Thursday, September 27, 2007

FEDS Continue To Meet With My Family As Part Of The COINTELPRO Waged Against Us

I have discussed this aspect of the FBI/NSA/ Homeland Security attack being waged against me on myriad occasions. The situation has become so obvious that my Family doesn't even lie about it any longer. They just refuse to talk about it. However if I broach the subject they become furious simply because they have been told to deny what is happening, even though they know that I am being tortured. This is in fact part of the long-term brainwashing that they have been and continue to be subjected to by this modern day Nazi filth that masquerades as an intelligence community.

At this point, anything to misdirect attention away from the FEDS and their crimes against us is being done,all in efforts to create a smokes screen in which the FBI and its cohorts can obfuscate the facts -- something which they excel at. This must be done given my allegations against these monsters which include being tortured by way of NSA satellite on a *daily basis.

* I was again sexually assaulted by way of this technology early this morning. I have been attacked in this way on numerous occasions and it has been reported by a myriad of American citizens as well as those of other countries. Such depraved behavior is indicative of the "sexual predators" that we have operating within the US Intelligence community (the FBI, NSA and CIA in particular). These are sickminded criminals who should be sitting behind bars, not a computer monitor.

The FEDS will deny their use of this classified technology which is why they are attempting to destroy me and anyone else who can document it. It is their illegal use of this technology which has resulted in the electronic torture, rapes and in far too many cases deaths (a number of them by suicide) of those being targeted for these Hitlerian types of crimes -- as well as the pathological lying that is taking place from the US Intelligence Community in regard to these sadistic and violent acts.

If the truth comes out and the American people collectively learn of this, they will begin to understand that their government is not a democratic republic, but instead the EVIL fascist cabal that it really is. And that will force sweeping reforms in this country which will either come about orderly or by way of a civil revolution. Either way, this is going to happen because far too many people are being tortured by this federal scum and the communal maggots that they deploy against us as an adjunct to the mind control torture that we are being subjected to. Everyone of these people should be considered as the Nazi Auto PIGS they are, because of their attempts to control our minds through the use of torture. And anyone who is tortured is such ways should focus on working to get each and everyone of these NAZI Auto PIGS HANGED!

Those of us being targeted are telling the truth about what we are being subjected to at the hands of these government miscreants and they (the FEDS) are promulgating one lie after another in efforts to cover up the extensive and treasonous crimes they have perpetrated. These agents are outright criminals who represent the Illuminati -- not the American people.

The FEDS' coercive tactics include contacting my Family either directly or through their provocateurs on a weekly basis in efforts to poison them against me. A significant number of TI's have also reported these outrageous violations of their privacy in which their Families are essentially threatened into cooperating -- something I know for a fact has been happening with my Family for nearly four and a half years. We are being faced with a truly ugly situation all of the FBI's making.

Who else is behind it?

While the FBI is the catalyst here, having colluded with the NSA decades ago to illegally track me by way of satellite while subjecting me to non consensual human experimentation in the way of mind control research, there is little doubt that the Department Of Homeland Security (an New World Order front) is also involved.

An example of the FEDS' intrusion into our lives is in the way that my parents will oftentimes disappear for hours several times per week, when prior to 2003 when the FEDS' illegal surveillance of myself went from covert to overt, if my parents went out for a few hours perhaps twice a week it was a lot.

There have also been times where the phone will ring late in the evening and my Father will quietly leave the house and return sometimes 30 minutes or an hour later extremely upset. There is no question that he had met with the FEDS or their handlers and was being intimidated by them. These attacks on my Family are done to increase the tension in our home on a daily basis. When my parents are not meeting with the FEDS they are carrying out the use of psywarfare including the various triggers that these sleazebags have given them. What the FEDS are subjecting us to is beyond cruel. Their depraved behavior can quite literally be characterized as constant and demonic in nature; something that Adolph Hitler himself would have been proud to take credit for.

And while these meetings may be brief or extended they continue to occur on a regular basis (probably every single week since the Spring of 2003). And they have in no doubt has been going on for quite sometime before that in a covert manner. The objective of the FEDS is to get me thrown out of my own home so that I make for an easier target. However this will not happen, given that I am well aware of their EVIL machinations and will make a final stand right here, never allowing these fascist government maggots to achieve their depraved goal.

The crimes that I am reporting in regard to what the FBI and its criminal minions are perpetrating are so EVIL and affect so many people, that my information must continue to be circulated on a global scale. Not only are these satellite based crimes being perpetrated globally, a COINTELPRO operation is in place in efforts to perpetuate the global population's ignorance in regard them. Those of us who document these outrageous crimes against humanity are labeled as being paranoid or delusional, in efforts to destroy our credibility.

As of 2007, the Illuminati driven US Presidential Admininistration, Congress and hierarchy within the Military/Industrial/Intelligence Complex are guilty of treasonous crimes against the American people, and should be tried for them by an International War Crimes Tribunal.

