by top scientists who wrote in the 1972 World Health Organization Bulletin that there was a need to see if "viruses can, in fact, exert selective effects on the immune system..." They also said that "the possibility should be looked into that the immune response to the virus itself be impaired if the effective virus damage, more or less selectively the cells responding to the viral antigens."

Dr. Strecker is not alone in his conclusions either. More and more members of the medical community, such as Dr. Peter Dusberg of the University of California at Berkley, Dr. John Seale, a member of the Royal Society of Medicine of London, and Dr. Alan Cantwell who has recently finished a third book, AIDS and The Doctors of Death, are questioning the popular view about AIDS which has scientifically failed to explain the disease.

The Green Monkey, a species from West Central Africa, that really has greenish-grey coloring on its back and a long yellow tail, is at the core of this official explanation. Writing in the Summer of 1987 issue of Covert Action, Roberd Leader says that "mainstream scientists say that HIV was a harmless virus in Central African Green Monkeys which jumped species through bites or meat consumption to a form that produced AIDS." According to this theory, after its "natural" origin in poor rural areas in Central Africa, AIDS spread to the regions’ cities as residents migrated there.

A recent issue of Rolling Stone Magazine presented the idea that AIDS came from a batch of contaminated polio vaccine that was grown on Green Monkey kidney cells. This is misleading and amounts to misinformation. Dr. William Campbell Douglass points out that there is a virus named SV-40 that is similar to AIDS which did come from a batch of contaminated polio vaccine that was grown on Green Monkey kidney cells. It has a delayed effect and the sad truth is that people now in their 40’s carry this virus if they were given polio vaccinations in the 1960’s. The result is not AIDS but brain cancer and possible multiple sclerosis. Dr. Douglass says that "the delay between the vaccination and the onset of cancer with the virus is as long as 20-30 years which would explain the increase in this disease what we have seen in the past ten years."

In his work Dr. Strecker points out that there are several other deadly retro-viruses besides the actual AIDS virus which are infecting humans and cause causing cancers including leukemia. He discovered that all these viruses, including the AIDS virus, have stricking similarities to animal viruses, but not to the Green Monkey. Instead. they had similarities to cattle and sheep viruses which included the same shape, the same molecular weight and the same magnesium dependency. The Green Monkey mythology falls apart on the genetic level too. He explains that the genetic coding of the AIDS virus does not exist in primates or man. Quite simply, you cannot take the genes of monkeys or man and make AIDS.

When Dr. Strecker examined some of the data emerging from the spread of the AIDS epedemic in Africa, he found additional reasons why the Green Monkey threory of the government is impossible to accept. He explains that "you would have expected the virus to have spread from the jungles to the cities, but in actuality, it is spreading from the cities to the jungles." He also note that the Pygmies who most often associate with the Green Monkey were "virtually 100% free of AIDS virus until the last six months of 1988 and only got infected after associating with prostitutes from the cities or by use of contaminated intravenous drugs from the cities."

With the link to cattle and sheep viruses established, Dr. Strecker explains that the AIDS virus is only 50% similar to these viruses which in his work are treated like the parents of the AIDS virus that affects humans. He feels that the cattle and sheep viruses were adapted "accidently or on purpose in human tissue cultures." This is known scientifically as serial adaption and once it has taken place that virus will only grow in human tissues.

Anyone pondering this AIDS puzzle might well wonder if there is a "smoking gun."

Well, there is and it is in the form of the Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970, HB 15090, Public Law 91-171, introduced in 1968, debated in 1969 and signed into law right at the end of 1969 when we were all distracted by the Vietnam war. In the Department of Defense Appropriations Hearings for 1970, Volume 6, page 129, we have Dr. McArthur from the Pentagon speaking to Robert L.F. Sikes, Florida, about the need for a Synthetic Biological Agent.

Dr. McArthur requests and gets $10 Million for the research and development costs of a synthetic biological agent as outlined in item No. 2 of the program presented to the Appropriations committe. Dr. Leonard Horowitz stated at Conspiracy Conference 2001 that additional funding came from the Rockefeller family. Here is the actual text of that request:"Within the next 5 to 10 years it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease."

