Friday, September 28, 2007

FBI - An Arrogance Only Exceeded By Cruelty

The FBI and its Nazi protocols have been allowed to wantonly attack any Americans of their choosing rarely ever being forced to answer for it. There was some doubt when the FBI was created in 1908 (as the Bureau Of Investigation) if a federal police force could exist without violating the US Constitution and the rights of the American people. The FBI's history of criminality and civil rights abuses have proven that this concern was not unfounded, as any organization given such authority without the proper checks and balances required by the Constitution to keep it accountable for its conduct, will only undermine the US Democratic Republic and the freedoms that it promises all Americans.

The FBI should never have been created as is testament to the myriad of lives that it has destroyed in the past Century. In recent years this fascist organization has only served to aid and abet those who took part in the many terrorist attacks here in the United States, by obstructing justice through the seizure and possible destruction of evidence which could have been used to bring the criminals behind them to justice. The FBI's staunch refusal to release the 84 videos of the Pentagon which it seized on 9-11 is only further evidence of this. And there is far more that the FBI is hiding from the American people regarding these attacks, which is only placing us in greater danger.

It is clear from the numerous reports since 9-11, that the FBI is back to its early days of COINTELPRO when it conducted the notorious Palmer Raids (while it only adapted the term COINTELPRO in 1956 and dropped it after a 1971 scandal which resulted in the American people learning of the FBI's illegal counterintelligence activities, the FBI has always operated in such illegal fashion).

This agency is nothing but a treasonous fraud and criminal conspirator which should be abolished; and those within its hierarchy tried for High Crimes of Treason. They are an absolute obscenity to the human rights and freedom that America was once noted for.

As long as the FBI, NSA and other Intel agencies exist and make use of their satellites to illegally track and spy on Americans, no American will ever again have any legitimate sense of privacy.
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