If the FEDS want me dead they are going to have to face me head on and stop hiding behind my Family and the pathetic and depraved groups of organized stalkers who harass me 24/7/365 -- yet another obscenity to our Constitution. I'm not some fugitive hiding from justice. The FEDS know where I am and they are welcome to show up on my doorstep at anytime, which will only serve to further document how they have been behind these depraved crimes the entire time.

And while we're at it, why don't we all take a polygraph administered by the ACLU and Amnesty International to see who is telling the truth and who is LYING? I am ready to take one. Are the FEDS?

I seriously doubt it.

Here are some of the topics that should be questioned:

Illegal satellite surveillance of my person for nearly three decades.

Non consensual cover research and * human experimentation under the euphemistic heading of "radiation intelligence."

* Remote forms of physical and psychological torture as well as "electronic rape."

Open ended COINTELPRO Sting Operations conducted since roughly 1980.

Interference with my medical treatment & medication.

Illegally monitoring my phone conversations and computer.

The destruction of my relationships including that of my own Family.

The destruction of my good name.

The FBI's orchestrated conspiracy used to deny my Family and me our Constitutional Rights.

Vandalizing my property and as a result of the continued torture by way of satellite based directed energy weaponry, attempting to covertly murder me.

Outright violations of my 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Amendment Rights.

And at least 25 other imprisonable offenses that the FBI, NSA and their sleazy brethren in crime have perpetrated against me.

There is nothing that I can do to get my parents or for that matter the rest of my Family out of this nightmare, so I instead document every aspect of exactly how the FBI and its criminal cohorts operate, since what I am describing here is the most outrageous and precedent setting violation of our Constitutional rights ever documented by an American citizen. I want the entire world to know what an outright obscenity to legitimate law enforcement these federal agencies really are. There is no rule of law here which is why these FEDS are so desperate; desperate as they should be given their rampant criminality.

In fact the FEDS have become so terrible that they are quite willing to destroy my parents and the rest of my Family in waging their vicious attacks against me. There is no longer any question about this.

The crimes have been committed against us -- not by us. The FEDS know it, can no longer cover these crimes up, and are desperate having completely crossed the line from law enforcement to criminal. No one in this country's history has frustrated their efforts at entrapment more than I have. And this is the primary reason that they are now operating outside the rule of law.

It's as if they are saying we are the FBI and we don't give a damn if we can't arrest you legally. We will either force you to commit a crime or use our psychological operations to drive you to suicide.

And the FEDS label other people as psychopathic personalities? Take a good look at how they function and you will see textbook examples of psychopathology in many of those employed by the US Intelligence community; people who have a long and sordid history of using psychological warfare to torture their targets to death - -something they have been doing to me for nearly four years. Sick minded people who enjoy torturing others yet need some sort of psychotic justification for doing so. And the FBI encourages this type of behavior. Take the example of FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, one of the FBI's most notorious homicidal maniacs. During the Ruby Ridge standoff, not only did Horiuchi break the rules of engagement, his doing so resulted in the murder of a young mother -- Vicki Weaver -- who Horiuchi shot through her head as she clutched her baby daughter in her arms.

Horiuchi's punishment? He was promoted. I have found that the more criminal many FBI agents have been, the more successful their careers were -- even after they left the FBI. Take Richard W. Held for example, a criminal mastermind who did quite well working for the FBI while taking part in several COINTELPRO operations which resulted in the destruction of many people's careers and lives. Was Held punished for this?

Not at all. He went on to a lucrative career as head of security for Visa International. If you work for the FBI crime really does pay; and oftentimes quite well.

So is it any wonder why the FBI and its agents have become such anathema to the American people and the human race?

There is absolutely NO JUSTIFICATION for how horribly they have and continue to conduct themselves.

Of course, given these outrageous crimes as well as the precedent setting civil rights violations that these FEDS have perpetrated against my Family and me, these agents would have to be completely insane to think that I will ever allow them to get away with what they have done. That's not going to happen. They have taken everyone in my life that means anything to me away from me and one way or another they are going answer for it.

And over the past several years I have learned of myriad others who were destroyed by the FBI who are no longer alive to defend themselves. Which is why those of us who remain alive must keep them in mind as we expose the FBI and its criminal minions for the outright violations that they've committed against so many of their victims. I will never forget these people or what the FBI did to them, anymore than I will forget what it has done to my Family and me. The FBI's days for causing destruction are now numbered. And these miscreants will get what they deserve and be remembered as the complete anathema that they are.

No matter what they do; no matter what they say -- I am going to personally see to it that the FBI and the rest of the US Intelligence Community are exposed for the outright frauds and criminals that they are, showing that they are nothing but a secret police force like the late Hitler's Gestapo; one which hides its real criminal agenda under the cover of National Security.

As for my parents and their secret and coerced meetings, I remain loyal to them no matter what happens. And I will fight to the death to expose these crimes and the outrageous fraud that the FBI and the rest of its cowardly and criminal SWINE are attempting to pull off here.

They have gotten away with murdering a great number of people and destroying the lives of myriad others since they were wrongfully created. However, this time around, they are not going to get away with anything. Those days are over. And it is time that the American people recognized what US Intel really is and dismantled it piece by piece before it can completely destroy the United States Of America -- something it is intent on doing.
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