Page 129, HB 15090
Dr. Strecker’s research of the literature indicates that the National Cancer Institute in collaboration with the World Health Organization created the AIDS virus in their laboratories at Ft. Dietrick, Maryland, Although this Frederick, Maryland facility is now named the National Cancer Institute, it was at that time (1970-1974) called the U.S. Army Chemical and Biological Warfare Center, supervised by the Department of Defense. According to researcher William Cooper, (former U.S. Navy Intelligence) the work was supervised by the CIA under a project called MK-NAOMI. And thus AIDS and other biowarfare agents (like Lyme) were created.

Dr. Strecker’s work also revealed the means by which the WHO "scientists" planned to test the AIDS virus developed at Ft. Dietrick. From the World Health Organization Federation Proceedings for 1972-1973 came the proposal:‘‘Let’s inject them. We'll put them in different vaccines and we will test them. And that's particularly useful when applied to sibships."

Which, in plain English means to inject brothers and sisters of the same parents with the laced vaccine and see if they die and who dies first with the rationalization that they could study what is called HLA processing (human leucyte antigen processing). The point of all this was to determine how these different human beings are processing these different antigens that they are being exposed to. Now you know why entire familes got sick at the same time! And now you see the same thing happening with Lyme disease - entire families becoming infected.

There is ample precedent for government agencies using the population for testing biological weapons. In the past native American indians were given small-pox tainted blankets in the Northwest. As well, Dr. Strecker cites the book "A Higher Form of Killing" by Paxman and Harris which has information gleaned from the Freedom of Information Act. Among the cases was the 1950 test when the U.S. Navy sprayed the San Francisco Harbor with Serratia Marcesens bacteria, resulting in one death and many residents being stricken with pneumonia-like symptoms. Even more deaths (12) resulted from increased cases of whooping cough when the CIA conducted a bio weapons test whose details are still secret on the Tampa Bay of Florida in 1955.

On Monday, May 11, 1987, the London Times ran a front-page story which said the AIDS in Africa appeared there because of the WHO smallpox vaccine program. Dr. Strecker said that the story was picked up by papers all over Europe at that time. In the U.S. we heard very little about it. Dr. Strecker said he checked with AP and UPI and asked them why they never ran this story in the United States. Their answer was that "they were not able to understand the significance of the article."

Dr. William Campbell Douglass states that "the AIDS virus did not exist in the United States before 1978." He says "you can check back in any hospital and not stored blood samples can be found anywhere that exhibit the AIDS virus before that date." The myth that we are supposed to believe in the United States is that a promiscuous airline stewart named Antone Dega who had the AIDS virus managed to travel to three major population centers of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco where he infected people in each city.

In his lecture in Santa Barbara, Dr. Stricker drew a map of these three major AIDS epicenters pointing out that New York became infected in 1978 and the two California cities in 1980. Reflecting on the Antone Dega scenario, he says that these certainly are not contiguous communities. So, to make the myth work Dega had to follow a peculiar flight pattern from his Canada-based airline "flying only to New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, managing not to have sex in all of Canada and Europe. Continuing, he says that "if you are stupid enough to believe the story of Antone Dega and the CDC’s claim that they were actually following this guy, why didn’t they extradite a person they knew was spreading a 100 percent fatal disease?"

So, what did Dr. Strecker’s research reveal about the origin of the AIDS virus in the U.S.? He found out that in each of the major three city AIDS epicenters, the spread of the virus followed on the heels of a Hepatitus-B vaccine "study" that was carried out in each of these cities. He asks the simple qustion, "How can you change a black heterosexual disease in Africa into a white homosexual disease in Manhattan, affecting a particular group--the young between the ages of 20 and 40, male homosexuals, who were otherwise healthy and promiscuous" In Manhattan, the 1978 study involved 1040 volunteers who met the criterea of being between the ages of 20 and 40, white, and were promiscuous.

During the interviews, if it was determined the man had only one lover (monogamous) he was sent home and not allowed to participate. These particular rules were set up by a Polish doctor educated in Soviet Russia by the name of W. Schmugner who came to the U.S. in 1969 and became the head of the New York City Blood Bank. Writing in the January 1988 Natural Health Convention Magazine, Dr. William Campbell Douglass reported that "The Centers for Disease Control reported in 1981 that four percent of those receiving the Hepatitus-B vaccine were AIDS infected. In 1984 they admitted to 60 percent. Now they refuse to give out figures at all." He says that "the data on thse studies are now buried in the U.S. Department of Justice and we will never see them."

There was a book in 1968 titled "The Population Bomb", by Dr. Paul Ehrlich that had a very telling paragraph on page 17 that probably tells us the key thinking that was behind the decision. Dr. Ehrlich says "In summary, the worlds population will continue to grow as long as the birth rate exceeds the death rate; it’s as simple as that. When it stops growing or starts to shrink, it will mean that either the birth rate has gone down or the death rate has gone up or a combination of the two. Basically, then there are only two kinds of solutions to the population problem. One is a birth rate solution (remember the ZPG movement?) The other is a death rate solution in which ways to raise the death rate - war, famine, pestilence--find us."

The late William Cooper, in his excellent book "Behold A Pale Horse" notes that Dr. Ehrlichs wife, Anne, is a member of the Club Of Rome, a think tank group that produced a computer model called Global 2000 which not only outlined the recommendations for AIDS, including a special prophylactic for the ruling elite and a cure at the very same time, which is to be released to the survivors when it is decided enough people have died. According to Cooper, the Global 2000 plan was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then presented to President Carter. Cooper’s research determined that the order to proceed with the plan "was given by the policy committee of the Bilderberg Group in Switzerland." The Bilderberg Group are the Illuminati.

In his book Cooper also mentions the "Haig-Kissinger depopulation policy which has taken over various levels of government and in fact is determining U.S. Policy. The planning organization operates outside the White House and directs its entire efforts to reduce the world’s population by 2 billion people through war, famine and any other means necessary."

Active policies of our State Department go beyond the implementation of AIDS.

There is a sad personal note to Dr. Strecker’s story that must not go unnoticed because it broadly hints at how desparate the powers that be are to keep this a secret. This is the sudden and unexpected death of two key players. First there was Dr. Streckers brother, Ted, who was found shot to death alone at his home in Springfield, Missouri, an apparent suicide on August 11, 1998. It is very questionable because Dr. Strecker spoke with him the night before his death and in the Strecker Memorandum we found that "Ted was cheerful, in good spirits and looking forward to certain new developments that promised progress."

The next day he was found dead, his 22-caliber rifle next to him. There was no note, no good byes to anyone." And, next, over a month later we have Illinois Representative Douglass Huff of Chicago, the only politician who did everything in his power to make the people of Chicago and the State Legislature aware of Dr. Strecker’s work. He gave radio and television interviews to wake up the people to the coverup of AIDS, and was found dead of an appparent overdose of cocaine and heroin on September 22, 1988. Representative Huff’s associates doubt he died accidently. They knew him to use drugs only occasionally and recreationally and say that he would have been aware of how dangerouse a massive overdose of cocaine and heroin would be.

So...in summary, what we have here is a government of psychopaths who believe they have the right to play God, intent on killing 2 billion people (actually more) through any means necessary. We have world government agencies like WHO and the CDC participating in this murderous plot via ruse vaccine programs, covertly injecting innocent masses with government-engineered lethal biowarfare agents. And we have a government of sociopaths murdering anyone attempting to expose these crimes against humanity.


Does your struggle to get any help from the government in getting treatment now make sense?

The persecution and witch hunts of our LLMD's?

Do the IDSA "treatment" guidelines that virtually deny the existence of chronic Lyme and basically declare genocide on the Lyme community now make sense?

Does the CDC removing the two bands specific to the Bb spirochete and the medical establishment then using this inaccurate Western Blot test to say "You don't have Lyme!" make sense?

Does the COINTELPRO going on within the Lyme community itself make sense?
Does the fact that nothing appears in the Illuminati-controlled media regarding a worldwide pandemic of Lyme disease make sense?

Does the fact our virtually non-existent ability to receive a proper, timely diagnosis make sense?

Do you now understand, given the Illuminati tactic of portraying "those in the know" as mentally ill, why you are told your disease is all in your head, that you just need a shrink?
Does the complicity of the medical profession as a whole explain why doctors dismiss you, your symptoms, your disease?

Do you understand why insurance companies are refusing to pay for your treatment, why the Social Security Administration does NOT recognize Lyme as a disabling disease?

We are the first wave of "new Jews" in the coming Holocaust.

Footnote: I would like to show you what the World Health Organization did during their ruse smallpox vaccination program.

A needle used to inject a person was re-used 40 to 60 times, the "sterlization" of the needle consisting of waving it through a flame.

There's the result. They "vaccinated" hundreds of millions of people this way, with infected needles and vaccines.

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